Try to see how being trapped could symbolise your feelings right now. Do you feel as if there is some confrontation that you cannot avoid. Are you feeling trapped in a metaphorical way? Are you trying to do new things and think in new ways yet cannot because something is stopping you?

KEY WORDS :stuck, unable to do anything, powerless, depression, wanting to do more, fear revenge


Example dream : Trapped in a room with wild animals symbolised a very prestigious drama school that the dreamer visited the day before. The animals symbolised the strong competition and standards. Feeling trapped linked to a belief that he might be stuck in this college with its strict regime and and high standards.
Example dream : A dream where a snake seems cornered and is ready to strike took place whilst the dreamer was having real problems with his neighbour. There seems no escape from the snake and they seemed trapped in a fight to the death. This is a metaphor for the dreamer feeling trapped with his neighbour, as they both lived in the same block. Feeling cornered was a symbol of the close proximity in which they lived with each other and their inability to get away from each other.
Example dream : In one dream the dreamer was being crushed by a dustbin wagon. At that same moment in real life he was positioned in a very uncomfortable way whilst he slept. Dreams can link to things that are distracting us. In this case the dreamer was clearly distracted as he was in pain in this uncomfortable sleeping position. The dream had created this long and complicated story and its meaning was quite simple "I am in pain. I must wake up and move to a more comfortable position." Being trapped might have relevance here as he might feel trapped because he was asleep and people do not easily move whilst asleep
Example dream : The dreamers daughter being trapped symbolised her fear that her daughter was making all the wrong choices. She could not do anything to help (she felt trapped) - she just had to allow her grown up daughter to make her own mistakes.
Example dream : Being trapped in a cage symbolised the dreamers wish to do more to help animals. This was so very important to her and she felt that she simply could not do enough. Being trapped like an animal showed she understood their suffering.
Example dream : In one dream the dreamer feels stuck (trapped) on a balloon. The dreamer was a pop star and the dream linked to his life as a pop star. It was a thrilling experience yet sometimes he wished he could find time for himself. Yes, he was travelling all over the world, but he was always in a hotel, never remembering where he was. The dream linked in with the theme of "feeling stuck" and captured this exact thought "I love my life as a pop star but sometimes I feel stuck, always jetting here or there, never having time to think."
Example dream : Getting trapped in a house she was exploring symbolised the dreamers attempts to think in new ways. She was trapped because she had got a little stuck and bogged down recently
Example dream : Feeling trapped against a cliff in a dream represented the worry that a confrontation could not be avoided in the long run. That someone the dreamer was thinking of making a serious complaint about would always be wanting to get even with him.
Example dream : In one trapped on rocks dream the dreamer needs to act quickly or die. In real life he was starting to realise that his health was in extreme danger unless he stopped drinking. Trapped was a symbol of his need to break this addictive and destructive habit.
Example dream : A dream where the dreamer was trapped against some rocks was linked to depression (he felt trapped in a depressive mood). The dreams meaning featured this theme of "depression" and the dreams meaning was summed up by this quote "This depression is getting worse. My whole life is disrupted right now. I am trapped in my own despair."

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