Tsunami dreams may be triggered by any of these types of feelings.

1. TURBULENT RELATIONSHIP A stormy dream may simply be a metaphor for a stormy relationship.
2. COMPLETELY OVERWHELMED If you get very upset and become overwhelmed the day before a tsunami dream then this may spill over into a tsunami dream, or any similar type of disaster dream.
3. STORMY WEATHER Dreams can be literal, so your tsunami dream may link to some actual bad weather. Were you worried by a weather warning yesterday? Do you need to take precautions for a coming storm?
4. HASSLE AND DISRUPTION Did you have a lot of hassle at work yesterday?
5. SOMEONE YOU CARE ABOUT Sometimes the mind creates a story which helps you show that you care. A tidal wave dream helps you express the feelings "If she was in danger I would be there." In this way a dream can help express a feeling like "I really care about her", "my daughter needs protecting" or even "I worry too much"
6. HEALTH ISSUES A tidal wave could be a symbol for the huge impact a health issue is having on your life.

All of these dream meanings are based upon real tsunami dreams, all of which are listed at the end of this article.

Tidal waves may simply represent an immediate crisis. Perhaps tension is building up to breaking point or you have already been overwhelmed. Maybe you have been thinking about the consequences of ending a relationship or confronting people who are causing tension. Or you have been thinking the worst and your wondering just how badly things can turn out.

QUESTIONS to help you make associations(pick the one that makes most sense to you)
- Have you been totally unable to cope with some major pressures?
- Are there major changes that are taking place in your life right now?
- Have you been jumping to conclusions and basing your decisions on insufficient information?
- Have you been overcome with feelings in any way?

KEY WORDS: Overwhelmed, feelings, huge forces of change, insufficient information, jumping to conclusions(think of thoughts and feelings which might include these words and short phrases)

KEY PHRASES(Tidal wave dreams have been shown to link to these types of feelings) :
- "totally unable to cope"
- "I am simply UNABLE TO RESIST such a strong force"
- "they will be swept away"
- "Its a force which is stronger than me"
- "My health is SPIRALLING out of control"
- "jumping to conclusions"
- "overcome with feelings"

Notice how the key phrases feature the key words.


Example dream : Not drowning in a tidal wave in a dream was linked to something that happened over the weekend. The dreamer had behaved badly whilst staying at a friends house. She had locked herself in her room whilst whilst staying over the weekend. Not drowning in the tidal wave was symbolic of her belief that she had got away with this without any lasting damage. Her hosts had not said anything so her rude behaviour had not caused too many problems. The tidal wave was a symbol for the potentially catastrophic impact that her behaviour could have provoked. The dream is using metaphor "It could have been much worse. It could have been as bad as a tidal wave."
Example dream : A tsunami was linked to something which had completely overwhelmed the dreamer two days before. The tidal wave was a symbol for the huge unstoppable impact of these events. (tidal waves are overwhelming and unstoppable and can represent anything overwhelming). So the dreams meaning linked to this theme of "overwhelming" and we can guess that the dream captured these thoughts "I was truly overwhelmed by what happened"
Example dream : A tidal wave in a dream was linked to the dreamers fears that arguments at work could drag in the dreamer. The tidal wave was a symbol for the consequences and huge impact of these arguments. The dreams meaning linked to this theme of "a huge impact" and captured this exact thought "Its quite intimidating when the supervisors and people higher up start arguing. If you get drawn into the argument the consequences can be huge. "
Example dream : A tidal wave represented the dreamers decision to break off a relationship which had become very turbulent. It had reached "crisis point." The dream dealt with this theme of "crisis point" and "chaos" and the dreams symbols caught this exact feeling "The relationship has reached crisis point. Yesterday we had a discussion - should we stay in an unhealthy relationship or should we stop."
Example dream : The night before the dreamer was thinking about the wild habits of the people attending a funeral. The tidal wave symbolised the destructiveness of their lifestyle - and the belief that their evil ways would ensure that their lives would be 'swept away' just like the man whose funeral they were attending.
Example dream : A tidal wave dream symbolised the dreamers fears about her day out at a fairground. She had got really scared whilst watching videos of the rides. The tidal wave symbolised her inner fear at the thought of what was to come the next day.
Example dream : A tidal wave dream was linked to the dreamers thoughts about a guy she was involved with. He was sending out mixed symbols. The tidal wave was a symbol for learning his true feelings - (if some great disaster occurs you tell people exactly how you feel). The dreams meaning linked to this theme of "true feelings" and probably captured this precise thought "Sometimes he seems highly commited but I am getting some very mixed signals." The dream also touches on the feeling "he is not commited and I don't think he would be much use in a crisis"
Example dream : A tidal wave dream was linked to Worries that a relationship would end as the dreamer was growing apart from her boyfriend. The tidal wave representing an unstoppable force - and the inevitability that their relationship would end.
Example dream : A tidal wave symbolised the dreamers worries that something terrible would happen to her daughter. She was feeling guilty about not staying at home as a mother.
Example dream : A tidal wave dream occurred whilst the dreamer was worrying about tension at work. It was getting to breaking point. In the dream he takes evasive action to save himself - this was symbolic of his reaction in real life because he was needing to shelter from the 'storm'.
Example dream : A huge storm and a tidal wave linked to the dreamers poor health. A tidal wave was symbolic of things getting even worse - the impact of illness (this had hit him like a 'tsunami') would sweep him away and might even end his life.
Example dream : A tidal wave wave represented a worry that someone may come after them if a complaint was made. This person was to be feared and would be a huge backlash (like a tidal wave).
Example dream : A tsunami dream symbolised the dreamers thoughts about how courageous someone was. The tsunami represented his ability to handle a real challenge
Example dream : A tidal wave dream linked to the dreamer being unwell for some time. He knew he had to sort out his illness before it spiralled out of control.
Example dream : A tidal wave dream linked to the dreamer suffering from arthritis. This illness was spiralling out of control and now this was a huge unstoppable illness.
Example dream : A tidal wave dream linked to the dreamers worries about her grandmother during a big storm where she lived. The dream symbolised the dreamers fear that her grandmother could not cope.
Example dream : A tidal wave dream linked to the dreamer thinking about someone who he thought was really cool. Actually this was not based on any real facts and this opinion would be swept away when the truth was known.
Example dream : A tidal wave dream linked to the dreamer coming to some false conclusions about someone the day before. He thought someone would have been really sensitive about something when in fact there was no good reason for thinking she would be offended if he mentioned it. The tidal wave symbolised him realising that these false assumptions would be totally swept away.
Example dream : Waves crashing into a skyscraper linked to the dreamer finding out that he was pregnant for the first time. The waves symbolised her lack of confidence in having a child.
Example dream : A dream with waves crashing a pier linked to the dreamer ending her relationship. The waves symbolised the huge turbulence in her emotions at the time.
Example dream : A dream with huge waves linked to the dreamer waking up to the noise of a baby crying. The huge waves symbolised the huge emotional upset that the baby was in.
Example dream : A dream with dramatic waves linked to the dreamer undergoing a deep spiritual renewal. The feelings of elation stayed with her a few days after the dream. The waves symbolised the huge emotional mood sweeping the dreamer.

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