Stealing maybe a symbol for your resentments so if you felt particularly particularly resentful yesterday then this maybe what has triggered your dream.

It may also show that you want something really badly yet its really beyond you. Maybe you are not willing to put in the effort? Maybe feel anger that you have not already achieved what you want.

Stealing can also suggest that you do not fully trust someone. They maybe saying things about you or not giving you credit for what you have done.

Stealing may also be a symbol of wild behaviour. So if you have generally been quite wild then it may symbolise your recent lawlessness and disrespect for peace and quiet.

KEY WORDS :Taking advantage, selfish, feeling robbed, unrecognised, undervalued,resentments, wild and reckless, wanting something for nothing, distrusted, wanting something you cannot have, getting into trouble, chaotic, undeserved (write down some quotes that capture your key feelings on issues that have been dominating your mind. Then see where these words appear)


Example dream : In one dreamer talks with some boys who have stolen some money and convinces them to give it back. In real life she had just told her boyfriend some home truths. He was not talking to her now and she was expecting a break up. It seems likely that this issue would have caused this dream as it was totally dominating every emotion in her mind. But how does the symbolism work? There is no obvious connection. In such cases try making associations with the dream, just think of anything that you associate with the dream. The dreamer was telling some boys that they had done wrong. In real life there were similarities to this situation. In the dream she tells the boys they had done wrong and in real life she told her boyfriend what he had done wrong. Notice that the two boys in the dream were little boys, maybe her boyfriend was behaving like a "little boy". In the dream she walks away feeling "fulfilled" because the boys had done the right thing. In real life she probably felt she had done the right thing and it made her feel better. Overall the dream probably taps into these emotions "I told him what I thought. I just had to say these things and it made me feel a whole lot better. Sometimes you have to spell out to men what they are doing wrong. But I know he is really angry with me and not talking."
Example dream : Stealing in a dream linked to the dreamers ability to get into trouble by drinking heavily. People often use phrases like "he is an alcoholic" and "he is just a drunkard" as a way of saying "he is a troublemaker" meaning that "he is little better than a thief". Words like "drunk", "thief" and "troublemaker" all link together by association. Drunks tend to be troublemakers! Thieves will often steal! Troublemakers will often go drinking and steal whenever they can. Dreams use one negative stereotype to portray another. This is the basic symbolism connected to stealing in this dream but what does the dream mean? The dreams meaning could link to this thought "My girlfriend thinks I am going off the rails with all my heavy drinking." You might even guess at a feeling like this "Listening to my girlfriend you might think I was robbing and stealing and killing. I just have a few drinks and she makes out I am a crazy lunatic." The dream could also portray this thought "My girlfriend fears my heavy drinking is getting out of hand and it may lead to other crazy behaviour. She worries I may become a bum and a troublemaker."
Example dream : Stolen furniture probably symbolised the dreamers wish to think in new ways and meet new people. But perhaps he was setting his sights too high - he was wanting things he could never achieve. He was wanting things that did not have (which is a classic definition of stealing).

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