Trees can symbolise something important and deep rooted in your life. That could be something or someone important to you?

QUESTIONS to help you make associations(pick the one that makes most sense to you)
- Did you think about something deeply rooted or very important in your life yesterday?
- Have you recently left a job or relationship?
- Have you thought about your family much recently?
- Have you started to realise that some feelings are very strongly held with someone?

KEY WORDS : Permanent, important, deep feelings, attachment

KEY PHRASES(Pick a quote which captures your feelings right now. Think especially of the day before the dream) :
- "Its was a permanent part of my life"
- "I am deeply rooted here"
- "it really was very important to me"
- "Those feelings stayed with me"
- "her feelings run deep"
- "it was difficult to end the relationship"


Example dream : A dream where the dreamer fears that trees will fall upon him were linked to the dreamers fears that some changes would directly effect him.
Example dream : A huge tower in a dream which resembled a tree was linked to the dreamers thoughts about someone whom he was thinking of cutting off all contact with. The huge tree like structure was symbolic of the important part that this person had played in his life (because the person was like a tree - their relationship was deeply routed).
Example dream : A dream about a dead tree was linked to the dreamers thoughts about her mother. Her mother had emotionally abused her as a child and also rejected attempts to get together over Christmas. The tree in the dream was a symbol for family - the lack of deep roots expressed the lack of a real sense of family.
Example dream : In one dream trees are falling all around the dreamer in an earthquake. In real life the dreamer was homeless and her daughter was living with relatives. Trees are symbols of the permanent things in our lives. A falling tree here is symbolic of the disappearance of those things that we take for granted such as a roof over our heads (the dreamer was homeless).
Example dream : A huge fallen gum tree linked to the changes that would soon be forced upon the dreamer as she would have to move home. In real life there were some gum trees at the back of her house. The fallen tree symbolises the imminent loss of this house .
Example dream : A dream about a house been uprooted like a tree and moved linked to the dreamer wanting to move house. The symbolism is quite easy as people often use the word "uprooted" when referring to a house move.
Example dream : A dream about a fallen tree took place as the deamer was thinking about his need to move due to increasing health problems. The fallen tree was the same gum tree as that in his back garden. The tree was symbolic of his need to uproot himself and move home.
Example dream : Chopping a giant tree down in a dream connected to the dreamer breaking up with her boyfriend because of an unplanned pregnancy. Her family was blaming her for breaking apart this good relationship (which was firmly rooted in the dreamers life). Chopping the tree down symbolised her feelings of loss over this relationship.
Example dream : A dream about a tree stump linked to the dreamer thinking about his recent contact with his family (families are deeply rooted in your life). They had not seen each other for years. He wondered if this recent contact may result in them staying in contact permanently but now he was beginning to doubt this.
Example dream : A hollow tree stump in a dream linked to the dreamer having left a job. This was a big part of his life and now he seemed to have completely moved on. The tree stood for something which had been an important part of his life.
Example dream : A dream about a single tree blocking the way linked to the dreamer moving to be closer to her daughter. The tree stood for the dreamers life in Dallas - it was an obstacle blocking his move - he was starting to realise how important these people were.
Example dream : A fallen tree linked to the dreamer really wanting a job. She could not stop thinking about it. The tree was symbolic of something that was really important to the dreamer.
Example dream : A big ugly hollow tree in a dream linked to the dreamer not enjoying work. Now he hated his boss and could not seem to connect with any of his workmates. The tree was a symbol of something that used to be something he enjoyed and was an important part of his life.
Example dream : A tall tree in a dream linked to the dreamer seeing her ex but he totally blanked her. The tree symbolised her boyfriend who was doing well and was seemingly happy and contented (standing tall just like the trees).
Example dream : Evergreen trees linked to the dreamer thinking about her marriage(all important relationships are firmly rooted in our emotions). They had separated but the dreamer still loved her husband and would do forever.
Example dream : A tree collapsing dream linked to the dreamer having some bad exams results recently which had knocked back his hopes.
Example dream : A tree being knocked down linked to people knocking down a proposal he made at work. He had some well thought out ideas and these were just dismissed. The tree symbolised how important to him.
Example dream : A countryside trees dream linked to the dreamers predominant mood. He had a deep sense of spiritual renewal. The trees represented his happy mood - life in the countryside is relaxed and harmonious.
Example dream : A dream about bees stinging a tree branch linked to the dreamer waking up with pain in the arm. The tree was symbolic of his arm which was bothering him whilst he slept.
Example dream : A dream where a tree stump comes out linked to the dreamer having terrible tooth ache - the tree being a symbol for the tooth (both being a similar shape and rooted in).

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