Tsunami dreams may be triggered by any of these types of feelings.

1. TURBULENT RELATIONSHIP A stormy dream may simply be a metaphor for a stormy relationship.
2. COMPLETELY OVERWHELMED If you were overwhelmed yesterday then those feelings may spill over into a dream.
3. STORMY WEATHER Dreams can be literal, so your tsunami dream may link to some actual bad weather. Were you worried by a weather warning?
4. HASSLE AND DISRUPTION Did someone seriously hassle you yesterday
5. SOMEONE YOU CARE ABOUT Dreams can be stories which help you express your feelings. If you care a about someone then you would be worried if a tsunami was heading their way. A disaster dream like this maybe your minds way of saying "I really care".

All of these dream meanings are based upon real tsunami dreams, all of which are listed at the end of this article.

Tidal waves may simply represent an immediate crisis. Perhaps tension is building up to breaking point or you have already been overwhelmed. Maybe you have been thinking about the consequences of ending a relationship or confronting people who are causing tension. Or you have been thinking the worst and your wondering just how badly things can turn out.


Example dream : Not drowning in a tidal wave in a dream was linked to something that happened over the weekend. The dreamer had behaved badly whilst staying at a friends house. She had locked herself in her room whilst whilst staying over the weekend. Not drowning in the tidal wave was symbolic of her belief that she had got away with this without any lasting damage. Her hosts had not said anything so her rude behaviour had not caused too many problems. The dream is using metaphor "It could have been much worse. It could have been as bad as a tidal wave."
Example dream : A tsunami was linked to something which had completely overwhelmed the dreamer two days before. The tidal wave was a symbol for the huge unstoppable impact of these events. So the dreams meaning linked to this theme of "overwhelming" and we can guess that the dream captured these thoughts "I was truly overwhelmed by what happened". So we can say that the dream used the tsunami in place of the word "overwhelming."
Example dream : A tsunami represented the dreamers decision to break off a relationship which was getting worse. It had become a very turbulent relationship.
Example dream : A tsunami linked to the dreamer being ill at the time. Even slight problems seemed like tsunamis
Example dream : A tsunami symbolised the dreamers wish for her boyfriend to sort out his problems with his ex wife as she was not prepared to cope with the serious hassle and disruption it was causing.
Example dream : A tsunami represented the dreamers upset if he was to leave and live in LA. He had a close relationship with his mother and worried that this was to be 'swept away'
Example dream : A dream about a tsunami took place whilst the dreamer was worried about a wheather warning. The dreamer was worried about her grandmother and her ability to cope in such poor wheather. The tsunami was a symbol of this terrible real life wheather which could be a danger to life.

Example dream : A dream of a Japanese earthquake was a premonition of a real life earthquake in Japan
Example dream : A tsunami dream symbolised the dreamers thoughts about how courageous someone was. The tsunami represented his ability to handle a real challenge

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