Try to think how you might use the word struggle in real life. Write down a phrase which includes this word such as "Why should I have to struggle like this when everyone else is simply ignoring the problem." It is very likely that your dream will translate into exactly what you have written down. Struggling in a dream tends to relate to your life in general. It shows that things have been getting you down generally. It could be connected with a relationship which is causing a lot of stress.

Struggling will also appear in dreams if you have been thinking about someone who is struggling. Maybe they appeared to be at breaking point yesterday?

KEY WORDS :tension, argument, feeling desperation, stressing out, poverty, unable to accept, chronic illness, bad luck, adversity(write down some quotes that capture your key feelings on issues that have been dominating your mind. Then see if any of these words could appear in those quotes)


Example dream : Struggling in a dream was linked to the dreamers thoughts about a friend who had just been involved in a major argument. Struggling represented the deep feelings generated by this dispute.
Example dream : A dream which included struggling was linked to the dreamers inability to accept her relationship with her boyfriend was over. She had not gained a proper sense of closure.
Example dream : A struggle in a dream seems to be linked to the dreamer trying to socialize a feral kitten. The dreamer sees things from the kittens perspective, when he struggles with attackers this mirrors the kitten struggling with the dreamer. The dream seems to tap into this feeling "the kitten struggled so much, it has affected me emotionally, it refused to be socialized."
Example dream : A dream about a hard winter scene full of struggle was linked to the dreamer watching a war film the night before. The soldiers struggle was something he could identify with as he had a difficult life.
Example dream : A struggle in a dream linked to the dreamers desperate efforts to get a job. The day before this had reduced her to tears.
Example dream : A battle dream took place as the dreamer was involved in several big projects and was struggling under the pressure of work. The dream captured this feeling "I am battling with a huge workload. I have already got enough to do and the History society have been pressurising me to complete update the website." The metaphor was easy then he was "struggling with work."
Example dream : A struggle dream symbolised the dreamers real life worries about her mother who had just gone on holiday. Someone had said that she was going to get married and stay in Japan. The dreamer was really stressing out over this.
Example dream : Struggling with a witch symbolised the dreamers belief that that he was cursed with bad luck ((and particularly bad health )and his hope for things to change. He wanted to make his life better but health problems had been holding him back. It was a real challenge.
Example dream : Struggling in a dream mirrored the real life struggle the dreamer was involved in as an illness worsened.
Example dream : Struggling and crying symbolised a man the dreamer was trying to help. She recognised his real life poverty and wish to escape it.
Example dream : A dream where the dreamer feels worn down and exhausted took place immediately after the dreamer had watched a very moving film the night before about John Harrison who spent a lifetime being worn down by people who simply would not recognise his achievement in building a naval clock. In reliving this emotion the dreamer was catching this type of feeling "I was struck how this man must have been worn down by a group of people who were so hostile to him. It was a remarkable story."
Example dream : A struggle with terrorists represented the dreamers thoughts about his friend who was struggling with terrible depression. His friend had become seriously paranoid and was saying some things which were were clearly delusional yet he actually believed what he was saying. The dreamer was shocked by the extent of his friends illness - it truly was a struggle.

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