Teenager dreams are metaphors so try to use the phrase "like a teenager" to describe your feelings eg "yesterday my brother behaved really immaturely. He was like an obnoxious teenager." A teenager could symbolise feelings that we associate with them. For adults they could symbolise moments when you feel someone is being stupid and rebellious. For younger children it could symbolise daring and exciting behaviour. Maybe you were fantasizing about something they would like to do.

KEY WORDS : Typical teenager!, pushy, insensitive, inconsiderate, overconfident, difficult relationships, no responsibilities, rebellion, reckless, human nature at its worst, pushy, disrespectful, wanting to be young, sense of freedom, stay up late, unhappy love life

KEY PHRASES(Pick a quote which captures your feelings right now. Think especially of the day before the dream) :
- "I really want to have more fun"
- "I stayed up late last night"
- "I know its what I should do but I really don't want to"
- "short and difficult emotional relationships"
- "over confidence"
- "pushing the limits"
- "lack of sensitivity towards others"
- "a lack of consideration"
- "He is just a typical teenager!"

(Now write down some quotes that sum up your thoughts and feelings right now. Concentrate on incidents the day before, paranoias and fantasies, health issues, challenges of the day ahead. Then try to see where the words and phrases above appear in your quotes).

QUESTIONS to help you make associations(pick the one that makes most sense to you)
- Have you been thinking over a difficult or troublesome relationship?
- Has someone been very inconsiderate or insensitive recently?
- Do you really not want to do something that is responsible?
- Was someone acting in a pushy or aggressive mood yesterday?
- Have you really wanted to cut loose recently?
- Do you hate someone because they are just like a teenager?


Example dream : The day before the dreamer felt awkward meeting a young man who seemed to look up to the him and treated him like a very important person. The teenager in this dream was a symbol for this young man. The dreamer felt that this young man was trying to impress.
Example dream : Teenagers in a dream linked to the dreamer being accused of behaving recklessly and immaturely (like a teenager)the night before by his girlfriend.
Example dream : A teenager who looks like the Omen kid in a dream linked to the dreamer having to cope with many deaths recently. The teenager symbolised her thoughts about these deaths - that somehow she was cursed by mischieveous and bad people.
Example dream : In one dream a teenager had this huge burden in life and ended up drinking. In real life the dreamer had a drink problem and he had many problems. But why did the dream feature a teenager? The day before he had behaved in a very moody way refusing to talk to someone.
Example dream : A dream where teenagers are behaving badly was symbolic of the dreamer taking part on a forum. He had quite different opinions to the other people and felt a bit mischievous. This theme of being "mischievous" was central to the dreams meaning "I am being a bit mischievous joining this forum. They probably won't like me as our ideas are probably quite different." We associate teenagers with "mischievous", "bold", "cheeky" and "pushy". So the dreamer felt as if he was behaving like a teenager in pushing his way onto this forum where he knew he would not be welcome.
Example dream : Teenage boys in a dream were linked to the dreamers extremely bleak view of the world. She felt that there was only pain and suffering - teenage boys in a gang were symbolic of human nature at its worst. The dreams meaning revolved around this theme of "human nature" and seems to have been triggered by this real thought "I have a very bleak view of human nature. I feel as if there is nothing but pain in the world."
Example dream : A teenager running towards the dreamer who seemed intent on violence was linked to the dreamers paranoias. The teenager was symbolic of inconsiderate and nasty behaviour which the dreamer was imagining as his paranoia got out of control. Teenage boys are associated with nasty and inconsiderate behaviour. We can even translate "teenage" in the dream into "nasty and inconsiderate" and we see how this appears in a wider feeling at the time of the dream "I am very poaranoiac and I keep seeing confrontation and nastiness where it does not exist. I realise that this is paranoia."
Example dream : A teenager fighting with her mom linked to the dreamer not wanting to take medication. She hated going to the doctors but knew that if she wanted to get better she would have to get some medication. The teenagers symbolised her wish to rebel and fight against doing the responsible thing.
Example dream : A dream where the teenagers block off a road linked to the dreamer trying to live in a green way (after watching a news report the day before). However she was thinking that this was impossible for society as a whole because people would not follow the rules. The teenagers symbolised the feeling that people would rebel and simply not follow the rules that would be needed.
Example dream : A dream where the dreamers boyfriend was playing the guitar loudly linked to the dreamer splitting up with her boyfriend because of his disruptive behaviour.
Example dream : A dream where teenagers were behaving badly linked to the dreamer realising that he had been pushy. He had gone into a club which had its own rules and he was virtually telling them everything that they did was wrong. The teenagers symbolised his pushy disrespectful behaviour - he was wanting to take over.
Example dream : A dream where a social worker was supporting a homeless teenager linked to the dreamer having to give up his job because of ill health. Just one week later his life was in so much chaos. The teenager in trouble symbolised the dreamers life being in chaos (teenagers often get in trouble and need support - they are still children).
Example dream : A dream where the dreamer goes ballistic at some teenagers stealing her car linked to the dreamer going through a break up. The teenagers represented the chaos in her life and the bad emotions involved in a difficult break up.
Example dream : A dream where the dreamer is in a room she had as a teenager linked to an awkward situation in real life. Her ex husband knew her current boyfriend as they were buddies at school. It was making life difficult.
Example dream : A dream with several teenagers in (who were actually in her twenties) linked to the dreamer starting a new relationship. She had had several relationships over the previous four years and wanting a more permanent relationship - not a teenage fling.
Example dream : A dream where the older people go to bed leaving the dreamer with the teenagers linked to something that happened the night before. The dreamer visited a friend and she was worried that she stayed a bit too long. She kept them up past their bedtime. The teenagers symbolised her staying up late.
Example dream : A dream where the dreamer was on a skateboard linked to the dreamer being on holiday and feeling a real sense of freedom. He just wanted to cut loose and have fun.
Example dream : A dream where the dreamer is acting like a teenager linked to the dreamer missing being young. She was jealous of the freedom that her teenage kids had.
Example dream : A dream where I am ambushed by a group of teenagers linked to the dreamer trying to impress his girlfriends parents. This was proving impossible as they simply thought he was irresponsible.

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