Do not worry too much about a suicide dream. Many just tell you that you are depressed, which if you are depressed, is something that you will already know. If you can make an association with a dream then the dream maybe about that subject. Here are some associations that you can link to "SUICIDE" dreams.

1. DEPRESSED A suicide dream may simply be your minds way of expressing a depression. It does not necessarily mean that you are feeling suicidal.
2. GIVING UP A suicide dream may have an odd meaning in that it links to the feeling "I give up". That feeling may appear in a completely different context. It may simply mean that you are exasperated with someone "I give up with him!"
3. RECKLESS BEHAVIOUR Sometimes people say "that was suicidal" but it simply means that someone acted in a reckless way. Dreams can use suicide in a similar metaphorical way. So your suicide dream may link to a thought like "I nearly killed myself in that accident." The dream may be noting the seriousness of the incident. It maybe your minds way of warning you not to do the same thing again e.g. "that was a really stupid act" or "He had a total disregard for his own safety".
5. SELF DEFEATING Are you your own worst enemy right now? Are you realising that your actions are making things worse rather than better?
6. LACK OF PURPOSE If you are depressed and suicidal you lack purpose. A suicide dream maybe your minds way of saying "I am lacking purpose and direction."
7. ROCK BOTTOM Have you reached rock bottom? Did you talk to someone who has just reached rock bottom yesterday?

The associations listed above are all based upon studies of real "SUICIDE" dreams. They are based upon the example dreams listed at the bottom of this page.

Do not read meanings into suicide dreams that are simply not there - dreams can be highly abstract so they should not be taken literally. A suicide dream often just means that you simply want to 'give up' on something. Maybe you have given up on a relatioship or you are tired of trying to get along with someone at work. The suicide dream may simply capture that similar sense of complete exsaperation and feeling that you have done as much as you could.

Suicide can also link to self destructive activity. It may symbolise your wild living and risk taking. It may simply show that you have a tendency to do things that are very risky and which puts the fear of life into others. Within your job these risk taking activities maybe something positive.

A suicide dream can also mean that you did something really stupid yesterday. Maybe you nearly had an accident? Perhaps you did something that really made no sense and bound to end in failure?

Have you been thinking about someone who has wasted their life? Have you been thinking how someones death could have been prevented if they had not been so bent on destroying themselves? Maybe you have been thinking about someone who has committed suicide? In such cases your dream will represent you trying to deal with this death and trying to understand how they felt.

Suicide can of course link to feelings of depression. It simply means that you are at a very low point right now. Do not take this to mean that you will commit suicide. But they can be linked to self harming and depression. These dreams simply note your feelings of worthlessness. They will not tell you anything you do not know. Just ignore such dreams and try to become more positive.

KEY PHRASES(Pick a quote which captures your feelings right now. Think especially of the day before the dream) :
- "I have given up totally on this issue"
- "I hope he does not give up"
- "I do not know why I bother"
- "that was a suicidal act - it was never likely to succeed"
- "It was an irresponsible and self destructive act"
- "It was such a risk - everyone thought it would fail"
- "It was such a waste and could easily have been prevented"
- "I do feel desperately unhappy"
- "My life seems to have no purpose"

QUESTIONS to help you make associations(pick the one that makes most sense to you)
- Did you do something totally irresponsible or dangerous yesterday
- Was something bound to end in failure?
- Have you just given up with some task or relationship?
- Do you feel very unhappy at present?
- Are you trying to fight against depressive illnesses?
- Does life seem to lack purpose right now?


Example dream : A dream in which a woman commited suicide took place the day after the dreamer had been thinking about his neighbour. He had thought (wrongly) that his neighbours sister had died since he had not seen her for a long time. The suicide in the dream captured the specific feeling "my neighbour would be utterly devastated if her sister had died." The dream was therefore an empathetic dream.
Example dream : Suicide represented the previous nights worries about her boyfriend and her questioning of his love. Suicide represented her deep unhappiness and insecurity. So we can simply translate the "suicide" into the real life feelings of "deep unhappiness." The dreams meaning reveoled around this theme of "deep unhappiness" and captured the following thought "I am deeply unhappy. I don't believe that my boyfriend really loves me."
Example dream : Suicide in a dream linked to the dreamer talking to his girlfriend the night before. She accused him of being reckless and always getting into trouble by drinking. Committing suicide symbolised his tendency to get into trouble by behaving recklessly (and the possibility that he would get himself into real harm).
Example dream : Wanting to commit suicide was linked to the dreamers low feelings caused by problems with someone which had left him very low.
Example dream : A suicide dream followed on from a dreamers realisation that a guy did not really fancy her. The dreamer felt sadder than she had felt in a long time - she was at rock bottom.
Example dream : Suicide symbolised the dreamers desperation and wish to just 'give up' on her relationship which was causing so many problems
Example dream : A dream with suicides was linked to the dreamers lifelong mental illness, drinking without any regard for his own health and his tendency to live life at a suicidal pace.
Example dream : Suicide in a dream linked to the dreamer realising that she had reacted badly in an argument with her boyfriend - the suicide represented how her actions had been stupid and self defeating.
Example dream : Suicide represented the dreamers feelings towards his co-workers. He had virtually 'given up' trying to get along with them. (people who are suicidal have this same feeling of total exasperation - they just want to 'give up')
Example dream : A dream where someone says why should I want to kill myself represented the dreamers own need to concentrate on his mental health problems. He had just overcome some physical health problems and now his mind was focusing on his mental health issues. The "suicide" in the dream translated symbolically into his "mental health problems" and the dream overall captured this exact thought "I have started to recover from my mental health problems. Now I have to start to concentrate on my mental health issues and I should try to overcome my depression and paranoia."
Example dream : A woman acting almost suicidally symbolised the dreamers very obsessive behaviour and his complete disregard for his own safety and well being.
Example dream : A dream involving suicide was linked to the dreamer feeling very depressed and even suicidal. In many cases suicide in a dream will simply mean that you are feeling depressed and unhappy. In this case the dream featured the police which was significant as the dreamer used to be in the police and was missing this job. In fact the dream caught this exact feeling "I am very depressed and wish I had my job back with the police."
Example dream : A Suicide dream took place whilst the dreamer was suffering depression. In the dream she is splashed with blood from a man who has jumped off a building. It is difficult to say exactly what the dream means but it shows that the dreamer was focusing on mental health issues and was maybe even considering suicide.
Example dream : A suicide dream represented the dreamers own mental health problems. He was depressed and unhappy. The dream showed him considering suicide as the only option
Example dream : A dream where a girl commits suicide linked to the dreamer giving up on her relationship and thinking it would never make her happy.
Example dream : A dream near a bridge famous for suicides linked to the dreamer giving up trying to get along with people at work.
Example dream : A dream where the dreamer commits suicide linked to the dreamer feeling powerless as a decision had been made that she should live with her dad not her mom.
Example dream : A suicide dream linked to the dreamer feeling totally exasperated and giving up trying to calm a situation down. The atmosphere was so bad and poisonous that she simply had to give up.
Example dream : Looking at burn marks around a friends neck (who committed suicide) linked to the dreamer thinking about his friend who had suicided. He was thinking about how low and desperate he had become.
Example dream : A dreamer who had recurring suicide dreams used to self harm and get depressed. The suicide symbolised her feeling worthless and depressed.
Example dream : A dream where three guys commit suicide linked to the dreamers driving lesson the day before. He had followed his mothers advice and crossed the lanes but it was very dangerous and could have ended in a serious accident.
Example dream : A dream where the dreamer is slitting his wrists linked to him living a very wild lifestyle. He was self destructive and needed to behave more responsibly.
Example dream : A dream where the dreamers friend commits suicide linked to the same friend who had recently died. The dreamer had been thinking what a waste this death was and how it could have been prevented if he had looked after his health better.
Example dream : People telling the dreamer to jump from a tall building linked to the dreamer being a professional singer and constantly take risks. The suicidal action linked to her tendency to take extreme risks and living on the edge.

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