Think how time is important in your thoughts right now. Can you not find time for something? Is this the right time for something? Have you been thinking how time has passed by since something happened?

- its the right time
- time has passed
- not having enough time
- tomorrows schedule

Try to think how you might use these keywords in describing your current feelings eg "Its time to settle differences. I should sort things out with him".


Example dream : Realising that it was right time to jump symbolised his acceptance of a relationship break up. He now wanted to stay on good terms and needed to find the right time.
Example dream : A dream where the dreamer was able to while away the time happily and contentedly linked to the dreamers increasing ability to relax and manage her emotions.
Example dream : A dream where the dreamer is given a time to go to the shelter was linked to her present situation. She had just had a baby and every moment was taken looking after her child. The shelter represented her need to rest and just have five minutes to herself. Yet sometimes this was just not possible.
Example dream : Turning back the sands of time (a ong lyric in the dream) symbolised the dreamers thought the day before that he could really change - he could start again and overcome a life of crime.
Example dream : A dream where the dreamer was behind time simply reflected his need to speed up with a project. He had made good progress but was now stuck and needed to make one last push to get things finished.
Example dream : Taking your time with something represented the dreamers thoughts the night before. He had been relentlessly building a collection of practical examples for his work project but now he decided to concentrate less on numbers and more on quality(taking his time making sure everything was correct).
Example dream : A dream where the dreamer mentions the times 4 to 4 reminded the dreamer of her own tendency to sleep from 9PM to 9AM on a regular basis. The dreamer was trying to behave in a more professional way but often spent way to much time in bed. (he was 'wasting his time')
Example dream : A child left on its own was symbolic of the dreamers job as a social worker. She was worried that she was not giving them enough time and support.
Example dream : In one dream the dreamer had been thinking how so many years had past. He had been thinking similar things in real life. His health was worsening significantly. He had been thinking how his childhood seemed like a different life it was so many years ago and seemed so different.
Example dream : A dream where the dreamer stares blankly for a long time linked to her being badly affected by illness. The long time period was symbolic of her tiredness and that she had no energy for anything due to her illness.
Example dream : A dream in which time is running out and the dreamer cannot complete an exam took place when the dreamer was unwell. Just recently he had been trying to pull himself together and see if he could manage working more. He had some success at this, but in the last day or two he was feeling very unwell. He was totally incapable of coping with any time pressures.
Example dream : A dream about a contest where people could be eliminated at 'any time' linked to a reality show that the dreamer was watching the night before. The feeling that things could happen at 'any time' symbolised this extremely volatile situation where you could not rely on anyone or anything.

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