Being surrounded often linsk with real life issues where you cannot stop thinking about something. You maybe continually unhappy and unable to get away from bad feelings. Being surrounded in a dream may also follow from a bitter confrontation the day before. You may feel as if everyone is against you and you are getting problems from every angle. If you are surrounded then there is no choice but to stand and fight.

QUESTIONS to help you make associations(pick the one that makes most sense to you)
- Is there some fact or problem that you really need to face?
- Are unable to break out of some way of thinking?
- Are you simply not able to get through to someone?
- Is there some issue that you are having to deal with?

KEY WORDS : Dealing with, break out, get away, get through, a direct connection, involved, threatened

KEY PHRASES(Pick a quote which captures your feelings right now. Think especially of the day before the dream) :
- "I just cannot stop thinking about what he did"
- "I seem unable to break out of that way of thinking"
- "They were all telling me that ...."
- "I am trying to deal with that issue - I simply cannot take my mind off it"
- "I simply cannot get through to him"
- "I simply cannot get away from it"
- "I know that I will have to face this problem"
- "I simply cannot escape from the fact that"
- "There is a direct connection between this and ..."
- "Everywhere I look there are problems"
- "I really felt threatened by what she said"
- "I have been totally involved in this project/situation"


Example dream : Being surrounded by homeless people symbolised the dreamers dislike of her new job. These negative feelings were getting too much for her.
Example dream : Being surrounded by a pack of wolves symbolised the dreamers huge fight the day before with her Nan. She really fought back and stood up for herself. (being surrounded represented the feeling that she was being attacked from all sides). The dreams meaning touches on thought processes involving these themes such as "My Nan really picked on me last night - she was attacking me from all angles"
Example dream : A dream about a friend surrounded by guards took place just as he became politically conscious. The dreamer could barely talk to him any more as he was obsessed by politics and human rights. Being surrounded by guards was a symbolic for this new obsessive behaviour.
Example dream : Surrounded by sharks symbolised his ex girlfriend who he frequently bumped into and could not get away from
Example dream : A dream where a black shadow surrounded by a snake shedding its skin was thought to be a premonition of a man's death the next day. The shadow 'surrounding' the snake symbolised a major dark event.
Example dream : A dream where tornadoes are surrounding the dreamers home linked to her going through a lot of changes and leaving home for the first time. The tornadoes 'surrounding' the house symbolised her feelings of insecurity and uncertainty about the future.
Example dream : A dream where the dreamer is surrounded by black misty things linked to a possible telepathy dream. The young child had tapped into her mothers scary feelings whilst reading a horror book.
Example dream : A dream where coyotes are surrounding her dog linked to the dreamer feeling annoyed by a woman on the internet the night before. This woman was blaming an innocent child and using terrible language . The dreamer was thinking about the long term effects of this on the child. Being surrounded symbolised the effect that constant uncaring attitudes would have on the child as it grew.
Example dream : Being surrounded by thorny plants linked to the dreamer getting annoyed by his father making a serious error causing him a lot of inconvience. The dreamer tried not to get too annoyed by his fathers mistake because it was made in sending a present to the dreamer. The thorny plants which 'surrounded' the dreamer represented the dreamer not being able to think of anything else - his mind was concentrated on the mistake his father had made.
Example dream : A dream where the dreamer is surrounded by ghosts linked to him knowing that he had to assert himself more and make more decisions in his marriage. The ghosts which 'surround' the symbolised the dreamers personality and his tendency to behave in one way.
Example dream : A dream were 'they' surrounded the dreamer and she screamed for help linked to the dreamer being unable to think of anything else after she had had a miscarriage.
Example dream : A dream of her friend surrounded by three guards linked to him changing as a person. Recently he had become obsessed with human rights and politics. Being surrounded symbolised her total inability to get through to him.
Example dream : A dream about tall buildings surrounding the dreamer falling down linked to the dreamer sensing that her boyfriend was sulking. He was saying he was happy buy she knew that he was secretly not. The 'surrounding' buildings symbolised this low mood that was putting a permanent strain on the relationship.
Example dream : A dream where water was surrounding the dreamer linked to her becoming pegnant for the first time. She was being showered with praise but deep down she was a bit unsure about this as she had no experience of being a mother and felt she would be a bad mother. The waves which 'srround' the dreamer symbolised these persistent doubts which the dreamer could not stop thinking about. A dream where tornadoes are surrounding the dreamers home was linked to the dreamer moving away from home for the first time. Being surrounded symbolised the dreamer thinking about this all the time.
Example dream : Being surrounded in a dream by buildings linked to the dreamer feeling constant hostility on a new internet forum.
Example dream : A dream where the dreamer is surrounded by vile creatures linked to the dreamer having to face some issues in his life. He needed to express his thoughts better and needed to be more assertive.
Example dream : A dream of intimidating men surrounding the dreamer linked to the dreamers low confidence at work. The men who 'surrounded' the dreamer linked to his constant doubts about himself at work.
Example dream : A dream of walls that surrounded the dreamers house linked to her being watched all the time by her mother. She had gone off the rails and was now being given no freedom by her mother at all.
Example dream : A dream where the dreamer is surrounded by fire linked to him realising that he had to sort out some pressing problems within his marriage.

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