The importance of a tornado in a dream is not literal. Think instead of the emotions and situations that we associate with tornadoes such as "total chaos", "emotional crisis", and "stressed". How are these relevant in your thoughts right now. Tornado dreams maybe triggered by any of the following feelings.

1. UNCERTAINTY Are you facing a lot of uncertainty at the moment?
2. CHANGES Tornado dreams can occur when we are experiencing a lot of change. Has someone just died? If so then your dream is about your mind having to adjust to this new and frightening world?
3. STRESS Are you getting into a spin over a very stressful issue? Are you overworked at the moment? Are you thinking about how much you will have to do in the coming days?
4. HAVOC Is everything a bit chaotic at the moment?
5. ARGUMENTS We can all "get into a spin" if arguments are disrupting our lives.
6. BAD WEATHER Dreams may have quite literal meanings so if strong winds are expected then your dream may simply be about that.
7. LEARNING SOMEONE'S TRUE FEELINGS Disaster dreams may be linked to you thinking about someone's true feelings. If someone is in danger that you love dearly then your dream takes you to a place where you worry about their well being. It is just a dream to show how much you care about them. If you are in danger and someone you care about does not respond then the dream helps you to understand that you are not that important to them.
8. GETTING THROUGH A DIFFICULT PERIOD Are you trying to get through a difficult period?
9. DIFFICULT RELATIONSHIP Are you suffering a lot of relationship stress at the moment? If so then your dream shows that you are not letting go of all the stress.YOu are just unable to relax.
10. TEMPER TANTRUMS A tornado is an excellent metaphor for your own or someone elses temper tantrums.

These dream meaning are all based upon the study of real tornado dreams, which are all listed below at the bottom of the page as example dreams. A tornado can represent a difficult period you are trying to get through. Maybe you have been arguing with someone and it seems as if its one thing after another. Tornadoes can also represent general stress and huge changes in your life.

QUESTIONS to help you make associations(pick the one that makes most sense to you)
- What issue yesterday sent your min into a spin?
- Have you been very stressed recently?
- Who is tornado like - causing havoc and destruction?
- What crisis are you planning for in the near future?
- Are there many changes in your life right now?

KEY WORDS : Uncertain, arguments, havoc, stress, unforeseen,changes, weather forecast(write down some quotes that capture your key feelings on issues that have been dominating your mind. Then see if any of these words could appear in those quotes)

KEY PHRASES(Pick a quote which captures your feelings right now. Think especially of the day before the dream) :
- "uncertain about the future"
- "coping with all these changes in my life"
- "It will be a huge argument"
- "I am having to come to terms with the changes in my life"
- "I cannot relax"
- "They cause havoc where ever they go"
- "been told so many things at one time - simply bombarded with too much information"
- "I simply did not expect that"
- "I am starting to feel ill"
- "yesterdays weather forecast"


Example dream : A tornado in a dream took place at a difficult and stressful time for the dreamer. The dreams meaning linked to this theme of "a difficult and stressful time" and caught this exact thought "It has been such a difficult and stressful time and I particularly fear losing my child as I am pregnant. I could do with some help and support." So the dream was an assessment of how bad her situation was and looked into ways in which she could improve her situation - by getting help and support.
Example dream : The night before a tornado dream the dreamer had been talking with her sister about how to get rid of an unwanted guest. The dreamer was probably thinking about all the tension this would cause as telling someone to leave would obvously cause problems. We could even translate the "tornado" into the phrase "a huge scene" which has relevance to the dreamer in the following feeling "My sister was asking me how to gte rid of an unwanted guest. I was imagining the huge and tense scene this will create." The metaphor is easy - telling this person to leave would be like a tornado hit.
Example dream : A tornado dream took place as the dreamers theatrical hopes were coming working out. The tornado was a symbol of all the hard work and stress which would soon follow. The dreams meaning involved this theme of "stress and hard work" and the dream captured this type of thought process "All my hopes have come true but now I am starting to realise how busy and stressed out I will become." So the dream was linked to her trying to prepare herself for what was to come.
Example dream : A tornado dream was linked to the dreamers thoughts about a guy she was involved with. He was sending out mixed symbols. The tornado was a symbol for learning his true feelings - (if some great disaster occurs you tell people exactly how you feel) The dreams meanings links specifically to a wider thought involving this theme of "true feelings" - "I want to know his true feelings. He seems to be sending out some mixed signals - I wish he would tell me how much he loved me". The metaphor being that "even if it was the end of the world he would not reveal his true feelings."
Example dream : A tornado dream was linked to the dreamers feelings of sadness caused by her family drifting apart. The tornado was a symbol of the huge devastating effect that this was having(it was a disaster).
Example dream : A dream about a tornado where the dreamers fiancé helps save the day took place the day after they had a small trust disagreement. What could the tornado symbolise. Obviously the tornado could be a symbol for their disagreement sending their relationship into a spin. In the dream he seems to save the day and so this could represent a thought like "he really did make an effort and helped sort out our disagreement". But it could easily represent a thought like "he claimed to have saved the day."
Example dream : A tornado dream linked to the dreamers partner who had massive mood swings. A tornado was an excellent symbol since her felt the need to shelter from this emotional torrent.
Example dream : Not being scared of a tornado linked to the dreamer saying things to people in authority without worrying about the consequences. He needed to be aware of the dangers of this type of behaviour.
Example dream : A tornado symbolised the dreamers complete inability to get along with her stepdaughter (who was like a whirlwind). The dream therefore represented this difficult relationship.
Example dream : Sheltering from a tornado represented the dreamers need to rest from the constant demands from a new born baby.
Example dream : The night before the dreamer felt as if she was never in control of her own life. The tornado represented how powerless she felt against the forces against her
Example dream : A series of tornadoes symbolised the dreamers stress at her fathers cancer and the feeling it was one thing after another.
Example dream : A tornado dream represented the huge changes in life as she was moving into her first flat. Having to organise everything was sending her head into a 'spin'.
Example dream : The tornadoes were a symbol of the massive stress linked to the dreamers final exams.
Example dream : Sheltering from a tornado represented the death of the dreamers father. She was trying to get through a difficult period (sheltering the storm).
Example dream : A tornado dream was linked to major changes in the dreamers life and to the dreamer worrying about her family.
Example dream : A tornado occurred at the same time as the dreamer had continual stress at work. It seemed to be one thing after another
Example dream : A tornado dream symbolised the dreamers extreme stress.
Example dream : A tornado dream linked to the dreamer feeling very insecure as her father had just died.
Example dream : A dream about five tornadoes linked to the dreamer moving out of home for the first time. The tornadoes were symbolic of the major change going on in the dreamers life.
Example dream : A dream with a tornado forming linked to the dreamers parents getting a divorce. She was unsure what life would be like afterwards. The tornado symbolised this major change and crisis which the dreamer was soon going to have to get through.
Example dream : A tornado dream linked to the dreamer having to face many changes recently.
Example dream : Hearing tornado warning sirens symbolised the dreamers current state of mind. Her head was spinning around with recent stress.
Example dream : A dreamer who was getting lots of tornado dreams linked to the recent stress she was suffering from. Her head was getting messed up and she was getting into tantrums. The dreams went away when she sorted out her head.
Example dream : A tornado dream linked to the dreamer suffering from depression. She tended to get into tantrums when she was drinking.
Example dream : A dream with ants spinning around like a tornado linked to the dreamer being in a cult. The tornado symbolised her mind being bombarded with ideas and their propaganda.
Example dream : A dream where the dreamer talks to the dead of hurricane Katrina symbolised her boyfriend moving to another state. The hurricane was symbolic of a similar scale disaster in her life - a break up of her relationship.
Example dream : A tornadoes warning dream linked to the dreamer being ill. She thought she had recovered and went to work. The tornado warning symbolised her knowing that the day to come was going to be very stressful.
Example dream : A tornado dream linked to the dreamer trying to take a relaxed attitude towards something that was about to blow up. It was pointless trying to worry about it - if it ended up causing major stress then so be it.
Example dream : A tornado dream linked to the dreamers relationship with her boyfriend being at a critical point. The relationship was likely to break up at any time.
Example dream : A dream with two tornadoes in linked to the dreamers two children who she feared might cause havoc on a flight. She was dreading this as one suffered from attention deficit disorder.
Example dream : A tornado dream linked to the dreamers sister wanting to get rid of an unwanted house guest. The tornado symbolised the major scene that she was imagining would occur when this person was asked to leave.
Example dream : A tornadoes dream was linked to the dreamer constantly arguing with her boyfriend over anything and everything.
Example dream : A dream about hurricane katrina linked to the dreamer watching TV coverage which had brought alive the sheer horror of it. The hurricane dream was therefore symbolic of her thoughts about an actual hurricane.

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