Tigers can represent people that you are very scared of. So if things have been very tense or a situation very volatile then. Does someone cause continuous tension? The dream simply tells you how much you want to avoid that person or how much you were surprised by the outbursts.

Think also of yourself. Did you lose your temper yesterday? Did you regret losing your cool?

Tigers can also link to your fears about something going wrong. Could something have gone really badly wrong yesterday? Are you worried about making some terrible mistake? Did you fear something been 'found out' yesterday? Are you scared to say something in case it may provoke a backlash.

SYMBOLIC WORD ASSOCIATIONS : Tiger "temper", "rage", "it scared the life out of me", "I need to avoid that at all costs", "strong and proud", "constant tension", "scared to say anything", "I could have died", "powerful and strong", "fearing terrible consequences"


Example dream : A tiger in a dream linked to the dreamer looking after his sick mother. They were getting on each others nerves - the tiger symbolised them losing their temper with each other. So the dream meaning captured this thought process "I am stuck at home looking after my mother and we both keep losing our temper with each other."
Example dream : A tiger in a dream linked to the dreamers thoughts about how he had treated his son the day before. He had lost his temper and regretted this. The tiger symbolised his son having to run for his life from his angry father. The dream then captures this exact thought "I feel guilty at how I treated my son. I lost my temper and he scurried away. But he had only got out of bed to give us a hug."
Example dream : A lion was a symbol for the dreamers brothers tendency to get into all kinds of trouble.
Example dream : A tiger dream linked to the dreamers fears about her neighbour who had just sent her a voice mail which scared the life out her. She felt a real feeling of threat from this voice mail which contained inappropriate sexual content. The dreams meaning featured this theme of "scared the life out of me" and captured this wider thought process "My neighbour sent me these two voice mails which were very lewd and suggestive, It has scared the life out of me. I am afraid that he might jump on me."
Example dream : Getting scratched by a tiger symbolised the dreamers wish to avoid a woman at all costs - things were very tense with her. The woman, like the tiger in the dream, were both something that needed to be avoided.
Example dream : A dream where a big cat starts living with the dreamer and her husband was linked to the dreamers temper. The only way she could get anything done was to lose her temper with her husband. (she had showed the ferocity of a tiger)
Example dream : A room with monsters, tigers and dragons was linked to the dreamers relationship with her boss. The tiger represented her bosses tendency to lose her temper - the dreamer wanted to break through this tough exterior.
Example dream : Fighting a tigress linked to the dreamer struggling with his neighbour who was constantly causing bad feelings. He did not want to start an argument which he might lose. The tiger symbolised the constant tension this person caused.
Example dream : A dream about a lion linked to the dreamer seeing her ex boyfriend the previous day. He just blanked her and this was something she tried to avoid at all costs - she really feared bumping into him.
Example dream : A dream about a lion linked to the dreamers sisters friend who was very intimidating. The dreamer wanted to tell her to behave better but was scared to say anything.
Example dream : A lion in a dream linked to the dreamer taking out a court order. The dreamer just feared that this would turn her step daughter against her. The lion then symbolised the dreamer fearing some terrible consequences.
Example dream : A dream of Raja the Jasmines tiger from Aladdin linked to the dreamer getting into a very dangerous situation the day before when he nearly had a car accident. This was a life threatening situation and it could easily have turned out a tragedy.
Example dream : A dream about three lions jumping was thought to be a premonition. The dreamers fiance acted in a really uncharacteristic way the next day flying into such a rage throwing things around.
Example dream : A lion dream linked to the dreamers worries about her son being bullied at school. She was really trying to sort it out.
Example dream : A dream about a lion that cannot get at the dreamer linked to the him leaving his job. There had been too many difficult and tense moments. The lion symbolised this constant feeling of real tension.
Example dream : A dream walking past a tiger linked to the dreamer writing a report. He was trying to use more than one source to avoid being accused of just lifting he information from just one source. The tiger symbolised his fear that he would be torn to pieces for writing a plagiaristic report - the tiger represented the terrible consequences.
Example dream : A dream where the dreamer is protecting her baby from a tiger linked to her dog being very ill. She wanted to avoid suffering and was thinking of having the dog put down. The tiger symbolised the serious and potentially fatal illness which could take the dogs life at any time.
Example dream : A dream about a lion linked to the dreamers thoughts about his soon to be born son. The dreamer was king in real life and he hoped his future son would be a powerful and strong leader.
Example dream : A dream with a tiger sprinting past the dreamer linked to the dreamer losing her temper the day before for no reason and regretting it.

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