DREAM DICTIONARY - Time-travel :

If you meet someone from many years ago then you "travel in time" as you start to think and feel like you used to. Dreams use time travel in metaphorical ways like this Time travel may show you have been thinking about something that has just happened. You may have realised how badly things went and so wish you could go back in time to put things right. Alternatively you maybe thinking through exactly what happened or wondering what actually did happen. Maybe you still have time to turn things around? But if you leave things too long then you will not be able to sort the problems out?

A time travel dream may occur if you have been meeting people from your past. Have you just met someone who is doing so much better than you? Are you embarrassed about how badly your life has turned out? Maybe you have read an old diary and you have been reliving times gone by?

Time travel dreams can also take place in a period of real change for you? Can you make decisions today which will change your life and your whole future? Are you starting to feel more positively about the future and have realised that things can change?

Time travel in a dream may simply be linked to you doing something you haven't done for a long time. Maybe you are mixing with people much younger - living the life of a teenager.

QUESTIONS to help you make associations(pick the one that makes most sense to you)
-Have you just recently met someone from your past?
- Have you been thinking about how you used to think and feel and behave in the past?

KEY WORDS : wanting to put things right, How I used to think, The past, The future, nostalgic, wanting to turn back time, mixing with younger people, regrets

KEY PHRASES(Pick a quote which captures your feelings right now. Think especially of the day before the dream) :
- "I have been thinking about how I felt at the time. I was really ..."
- "I met someone from my past and.."
- "I am wondering how my life could really change in the future."


Example dream : Time travel symbolised the dreamers realisation that he did something badly wrong the day before and wished he could go back in time and put things right. Specifically the dreams meaning linked to this exact thought "I feel ashamed of what I did yesterday. I wish I could go back in time and change what I did."
Example dream : A dream about a time traveller was linked to the day before when the dreamer talked to someone from his past. In his mind he was travelling back in time. The specific meaning of the dream featured this theme of "meeting someone from his past" and linked to this exact process "I met a friend form the past yesterday and was embarrassed at how badly I was doing compared to him"
Example dream : Time travel symbolised the dreamers wish that he could travel back in time and change what he had said and done to annoy a woman. The dream was about his wish to put things right or at least find out how badly she had reacted.
Example dream : Time travel represented the dreamers deep reminisces the previous evening after writing a blog about his childhood. He had been travelling back in time to his own childhood. So time travel was a symbol of the dreamers nostalgic mood the night before. (in writing his blog he was travelling back in time and reliving fond memories).
Example dream : Time travel in one dream linked to the dreamer becoming highly engrossed in a DVD drama set in medieval times. The time travel symbolised his interest in this medieval drama which was bringing to life the history of those brutal times. He was watching these stories all day long and was getting highly involved emotionally living out the emotions as if real.
Example dream : One dream simply featured a time travel machine and the dreamer had some choice about using it or not. This dream took place at a time when the dreamers life was in a period of real change. He had cut himself off from several people giving them excuses that he was ill. The time travel machine symbolised his thoughts about what he had done - had he made a mistake cutting himself off and did he wish to go back in time and change things. Also his life was in a period of real change - his future was being decided right now - he could get back in touch with people he had cut off because it was not too late.
Example dream : A time travel dream linked to the dreamer meeting someone he hadn't seen for years. His friend had so many misconceptions about him - thinking he was just like he was all those years before.
Example dream : A time travel dream linked to the dreamer going back to college. He was living the life of a teenager again mixing with much younger people.
Example dream : A dream where the dreamer uses a time machine to return to the time when he killed his girlfriend linked to him getting back together with his ex. When they split they were hating each other (symbolised by the killing). Using a time machine symbolised his wish to return to a time when he had not been bitter and angry with her.
Example dream : One time travel dream (Dr Who) was linked to the dreamer talking to her counsellor. After some tough times she was starting to think she could put her life back on track. The time travel represented the belief that her future could be different rather than be set in a spiral of problems and low confidence.

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