A "TORTURE" dream may be triggered by any of the following feelings.

1. PESSIMISTIC Have you been dwelling on all the bad things in the world? Are you eternally pessimistic? If so a torture dream simply reflects how you see the world.
2. ABUSEDid someone mention your abusive behaviour yesterday? If so the torture may be a symbol for your abuse. This dream could link to any thought involving abuse such as "he is so abusive to me" or "she was talking about how abusive I was - it was embarassing"
3. ENDURE What dfficult situation have you just had to endure?
5. DREADING Have you been dreading an appointment in the day to come?
6. RUTHLESS Were you shocked by how ruthless someone was yesterday? Have you been thinking about gangs?
7. RIDICULED Did someone been ridiculing you or mocked you yesterday?
8. POWER OVER YOU Are you being watched constantly? Are you being monitored at work and its making you feel uncomfortable. Does someone have power over you?
9. HUMILIATE Were you humiliated yesterday? If suld be a symbol for that.
10. KEEPING A SECRET Did you nearly let a secret out that you really need to keep at all costs?

The associations listed above are all based upon studies of real "TORTURE" dreams. They are based upon the example dreams listed at the bottom of this page.

Torture could simply represent a deeply painful situation where you (or someone close to you) has been traumatised.

Torture can have more complex meanings. It may mean that you need to keep something secret at all costs. Did you nearly let something slip yesterday?

KEY PHRASES(Pick a quote which captures your feelings right now. Think especially of the day before the dream) :
- "I intend to make him talk"
- "I will never let her know the reason why"
- "He is a pig and never lets stops picking on me"
- "I feel really stressed out by the situation there"
- "I a dreading what will happen tomorrow"
- "I have been thinking a lot about why bad things happen in my life"
- "I have been having to come to terms with such pain and sadness

QUESTIONS to help you make associations(pick the one that makes most sense to you)
- Has some situation been very tortuous recently?
- Has there been some recent pain or sadness that you have had to deal with?
- Is there some secret that you will never ever reveal?


Example dream : Being tortured was linked to an incident the day before when the dreamers boots were made fun of (she was ruthlessly mocked and humiliated). The dreamer was already feeling bad feelings towards men (she thought they were all pigs). So the dreams meaning linked to the feeling "They made fun of my boots and I felt humiliated. I hate men!" We can even pinpoint the meaning of torture which linked to the phrases "made fun of." People will often use the word "torture" in the context of "making fun" e.g. "They really made fun of him. They teased and tortured him."
Example dream : A dream about torture linked to a TV program that the dreamer watched the night before. It was about Mexican gangs and showed how these had spread throughout the world. The torture was symbolic of the ruthless methods that these gangs used and the terrible effects on families. So the dreams meaning linked to a thought which included this theme of "ruthlessness" - "I was shocked by how ruthless these Mexican gangs are. That TV program showed how brutal they are."
Example dream : Torture in one dream related to a realisation that he nearly gave away how he knew someone(gambling). This was something he wanted to keep secret from his mother at all costs. Torture represented his wish to keep this secret at all costs (the kind of secret that you keep even under the threat of torture). The wider meaning of the dream featured this need to keep secret and linked to this specific thought process "My mother knows that I know him but does not know that I meet him whilst gambling - thats something that I have to keep secret at all costs."
Example dream : One night the dreamer could not get to sleep for several hours but eventually got to sleep and had a dream which seemed to feature every symbol such as police, rescues, escapes, torture and revenge. If dreams do link to important feelings then surely this dream in some way links to the dreamers inability to get to sleep. The dreamer did not mention what was causing her stress so we may guess that there was not any major issues. Having read the dream I made the simple association "this dream seems to have everything going on". Actually that association does seem to have relevance to the dreamers inability to sleep. If someone cannot get to sleep then thoughts are racing through their heads and they are unable to relax enough to sleep. So the torture and other dramatic symbols in the dream were linked to high levels of adrenalin and excitement which was making it difficult for the dreamer to get to sleep. The dream caught this feeling "I simply could not get to sleep. Anyone would think I had just witnessed loads of dramatic events with murders and torture everywhere."
Example dream : A torture dream was symbolic of some terrible "tortuous" experiences that the dreamer had just endured. We can even translate symbolically the meaning of "torture" in the dream into the word "terrible experiences" and guess the meaning of the dream by seeing how this word might be used by the dreamer at the time e.g. "It has been a terrible experience taking part in this TV show. I feel totally humiliated and abused."
Example dream : A dream about people being slaughtered took place the day after the dreamer was shocked by a man speaking so harshly. The slaughtering was a symbol of his lack of humility and the dream captured this feeling "I was shocked by how mean and ruthless this man was." This dream took the dreamer to a place where people behaved in a way which brought to life this old mans harsh attitude.
Example dream : A cat with tortuous pains was linked to the dreamer thinking about a murder of a young boy nearby - in real life. For convenience we could even pinpoint the meaning of "torture" by translating it into this phrase "a truly horrible crime" which appeared in this very obvious way in the dreamers feelings "It was a horrible crime. The murder of a local boy has really shocked and affected me."
Example dream : Children suspended in tortuous positions linked to the dreamers worries about a meeting the next day with social workers. He knew this was going to be embarrassing and awkward (tortuous). For convenience we could even translate the meaning of "torture" into feelings like "I am really not looking forward to that" as it will be like torture. Such a phrase appeared in the dreamers feelings in this context "I am really not looking forward to this meeting with my social workers tomorrow." So extreme symbols like "torture" have a very real relevance in day to day life.
Example dream : A torture dream linked to the dreamers bleak view of the world - he believed that human suffering was inevitable.
Example dream : A dream full of torture and rape linked to the dreamers pessimism about the world. She was having doubts about there being a God. This dream played out her feelings that bad things can happen in a world where evil rules.
Example dream : A dream about torturing a goldfish reminded the dreamer of when he did something similar when he was a child. This portion of the dream was quite literal and the dream links to the dreamers embarrassment about what he did when he was a child. Specifically the dream linked to this thought "I am not getting on well with my brother and want to say something. But I always fear that he might start mentioning things which annoy me. He always starts talking about when I tortured a goldfish when I was child. This story makes me cringe with embarrassment."
Example dream : A dream where children are tortured was linked to the dreamers extremely bleak view of the world - she felt that there was only pain in the world. The dreams meaning involved this theme of "pain and suffering in the world" and was probably triggered by this thought "I have such a bleak view of the world."
Example dream : A dream about a shaggy looking man who wants to torture the dreamer linked to her manager at work. He was taking every opportunity to humiliate her - he constantly pressured her.
Example dream : A dream about being tortured by a man in her house linked to the dreamer being watched by her mother. She had got into trouble recently and now she was under constant surveillance.
Example dream : A dream with a tortured mocking smile linked to the dreamers friend recently committing suicide. The tortured smile symbolised this recent tragedy and peoples various reactions to it.

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