A hill could be a metaphor for how difficult something is. You could have just been thinking about something that for you is very difficult. That could be something specific which is beyond your abilities. A huge hill may symbolise something which you as a person are finding difficult. It may show that you are lacking confidence. It maybe linked to a health problem which makes life seem like an uphill challenge.

Think of how you handle the hill. If you find it easy to go uphill then it could represent some difficult task which you personally are finding very easy. Maybe you have mastered a difficult skill. If you are unable to climb a huge hill it could suggest that you fear you will crumble under the pressure.

A steep hill could also be about something very specific. If you are planning on doing something the next day it could be your dreams way of saying "that's not going to be easy". Perhaps its your dreams way of saying "maybe you should do that on a different day".

KEY WORDS : chronic health problems, difficult task, poor prospects, tight schedule, huge challenge, not safe, dangerous situation, involving risks (think of these key words and try to see how they feature in your thoughts right now. Think of all the ways that you could use these phrases to describe your feelings eg "I cannot do this - its too difficult a task" or "I am much more confident nowadays and can handle difficult tasks easily")


Example dream : A steep uphill road symbolised the dreamers assessment of if it was worth doing something (taking photos of a sunrise). He had woken up earlier and concluded that it was not worth it. His dream followed up on that. He thought the prospects were not good for the next day.
Example dream : A steep bank which the dreamer runs up was linked to the dreamers tight schedule (Having to do things quickly is often very difficult)and his tendency to rush things. The previous day he had rushed an answer off for someone - he then realised that this person wanted a much more personal answer.
Example dream : A huge steep hill symbolised the huge challenges that the dreamer was engaged in. He felt this was too much for him
Example dream : A steep gorge symbolised the huge problems the dreamer had faced in life and his difficulty in living a normal life. So the steep hill simply translates into the phrases "difficulties in life" and "huge problems."
Example dream : A dream about a steep hill that the dreamer could not climb linked to chronic health problems which the dreamer could not overcome. This was making life so difficult.
Example dream : Driving up a steep hill quickly symbolised the dreamers recent confidence and newly acquired abilities. He was a greater expert on a subject than before and he could now handle difficult tasks easily.
Example dream : A dream of jogging up a steep hill linked to the dreamer realising his health problems. He had to avoid anything too strenuous (like steep hills).
Example dream : In one dream lots of rough tough looking lads were on a council estate on a steep cliff. In real life the dreamer had been thinking how many more rough and toughing looking lads were walking about. This was just a random day but this did stick in the dreamers mind and he felt intimidated. But what does the steep cliff symbolise? Perhaps the steep cliff linked to him feeling "on the edge" and "intimidated."
Example dream : A steep ravine linked to the dreamer having mental health problems. Recently his depression had worsened and he was in danger of sliding into an illness which he could not recover from. The steepness of the ravine symbolised this fear that this illness would be too much to recover from.
Example dream : Steep hills in one dream represented difficult tasks which now appeared much easier to the dreamer. In the dream he was thinking about hills which he could not cope with in the past. So the dream just mirrored reality as the steep hills were simply a symbol for tasks which he found difficult. In fact if you translate the steep hills into the words "tasks I find difficult" then the dream makes perfect sense.

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