Often threats in dreams may link to someone in particular. Perhaps you have been talking to someone who makes you feel awkward? Maybe you are worried that someone's behaviour is getting bad and could get worse? Do you just expect the worst from people?

Maybe you worry about the consequences of something? A situation could potentially get much worse? Maybe you fear a huge backlash? Are you thinking of doing something that could provoke someone?

Sometimes the worries are within ourselves. You may have a history of abuse and fear that things will repeat? It could be that you recognise your own worst tendencies - you know that you can be nasty and abusive and its something you try to keep under control.

QUESTIONS to help you make associations(pick the one that makes most sense to you)
- Where you thinking over the chances of something bad happening yesterday?
- Were you worrying over the consequences of doing something?
- Did you worry that someone is acting inconsistently?

KEY WORDS : fear the consequences, fear, inconsistent, chances of happening

KEY PHRASES(Pick a quote which captures your feelings right now. Think especially of the day before the dream) :
- "The CONSEQUENCES of it happening"
- "It might happen"


Example dream : The owner of a orphanage threatening to move some children to another orphanage was linked to the dreamers father. The dreamer had been ill with flu and was experiencing breathing difficulties. The dreamers father took the dreamer to hospital but was very unsympathetic and asked her if she was truly ill. The threat was symbolic of his extremely confrontational approach and lack of sympathy.
Example dream : In one dream a shark seems very small and not a threat. In real life the shark was symbolic of someone the dreamer was really trying to avoid (like a shark). The shark was small and not a threat because the dreamer had decided that it was easy to avoid this person (not as big a problem as first thought).
Example dream : In real life the dreamer was getting worn down listening to his neighbour who was constantly moaning and seemed to really dislike the dreamer. The night before he had listened to his neighbour moaning for what seemed like hours. He awoke to a dream where his neighbour was arguing with another neighbour. The threats in the dream linked to the dreamer worrying about his neighbour's potential for confrontation and even violence. He feared that a violent dramatic incident was just around the corner.
Example dream : One night the dreamer could not get to sleep for several hours but eventually got to sleep and had a dream which seemed to feature every symbol such as police, rescues, escapes,threats, torture and revenge. If dreams do link to important feelings then surely this dream in some way links to the dreamers inability to get to sleep. The dreamer did not mention what was causing her stress so we may guess that there was not any major issues. Having read the dream I made the simple association "this dream seems to have everything going on". Actually that association does seem to have relevance to the dreamers inability to sleep. If someone cannot get to sleep then thoughts are racing through their heads and they are unable to relax enough to sleep. So the threats and other dramatic symbols in the dream were linked to high levels of adrenalin and excitement which was making it difficult for the dreamer to get to sleep. The dream caught this feeling "I simply could not get to sleep. Anyone would think I had just witnessed loads of dramatic events with murders and threats everywhere."
Example dream : A life threatening game in a dream linked to the dreamers problems with her fianc├ęs mother. Engaging in an argument with her seemed like mortal combat. She was very threatening and confrontational.
Example dream : Threatening in a dream linked to the dreamer being accused of drinking too much and behaving recklessly by his girlfriend. Threatening symbolised the dreamer been accused behaving boisterously and drinking too much.
Example dream : A snake which is no threat linked to the dreamers thoughts about a woman who the dreamer had been having lots of problems with. The snake was not threatening though - which symbolised his belief that these problems and the tension between them were in the past and if they cleared the air these could be sorted out.
Example dream : Feeling threatened by a snake symbolised the feelings of awkwardness the dreamer had the night before as his wife asked him about his infidelities the year before. He was taken aback by this and found it difficult to discuss this awkward topic. The threatening snake linked to the a difficult situation which potentially could get worse.
Example dream : A threatening wolf was linked to false accusations which were wearing down the dreamer. The threatening wolf symbolised a continuously hostile environment which could get even worse.
Example dream : Assessing the threat from aliens in one dream linked to the dreamers own worries about meeting a long lost relative. The threat represented her assessment of the possible consequences.
Example dream : Threatening sharks symbolised the dreamers problems with men and worries that she would get badly treated again. She wasn't really ready for a new relationship and expected the worst from men.
Example dream : A dream with an alien is threatening something linked to worries about her sons bad habits. He had not got into trouble but was mixing with a bad crowd of people - things could get much worse.
Example dream : A threatening wave in a dream represented threatening situation in real life. If the dreamer had decided to make a complaint then this could provoke a huge backlash from someone.
Example dream : Threatening to kill a child if people came near him was linked to the dreamers tendency to be obsessive and cruel towards women. A threat was a symbol of the dreamers ability to turn nasty if things did not go his own way. Threatening something then was a symbol of his own worst tendencies.
Example dream : A dream where the dreamer feels threatened by a sea snake took place as the dreamer was thinking how he tended to descend into drunken depression even when he had stress free days. The threatening snake was a symbol of his tendency to see problems where none existed.
Example dream : Being threatened by a knife linked to the dreamer having someone who was causing trouble all the time.
Example dream : A guy threatening to shoot someone linked to the dreamer deciding to end her relationship. Her boyfriend was far too inconsistent and difficult to read. The threat to shoot symbolise her belief that he could cause tension and problems and it was not worth it.
Example dream : A threat to kick ass linked to the dreamers girlfriend moaning about how he caused trouble and acted irresponsibly. Threatening in the dream symbolised the dreamers irresponsible behaviour which could get him into real trouble one day.
Example dream : A dream where the dreamer was threatened by a hobgoblin linked to the dreamer fearing her mother was about to go to live in another country without telling anyone. The threat symbolised the fear that her worst fears would be realised.
Example dream : A tornado which was not threatening linked to the dreamers fears about her children causing trouble on a plane trip.
Example dream : A dog threatened was linked to the dreamer having just being drug raped. The threat was symbolic of the real trauma that this had caused - someone had been really out to get her.

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