Survival dreams can be triggered by these types of feelings.

1. GOT AWAY WITH IT! Did you take a major risk yesterday? Were you lucky to get away with something? Your dream maybe warning you that you got away with it THIS TIME, but that it was just luck rather than good judgement?
2. OVERWHELMED Did you feel overwhelmed yesterday? Did you think about someone yesterday who was overcome by some situation?
3. SUFFERING Were you suffering in a major way yesterday? Were you hoping that you could get through some difficult situation? Your dream maybe about your wish to SURVIVE this major situation. Did you talk to someone who was suffering deeply yesterday? Your dream maybe about your wish to empathize with this person.
4. ABLE TO COPE Were you thinking about your ability to cope at present?

All of these meanings are based upon real dreams, all of which are listed at the end of this article. Surviving some major crisis in a dream kind of hints at some real life crisis. If you had just been through some turmoil then obviously you are thinking through how the situation nearly overwhelmed you.

A dream of survival may also link to a mistake that you have just made. Can a project continue after such an error? Have you been thinking about the consequences of a mistake you have just made?

Some survival dreams may link to you thinking about the strength and durability of a relationship. The real test of any relationship is if it can 'survive' some major crisis. Have you been thinking about your boyfriend/girlfriend as a long term partner? Would they be truly supportive in a difficult situation? Would they look after and protect people who are dear to you?

But survival also symbolises your thoughts about some big change in your life. You are thinking through the consequences and wondering how life will change. You are asking the question "can I cope with this!"

KEY WORDS :suffering, got away with it, overwhelmed, able to cope?


Example dream : A dream which featured survival linked to the dreamer meeting someone the day before who was suffering from constant pain. Survival was symbol for the dreamer coming into contact with someone who was suffering all the time. (existing from day to day surviving the best he could)
Example dream : Not drowning in a tidal wave symbolised the dreamers feeling that there were no immediate problems caused by her bad behaviour. Over the weekend she had locked herself away in her bedroom whilst staying at a friends. later she realised that this was not the proper way to behave but she felt that she had got away with it ('survived').
Example dream : Being unable to survive a tsunami symbolised how the dreamer had been overwhelmed two days before. (she had barely survived)
Example dream : Surviving a shark attack and feeling proud symbolised the dreamers ability to handle a crisis. She was thinking how unresponsive her boyfriend was in a crisis
Example dream : A dream about the dreamers last surviving pet goldfish seems to have been simply a symbol for her worries about its chances of survival. She was highly attached to the fish and it was upsetting when the others died. The dream was part of the process of dealing with grief and preparing her for the possible death of her last remaining goldfish.
Example dream : The need to survive a tsunami represented the dreamers worries about being able to cope with being away from his mother if he moved to LA. (could he 'survive' being away from his beloved mother)
Example dream : In one dream the earth is submerged and the dreamer maanges to survive. In real life the dreamers home was submerged and swept away the next day in the Japanese Tsunami. This was thought to be a premonition of this disaster which the dreamer did manage to survive.

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