Anything that takes place on the ground in dreams deals with the facts and reality of your life. The sky links with ideas and the possibility of change. So the storms may link to a sense of uncertainty and turbulence in your mind. But often people get storm dream sand feel no stress or worries about the future. But really dreams can be related to specific issues and stress and uncertainty associated with one thing.

QUESTIONS to help you make associations(pick the one that makes most sense to you)
- Have you been caught in an emotional storm recently
- Are you anticipating problems in some way?
- Has thew weather actually been bad or is the forecast bad?

KEY WORDS : anticipating trouble, actual bad weather, problems, difficulties, busy

KEY PHRASES(Pick a quote which captures your feelings right now. Think especially of the day before the dream) :
- "I am not looking forward to telling him"
- "it could create problems"
- "I have been in a mess recently"
- "the weather was bad yesterday


Example dream : A storm dream took place when the dreamer had heard of some family get together. She expected a difficult time on these nights. (She sensed trouble was brewing).
Example dream : A stormy dream seemed to be linked to an incident the day before. The dreamer had been "flashed" by his room mate and had pretended to ravage her. It was all in good fun. What did the storm symbolise? What associations can we make? Perhaps the dreamer was thinking what might happen if he got involved with her more. Any involvement might be risky (stormy).
Example dream : A storm dream took place as the dreamer had read a posting on the internet from her ex. He had said that he was getting married but that he wished that it was the dreamer rather than his fiance. The stormy sky was a symbol of her expectations of this marriage. It was going to be a stormy and unhappy marriage.
Example dream : A dream with a snow storm and a tropical storm took place as the dreamer was involved in a relationship with a much younger man. The snow storm perhaps hinted at worries about the relationship ending and resulting sadness. The tropical storm maybe symbolised the pressure of having to keep up with a younger man.
Example dream : A dream of a storm took place as the dreamer was feeling very guilty about the way he treated his ex. The storm linked to him thinking how much he had disrupted his exs life.
Example dream : A huge storm and a tidal wave symbolised the effects of the dreamers poor health.
Example dream : A storm dream was triggered by the death of the dreamers father. This was desperately sad time - she was weathering the emotional storm.
Example dream : A storm in a dream took place as the dreamer was noticing the poor discipline and bad behaviour of the pupils he was teaching. It was getting towards the end of term and the kids felt it was OK to misbehave and do nothing. The storm was a symbol of the "disruption" and the dream caught this type of feeling "The kids have been very disruptive. I think its because they expect to misbehave towards the end of term".
Example dream : A dream with lightening linked to the dreamer being attracted to a girl at work. He knew there could be problems if he pursued this. The lightening symbolised the danger of him pursuing a relationship that could cause problems.
Example dream : A dream about thunder linked to the dreamer being worried that his father was unemployed. He wanted to say something but was worried about telling him. The thunder symbolised his worry that saying something would cause his father to explode with anger.
Example dream : A storm in a dream linked to the dreamer still being attracted to someone in her past. Her feelings were often quite turbulent because of this.
Example dream : A storm dream symbolised the dreamers emotions being in a real mess with stress just recently.
Example dream : A storm dream merely linked to the storm that was occurring whilst the dreamer was asleep.

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