Things happening suddenly could suggest that something is happening in real life much too quickly for your liking. Perhaps some big change is taking place and suddenly you are having to face a whole new world.

Suddenly can also symbolise people acting in unexpected ways. Did you feel shocked at how someone behaved yesterday? Does someone often act in ways which surprise you?

QUESTIONS to help you make associations(pick the one that makes most sense to you)
- Are you worried that something unexpected may happen
- Did you have no time to react yesterday as something unexpected happened?
- Has someone really changed since you saw them last?
- Is there a lot of change in your life at present?

KEY WORDS : Insight, realising, unexpected, consequences, pressurized, premonition, fast moving

KEY PHRASES(Pick a quote which captures your feelings right now. Think especially of the day before the dream) :
- "I have started to realise the truth"
- "Suddenly it dawned on me yesterday - I had a real insight into the situation"
- "I have just realised how bad I acted"
- "I know I should not act rashly as something unexpected may happen"
- "I understand that if this happens then there maybe some consequences"
- "She really has changed since the last time I saw her"
- "It was a really pressurized situation"
- "I did not have time to react - it just happened"
- "It could have been a premonition of ..."
- "I simply cannot wait. I want to find out right now"
- "There is no time to spare. I simply have to be ready"
- "I really want it to happen - I keep fantasizing about it"
- "Things have been changing in my life - I am having to adapt to fast moving circumstances"


Example dream : The "sudden" death in a dream linked to events from the day before when a new manager was "suddenly" hired the day before. The "sudden" death in the dream probably hints at feelings like "I was shocked by the change" or "this was totally out of the blue." He was also thinking about how these changes might affect him. But the dream does seem to record the feelings of suprise. Dreams will often simply be about our emotions about something rather than our detailed thoughts.
Example dream : A train which is suddenly going at an enormous speed linked to the dreamer receiving an unexpected letter which shocked and scared him. He was to have his flat inspected by his landlords and feared he was going to get kicked out.
Example dream : In one dream the dreamers boss was chasing after her when "suddenly" a diving board appeared. The dreamer climbed it and got away. In real life her boss had fired someone the day before and this shocked the dreamer as she was always trying to get away with as much as possible at work. She was worried that this could have been her and maybe she needed to avoid getting into trouble from now on. This diving board could have been a metaphor for firing "its the high jump". Why does the high jump appear "suddenly?" This seems to link to the shock of the dreamer who suddenly realised what could happen to her if she continued to push her boss.
Example dream : Her husband 'suddenly' slamming the brakes symbolised her husbands short temper.
Example dream : In one dream the dreamer is suddenly knocked over by someone stronger and younger. This was a symbol for the dreamers sudden realisation that he was getting older and his health was limiting him.
Example dream : A dream where things happen quite quickly was linked to something that happened the day before. The dreamer had got distracted and ignored someone who was a good friend in the past. He was regretting this. The sudden events in the dream capture how this real life incident happened suddenly and was something that could not be avoided.
Example dream : Suddenly doing something without asking linked to the dreamers dislike of her friends behaviour. She felt she was taking liberties .
Example dream : A dream in whichthings happen suddenly too place at a time when the dreamer was worried that she might have to go into psychiatric hospiatl for depression. Things suddenly happening was symbolic of her fears that things would happen quickly and that she might lose control. Sudden could therefore be translated into a phrase like "things happen very fast and I will not stay in control of the situation." This phrase appears in a wider thought like "I fear I am so depressed that I will need to go to psychiatric hospital. It scares me as I will lose control. These hospitals take control over every part of your life."
Example dream : Intruders "suddenly" having every right to be in your house symbolised the dreamers fears that he was getting really ill and would have to be taken into care. He realised this would be much more intrusive - he was used to his own independence. This would be a very big change which would take place very suddenly. The dream hints at this exact thought "I may have to move into a care home and this would be a very sudden and major change. I am not sure how I would cope with this. It would be a big shock to my system."
Example dream : A dream where the dreamer was suddenly outside running for the hills linked to her attending a funeral the day before. Whilst there it suddenly dawned on her that virtually all the congregation had been in prison or done drugs. The 'sudden' change in the dream captured her feelings the day before when she had suddenly realised that if most of the congregation did not change their ways they would end up dead like the man whose funeral this was.
Example dream : A dream where the dreamer suddenly realises that the stairs do not continue upwards linked to a new forum the dreamer tried the previous day. He was not made to feel very welcome in fact he was rather ignored and shunned. They held very different ideas to himself. The 'sudden' change in the dream symbolised the dreamer suddenly realising this.
Example dream : A dream where the dreamer finds that he is suddenly outside linked to him overhearing a conversation. Someone mentioned that Misha was off sick due to depression. This really shook up the dreamer who was completely surprised that Misha could ever suffer from depression. Suddenly being outside symbolised the moment when the dreamer just stopped and thought about this totally amazing revelation.
Example dream : A dream where 'all of a sudden I saw a huge snake' linked to the dreamer breaking up with his girlfriend and now realising how badly he acted. This sudden event symbolised his sudden realisation of how he acted.
Example dream : A dream where the dreamer suddenly find himself perched upon a church spire linked to him having got a promotion. Everyone was saying he got the job because he was favoured by the boss. Suddenly finding himself on the spire symbolised his sudden realisation that people were thinking this way.
Example dream : A dream where suddenly something very embarrassing happens linked to the dreamer getting really wound up by someone the day before. The dreamer wanted to humiliate this person and get him back. Something happening 'suddenly' symbolised his need to be wary and not to provoke this person as there maybe consequences.
Example dream : Thinking of himself suddenly being tortured by Germans linked to the dreamers mom finding out that he knew someone important and influential. He became very defensive about this because his mom might also find out that he knew this person through playing poker. Suddenly being tortured symbolised his immediate realisation that he had to keep this secret.
Example dream : A dream where a man suddenly changes into a hobgoblin linked to the dreamer finding out rumours that her mother was going to leave for Japan. She was going to live there and was not going to tell anyone about her move. She had done this before. The 'suddenness' of the dream was symbolic of this totally suprising news.
Example dream : A dream which featured things happening suddenly linked to the dreamer having a real health scare the previous day. He had forgotten his medication and this had shocking results. The 'sudden' events in the dream symbolised these surprise events the previous day when things could have gone seriously wrong.
Example dream : A dream where the dreamer 'suddenly sees what the distraction is' linked to the dreamer ignoring someone by accident the day before. This was a pity because this person was someone who had been very friendly. He had met him at a club which he did not go to any more. Slowly he was losing touch with all these people. Ignoring this person the day before was not something he meant to do - he was distracted by something. The 'sudden' in this dream was symbolic of this moment which all happened so quickly that he could not really do anything to put the situation right.
Example dream : A dream where the dreamer suddenly takes fright linked to the day before when he felt under pressure. He did not like to show his frustration as people were watching. Suddenly taking fright was symbolic of a particular moment the day before when the dreamer was freaked out. The dream was about him thinking about this particularly difficult moment.
Example dream : A dream where dragon eggs start hatching linked to the dreamer working in a strip club. The suddenness of the dream was symbolic of the quick moving situations in such places which could easily get out of hand.
Example dream : A 'sudden' dream where walls suddenly cave in was thought to be a premonition of the day ahead when the dreamer suddenly acquired a bad back.
Example dream : A dream where the dreamers sister in law comes into the bedroom was thought to be a premonition of the day ahead when the dreamers sister in law suddenly turned up asking for money.
Example dream : A dream where 'all of a sudden the figure stops it gets really bright and everything goes black again' was thought to be a premonition of the dreamers husband dying.
Example dream : A dream where the dreamer was 'suddenly' with a man on a deserted beach was thought to be a premonition. The next day the dreamer met the man in the dream. He looked at her like a ghost and told her that he had a dream about her. The 'sudden' dream was symbolic of this premonition.
Example dream : A dream where the dreamer 'walks to the noose and suddenly images of my family flash across my head and I firmly refuse to be hanged' was linked to the dreamer having an interview for a job. However, he was badly ill. Suddenly seeing images of his family was symbolic of a real moment of meaning. He was recognising thinking deeply about the importance of this job and of his family and things important to him.
Example dream : A dream where 'all of a sudden, I remembered that the army was having a visiting day' was linked to the dreamers boyfriend having recently joined the army. He was currently in boot camp, and there was very little communication between them. He had been her best friend for two years, until about a month ago, when he gathered the courage to tell her how he felt about her. She was really wanting to know how he felt at this crucial point. The 'sudden' dream was linked to her really wanting and wishing to see her.
Example dream : Suddenly being with her boyfriend was linked to them being in a long distance relationship. He was suddenly there - which was symbolic of her wishes and fantasies.
Example dream : A dream where the dreamer suddenly had a camera was linked to his co-workers thinking he was just a boring cleric. The camera was symbolic of his creative side. The way it suddenly came out was linked to the surprise that his co-workers would have when they found out his secret talents.
Example dream : A dream where the dreamer was suddenly in a short white towel was linked to her having fantasies about a guy. She was very young and innocent and the 'suddenness' of the dream was symbolic of her fantasies - suddenly what she wants is happening.

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