Going to the toilet is not a pleasant activity and probably links to something that you want to get out of your system. Going to the toilet in public can link to situations where you feel embarrassed or intruded upon. Think of something that you would rather have kept private yesterday? Think perhaps of some way in which you felt very emotional and vulnerable?

QUESTIONS to help you make associations(pick the one that makes most sense to you)
- Were you very scared or embarassed the day before?
- Is there some really bad experience that you wish to get out of your system?
- In what ways have you been overwhelmed recently?
- Was the toilet clogged or dirty? If yes then what bad feelings can you simply not flush away?
- Do you feel your privacy has been invaded? That you are having to express difficult emotions in a rather uncomfortable setting?

KEY WORDS :Nervous, frustrations, shocked, scared, embarassed(write down some quotes that capture your key feelings on issues that have been dominating your mind. Then see if any of these words could appear in those quotes)

KEY PHRASES(Pick a quote which captures your feelings right now. Think especially of the day before the dream) :
- "that was so embarrassing"
- "overwhelming problems"
- "continuous bad feelings"
- "frustrations about something"
- "I am feeling nervous about it"
- "having my privacy invaded"
- "I was scared"
- "it was shocking"
- "all those bad times and frustrations"


Example dream : Wanting the toilet in a dream linked to the dreamer feeling awkward talking to someone he had not seen for years. The toilet was symbolic of his extreme embarrassment. His friend had done so well whilst the dreamer was guarded talking about himself because his life had been nothing but failure since they had last seen each other.
Example dream : A toilet dream linked to the dreamers friend telling her all her troubles the day before
Example dream : A public toilet represented the dreamers extreme embarrassment and vulnerability the day before. He was panicking and realised that his weaknesses were on show for the whole world. (we often say 'I felt I was going to wet myself' to express a moment of embarrassment)
Example dream : Going to the toilet without flushing symbolised the agitated difficult atmosphere with her boyfriend. (a toilet is unclean and has not been flushed is unhealthy - just like the atmosphere with her boyfriend).
Example dream : A dream about a toilet that was exposed and high up a skyscraper was linked to the dreamers real life anxiety problems and especially his own bowel problems. A problem linked to a toilet was a symbol for his bowel problems. He was aware that this was the thing that caused him most anxiety.
Example dream : A toilet dream occurred the day after some very intrusive building work had been completed. (when we go to the toilet its a very private thing - so they represents very private moments and feelings when we do not want our feelings on show)
Example dream : A dream about needing to find a toilet was linked to the dreamer actually having a bowel problem. He had just formed a new friendship and had not told this new friend about his problems. This was putting him under pressure not to have any problems.
Example dream : One toilet dream took place as the dreamer was needing to go to the toilet in real life. This was made worse because she was sleeping in a friends house, who was very fussy about her toilet.
Example dream : A dream about a man covered in excrement linked to the dreamer helping a man learn to read and write. She was shocked by the hardship he had faced in his life - he had been frustrated and dismissed by society.
Example dream : An overflowing toilet dream linked to the dreamer being overwhelmed. He was having to deal with his own problems and also having to help a girl with her problems.
Example dream : A dream with a toilet which had not been flushed linked to the dreamer continuously arguing with her boyfriend and being on the verge of splitting up. The toilet which had not been flushed symbolised her not dealing with problems - the bad feelings were just mounting up.
Example dream : A dream with toilet problems linked to the dreamer having bowel problems in real life. This got in the way of him starting relationships.
Example dream : A blood in the toilet dream linked to the dreamer having just gone to a wedding. The ceremony stirred up her emotions bringing up some bad feelings.
Example dream : A 'locked in the toilet' dream linked to the dreamers son getting very angry at his friend who knocked over his toy house. He would not let go of the anger and they were still angry at each other at the end of the afternoon. The toilet symbolised his frustration and unresolved anger.
Example dream : A public toilet dream linked to the dreamers friend being ill. They had been going through a lot recently and it was dragging up emotions that would normally be kept private.
Example dream : A 'changing a babies nappy' dream linked to her relationship changing with her mom. They now talked as equals and her mother talks about her own problems now.
Example dream : A public toilet dream linked to the dreamers building work. He hated having his privacy invaded and was quite frustrated by it all but was not wanting to show those frustrations to these builders.
Example dream : A public cibicles dream linked to the dreamer going to college for the fist time. The toilet symbolised his nerves being on show for all to see.
Example dream : Looking for a toilet dream linked to someone touching on some really sensitive subjects the day before. This made the dreamer feel very nervous.
Example dream : A toilet dream linked to the dreamer hearing a scream outside the night before. She sounded as if she was being murdered - it was scary.
Example dream : A toilet in a pub linked to the dreamer thinking about life in general. He could not get any enthusiasm for doing the things that helped him relieve tension.
Example dream : A toilet paper dream linked to the dreamer realising that work had helped him take his mind off his problems. It helped him clear his head.
Example dream : A toilet dream linked to the dreamer thinking about health and safety rules. The toilet could have symbolised an extreme worry or fear connected with safety.
Example dream : A public toilet dream linked to the dreamer feeling scared and vulnerable - he was shocked by a mugging nearby. Public toilets are very vulnerable and dodgy places.
Example dream : A dream with a toilet in a miniature house linked to the dreamer thinking over all aspects of her life and thinking of her failed marriage and the future.
Example dream : A dream kicking a hole in the toilet door linked to the dreamer waking up and needing to go to the toilet urgently.

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