A teacher in a dream may simply represent your wish to teach an idea as effectively as possible. You have maybe been thinking about your communication skills or about the best strategy to express an idea.

Teaching may also suggest you are trying to rise above yourself and you are looking rationally at an emotional issue trying to figure out where you are going wrong.

Teaching also deals with ways in which you are trying to better yourself. Were you inspired by someone yesterday? Have you got a mentor who encourages you? Did someone provide you with a new way of looking at something yesterday which really impressed you? Did you feel inspired by some new insight or idea yesterday?

KEY WORDS : Role model, learning, an insight, teaching, encouraging, trusting, help, inspire, "educated" people

KEY PHRASES(Pick a quote which captures your feelings right now. Think especially of the day before the dream) :
- "He is a real role model"
- "I am ready to learn now"
- "I think I know what the problem is now"
- "I think I am right and other people need to listen "
- "He needs to learn"
- "how can I put across my ideas"

QUESTIONS to help you make associations(pick the one that makes most sense to you)
- Have you spotted what the problem is?
- Are you trying to put across your opinion and expertise?
- Who is currently a role model in your life?


Example dream : A dream with a mother or teacher trying to teach a child how to behave properly was linked to a real life conversation about how to treat an autistic person in a responsible way. The dreamer learnt an important lesson in how to treat people and allow them to overcome their disabilities rather than giving in to the dreamers tantrums as the dreamer did. There are many feelings in common between this real life situation and things that we associate with teachers. The dreamer grew as a person gaining an important insight into human nature and how to treat people. Teachers can inspire us and show us the way. They teach us the right way to do something. In this real life situation the dreamer learnt an important lesson in life. We learn through experience. Learning never stops when you leave school.
Example dream : A teacher in a dream linked to the dreamer unable to resolve a situation on his own. He knew he would need help to sort the matter out. The teacher symbolised his recognition that he needed someone more able to negotiate and mediate for him
Example dream : A teacher insisting on the dreamers entry into a beauty competition linked to her realisation that she should believe in herself and love herself. the teacher dream represented the dreamer growing as a person(she was learning in life). A really good teacher can inspire us and show us the way so teaching can associate with real moments of inspiration. In fact in this case we can translate the "teacher" in the dream into the word "inspire" and this theme appeared in an important feeling when the dreamer woke up e.g. "I woke up feeling inspired and believing in myself."
Example dream : Teaching a child in a dream symbolised the dreamers feelings of guilt as she went back to work. She wanted to stay at home to give her child as much quality time as possible. Teaching a child was symbolic of the dreamers wish to teach her own child and spend as much quality time with her as possible(she wanted to "teach" her child).
Example dream : A teacher in a dream symbolised the dreamers wish to seek the best way to deal with a huge argument. She was trying to guide herself and do the sensible thing. For convenience we could translate the "teacher" in the dream into the word "sensible" and we see how this theme of "being sensible" featured in an important feeling at the time e.g. "I have had a huge argument with my boyfriend. I am very upset and I am looking for advice. I want to be sensible and do the right thing." Being "sensible" and "doing the right thing" are behaviour that we associate with teachers.
Example dream : The teacher in one dreamer symbolised the dreamers own attempts at teaching people some interesting ideas. He was thinking through the best method to put across his ideas and was wondering how to keep his teaching fresh and interesting. So we can, for convenience, translate symbolically the "teacher" in the dream, into the phrase "how to put across my ideas" and its easy to see how this symbol appeared in the dreamers thoughts "I am thinking about how to put across my ideas. I want to pass on my ideas and I am thinking out a strategy which will make these ideas seem interesting."
Example dream : A teacher in a dream was linked to the dreamers inferiority complex - he felt intimidated by educated people.
Example dream : Trying to tell a principal and teacher how to build a road symbolised the dreamers father - he was unable to take advice. He always knew best (just like a teacher who always knows best and who will never take advice). The dreamer had been trying to give him advice on how to set up a new business but his father just infuriated him because he was incapable of listening. So the dream caught this exact feeling "I get so frustrated at my father as he always knows best and just rabbits on."
Example dream : A teacher in a dream was linked to the dreamer thinking deeply and trying to gain an insight into her own addictive behaviour.
Example dream : A dream where the dreamer was being taught to behave in the right way linked to the dreamers thoughts about a TV reality program he was watching the night before. The show was becoming bitter and competition was cut throat. The dreamer felt things had gone too far and this had made him think of the right and proper way of doing things in such a situation
Example dream : The teacher who had a good rapport with her kids in a dream represented the dreamers psychiatric counsellor who was helping him overcome severe phobias. The teacher was therefore a symbol for someone who was helping him and inspiring him. In the Bible Jesus is often described as a "teacher" as he inspired people. So we can translate the "teacher" into the word "inspire" and we see how this theme of "being inspired" was relevant to the dreamer at the time "I was inspired by my support worker who has been helping me overcome my phobias."
Example dream : A teacher dream linked to the dreamers mother telling the her off for not helping her little brother with his homework. They had a difference of opinion as her mother thought the dreamer was being lazy in not helping him. The dreamer felt her brother could do the work on his own and that this would be good for him. The teacher symbolised this disagreement about how best to help her brother learn.
Example dream : A teacher dream linked to the dreamer wanting to write a report in a new way. He had his own ideas and present them in an interesting and accessible way. The teacher symbolised his wish to put across his own ideas as effectively as possible.
Example dream : A teacher whining dream linked to the dreamer trying to show someone and help them do things right. However,the person they were trying to help was just not willing to listen and this really disillusioned the dreamer who did not really want to help anyone in the same way again. The teacher in the dream symbolised his own attempts to give advice and his frustration that the person he tried to help was just not willing to learn from him and take his advice.
Example dream : Recommending a teacher linked to the dreamer being abused, Just recently she was beginning to trust again and had met a guy who she believed in. The teacher symbolised her total trust and belief in him - and her belief that she would help her become a better person.
Example dream : A teacher dream linked to the dreamer knowing how to solve a problem. She thought people were just not addressing the facts and were not listening. The teacher symbolised her feeling that she knew the answer to a particular problem.

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