Terrorists and terror can link to many things. They can link to the general causes of nightmares. They can show that things have been very heated or intense recently. They may link to some risky action that you have taken were things really could have gone terribly badly. Terrorists may also link to major worries real or imagined. Terrorists can also link to qualities associated with them such as obsessive belief.

QUESTIONS to help you make associations(pick the one that makes most sense to you)
- Did something unexpected happen on the actual day of the dream?
- Have things been very intense or heated at all?
- Did something happen that was an unexpected consequence yesterday ?
- Do you have any bad phobias which you have been thinking about?
- Have you been dreading some event or situation?

KEY WORDS : unexpected consequences, unquestioning belief, intense, difficult, bad situation , phobias,feeling scared

KEY PHRASES(Pick a quote which captures your feelings right now. Think especially of the day before the dream) :
- "I have been trying to describe just how bad things are "
- "He just follows the ideas without questioning them"
- "It is a bad phobia"
- "I am dreading tomorrow"
- "Things have been very intense and difficult recently"
- "I believe that the dream was a premonition of something that happened on the day of the dream"
- "It was a very heated argument last night"
- "I got away with it yesterday but things could easily have gone badly wrong"
- "Things are really changing drastically"
- "There were some unexpected consequences"


Example dream : Awaking in terror symbolised the shock death of the dreamers mother the next day. The dreamer believed that this was a premonition of her death.
Example dream : A terror dream linked to the dreamer having a meeting the next day with someone he did not like. She always seemed to say bad things.
Example dream : A terrorists dream linked to the dreamer trying to keep her phobias under control.
Example dream : Wolves causing terror linked to the dreamers ex room mate who was refusing to give the dreamer her things. Terror symbolised the sheer awkwardness and havoc she was causing.
Example dream : A terror dream linked to the dreamer talking through her problems with a counsellor. She had not been having an easy time. The terror symbolised issues which had been traumatising her.
Example dream : Trying to escape terrorists linked to the dreamer realising just how bad things had become.
Example dream : A dream about a terrorist bomb plot linked to the dreamer tendency to exaggerate things. He had been feeling bad but now felt much better. He must have got things wrong.
Example dream : A boa causing terror linked to the dreamer thinking over just how badly he had treated his ex girlfriend. The terror symbolised his own deceptive and nasty behaviour.
Example dream : Terrorists linked to the dreamers relationship with her boyfriend who was driving her mad. He was continually sulking.
Example dream : A terrifying dog was thought to be a premonition of the dreamers own mother dying on the very next day.
Example dream : A terrorist bomb was thought to be a premonition of fight that the dreamers parents had the next day. They normally
Example dream : A terror dream was thought to be a premonition of the next day. The dreamers sister in law asked to lend money. The terror in the dream was symbolic of the terrible story that her sister had painted.
Example dream : Terrorists in a dream linked to the dreamer thinking about his friend. He was getting sick of her tendency to just follow his ideas obsessively. She had turned into a little groupie. Terrorists symbolised her complete devotion to a set of ideas and inability to think for herself.

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