Swimming is a very energetic activity and often links to real life situations and emotions that are taking up our emotions. Perhaps you are thinking about relationship? Perhaps you are just thinking about a new relationship? You could be thinking of ways in which you need to change - especially move into a new mood. Think about what has been occupying your emotions and its likely that swimming represents the moods connected with this and the changes that you are trying to bring about in relation to these issues.

KEY WORDS : Emotional thought, effort, feelings, new emotional direction, a big emotional step, willing, deep thinking, energy, mood change, a decision to change, a emotional journey(write down some quotes that capture your key feelings on issues that have been dominating your mind. Then see if any of these words could appear in those quotes)

KEY PHRASES(Pick a quote which captures your feelings right now. Think especially of the day before the dream) :
- "I want to change"
- "he has changed emotionally"
- "making an effort"
- "I need to change"
- "I feel frustrated with my situation and quite miserable"
- "I have been trying to understand my past and my problems"
- "I just cannot get through to him!"
- "I just need to get those feelings out of my system"
- "put some emotional thought into it"
- "my emotions are moving in a new direction"

QUESTIONS to help you make associations(pick the one that makes most sense to you)
- In what ways have you been having to put in a lot of emotional effort(especially the day before the dream)?
- Are you trying to change emotionally in some way?
- Has someone else been putting a lot of emotional effort and thought into something?
- How do you need to get your feelings out of your system?
- What tasks did you find emotionally gruelling yesterday?


Example dream : A dream where the dreamer was swimming linked to the dreamers decision to seek for a divorce. Swimming symbolised her wish to make a major change by ending a relationship. So the dreams meaning was linked to this "emotional wish" and actually captured this exact feeling "I know now what I want - I am going to get a divorce. Marriage should not be like this."
Example dream : In one dream the dreamer sees a man swimming but does not follow him in. In real life she had just been on a date with a man she met from the internet. She was disappointed with the date because he was clearly not the same as how he had described. What is the symbolism of swimming? In the dream he is swimming and she is not following him. The message is clear as she is not following. Swimming in this sense perhaps symbolises involvement, effort and willingness. Clearly the dreams meaning revolves around these themes capturing these feelings "He was clearly up for it. He was putting in lots of effort. But he clearly lied about himself and that put me off."
Example dream : Swimming to avoid a shark took place as the dreamer was making changes in her emotional life. She was dating but not sure if she was heading in the right direction.
Example dream : Swimming in a dream linked to the dreamer taking a big emotional step by telling an ex boyfriend exactly what she thought of him. The symbolism of "swim" could translate into the words "a big emotional step" and the dreams meaning captured these exact thoughts "I wrote an email to my ex and said what I think. I feel very proud of myself and it is a big emotional step forward for me."
Example dream : A swimming dream linked to the dreamer thinking deeply about starting a new relationship. She decided to hold back and not get involved and start to think about what she really wanted.
Example dream : Swimming in a dream linked to the dreamers emotional turmoil and her decision to cut herself off from her boyfriend because of his lies.
Example dream : The dreamer had had a talk with her boyfriend which upset her and the swimming represented the need to escape the hurt emotions which resulted
Example dream : Swimming from a shark symbolised the wish to resolve some relationship problems.
Example dream : A swimming dream linked to the emotions that the dreamer had towards a man she liked.
Example dream : Swimming represented the dreamers efforts to change her situation by ending a relationship. This involved great effort just like the dream
Example dream : Swimming was linked to the dreamers wish to escape his emotional stress linked to work which he was finding difficult to escape
Example dream : Trying to commit suicide whilst swimming symbolised a very heartbreaking night when the dreamer realised that a guy did not fancy her and would never fancy her
Example dream : Whales swimming represented a beautiful emotional journey the day before up a Peruvian mountain. The walk had been strenuous yet that effort was part of the spiritual journey
Example dream : A swimming dream took place the day after the dreamer had bought a DVD. She was impressed by the presenter and his ability to stay calm under pressure. Whilst swimming in the dream she was extremely calm. So the dream mirrored this important feeling "staying calm under pressure." Swimming then seems linked to how the dreamer was handling situations which included pressure - so essentially the dream was about the dreamer thinking about her own personality and trying to learn from others.
Example dream : A midnight swim dream symbolised how the dreamer had snapped out of a dull mood. Later in the day he regained his focus and enthusiasm
Example dream : Swimming with sharks symbolised the dreamers wish to start dating again. She felt ready to take risks with her fragile emotions
Example dream : Swimming in a dream linked to the dreamers decision to change and challenge herself. She decided to tell someone she had feelings for him - this was a big step for her.
Example dream : In one dream the dreamer swims to the bottom of the sea as a mermaid and a dolphin. In real life she had visited a spiritualist shop the day before and this had got her imagination going about spiritualistic matters.
Example dream : Swimming symbolised the dreamers deep thinking about his local community centre.
Example dream : Goldfish swimming happily in a pond symbolised the dreamers happy mood just days before
Example dream : A dirty swimming pool dream took place at a time when the dreamer was thinking about her own mental health and how to help herself. Swimming then probably linked to her attitude towards her mental health and wishes to change. After all, swimming involves moment and so could indicate a wish to change (move).
Example dream : A huge swimming pool dream linked to the dreamer thinking about her relationship with her boyfriend. She wanted things to go in new direction but he could not seem to sense these feelings in her and seemed distracted.
Example dream : A dream where the dreamer cannot swim dream linked to her knowing that she was abused but could not seem to get away from it - she did not want to change. Swimming symbolised her knowing that she needed to change.
Example dream : A dream where the dreamer swims with her ex linked to her getting on very well with him. They had both changed emotionally and were getting along as friends.
Example dream : A dream with puppies swimming linked to the thinking about her boyfriend who was moving to another state. The swimming symbolised the difficult state of the relationship which had almost no chance of continuing however they tried.
Example dream : A swimming dream linked to the dreamer and her partner putting a lot of emotional effort into sorting out problems.
Example dream : A dream where the dreamer swims down linked to him really trying to understand his own feelings and difficult past. Swimming symbolised this emotional effort he was putting into his own self analysis.
Example dream : A swimming pool dream linked to the dreamer feeling exhausted and knowing he needed to change. The swimming pool maybe symbolised his need to relax because he was exhausted by his schedule.
Example dream : A swimming dream linked to the dreamer feeling as if he could explode - he knew he needed to get to some new situation.
Example dream : A swimming dream linked to the dreamer feeling quite miserable and sexually frustrated.
Example dream : A swimming dream linked to the dreamer thinking about what she wanted. She was trying to put some emotional thought into how she wanted to progress.
Example dream : A swimming underwater dream linked to the dreamer bumping into her ex the day before. She started thinking over how badly he treated her son. She ended up sending him an email expressing just how she felt. Swimming symbolised her thinking deeply about how he had treated her and her son.
Example dream : A best friend swimming dream linked to the dreamer thinking how some people had lied to her. She wanted them to see things from her point of view. Swimming symbolised her emotions moving in a new direction.
Example dream : A swimming dream linked to the dreamer fearing that something would be found out. Swimming symbolised her fearing the emotional reaction when she was found out.

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