One stealing dream may link to this feeling "I have been ROBBED of opportunities by my husband" whilst another may link to you "he wants something for nothing". Both of these are possible meanings as they are both associated with stealing in some way. A "STEALING" dream may be triggered by the following feelings.

1. TAKING ADVANTAGE When people steal they take advantage. If you steal in a dream it maybe your minds way of saying that you are taking advantage of someone. Did someone take advantage of you yesterday? If so then the dream maybe linked to that issue in some way. You maybe angry at how you were treated
2. SELFISHNESS Who was selfish yesterday? If so your mind may be focusing on this selfishness. You may be feeling guilty.
3. FEELING ROBBED Did you feel robbed of an opportunity right now?
4. UNDERVALUED UNRECOGNISED Do you feel that your achievements have gone unrecognised? Did you feel overlooked yesterday?
5. RESENTMENTS Resentments are known to trigger stealing dreams. Did you feel especially resentments yesterday? The link is that when we get resentful then our mind starts to turn to breaking the rules. Because if we cannot get what we want by following rules we start to think about illegal ways of achieving our goals.
6. WILD AND RECKLESS Crime might link to any issue involving recklessness. For instance you may have been accused of being reckless and your dream maybe focusing on that issue.
7. WANTING SOMETHING FOR NOTHING Have you been thinking about someone who is lazy? Was someone on the lend yesterday? Your dream may link to your lack of trust in them
8. WANTING SOMETHING YOU CANNOT HAVE Have you been wanting something you cannot have? Are you attracted to someone who is in a relationship
10. GETTING INTO TROUBLE. Your dream maybe linked to any issue involving getting into trouble. This need not involve breaking the law.
12. UNDESERVED. Did someone get something that you felt was undeserved yesterday?

Stealing dreams can often be caused by people taking advantage of others. Do you feel that someone has used you? Have you been disgusted by how someone has blatantly taken advantage of someone? Who is in it for whatever they can get and does not want to put in effort? Wanting something for nothing?

Stealing can also symbolise anything that you want but which you will never get or which you are not willing to put the proper effort to aquire. If you attracted to someone who is fabulously attractive and rich then you are wanting something which you are not likely to ever get. So your dream maybe telling you to aim for something achievable.

Stealing may show that you need to put more effort into something. To buy things we have to work and put effort in. So stealing in a dream may suggest that you are not putting enough effort in.

Stealing can represent someones wild behaviour. Have you been going off the rails? Have you been accused of drinking too much and behaving irresponsibly? Do you realise that you or someone else needs to settle down?

In a similar way stealing can simply represent chaos in your life. If something is stolen then your life can be sent into a spin. So if your life is in utter choas then a stolen car or wallet would be an excellent metaphor for that feeling of chaos.

Stealing can link to your resentments. Do you feel that you have been robbed of something? Have others taken credit for things that you have done? Are you angry because your partner has taken away your independence and robbed you of opportunities. Maybe even taken your self respect?

Stealing can also link to people you simply do not trust. After all no one trusts a thief. So if you do not like being around someone because you simply do not trust them then this could easily cause a stealing dream.

Stealing dreams can occasionally be caused by someone lending something off someone and breaking that item. After all if you lend something which works and give it back broken then its as good a stealing. Such situations can be made worse because a friend or relative may refuse to pay for the item to be replaced. This may cause resentment. At the heart of this is the feeling that you have not treated someones property with respect and taken proper care of the item.

QUESTIONS to help you make associations(pick the one that makes most sense to you)
- What resentments were dominating your mind yesterday?
- Have you been taking advantage of someone or have you been accused of this?
- Has someone been treating your possessions with a lack of respect?

KEY PHRASES(Pick a quote which captures your feelings right now. Think especially of the new thoughts and feelings you have been clarifying in your mind) :
- "she is in it for what she can get!"
- "they are just taking me for granted"
- "He doesn't really value them"
- "I lent something and feel guilty it was broken"
- "I didn't take advantage of him!"
- "they should have shown me more respect"
- "I should have been given more recognition"
- "I feel robbed of my self respect."
- "he thought he had done so well and I robbed him of all those positive feelings "
- "I have missed out on so much. I feel robbed"
- "I feel a sense of resentment that I cannot do what I want to"


Example dream : In one dreamer talks with some boys who have stolen some money and convinces them to give it back. In real life she had just told her boyfriend some home truths. He was not talking to her now and she was expecting a break up. It seems likely that this issue would have caused this dream as it was totally dominating every emotion in her mind. But how does the symbolism work? There is no obvious connection. In such cases try making associations with the dream, just think of anything that you associate with the dream. The dreamer was telling some boys that they had done wrong. In real life there were similarities to this situation. In the dream she tells the boys they had done wrong and in real life she told her boyfriend what he had done wrong. Notice that the two boys in the dream were little boys, maybe her boyfriend was behaving like a "little boy". In the dream she walks away feeling "fulfilled" because the boys had done the right thing. In real life she probably felt she had done the right thing and it made her feel better. Overall the dream probably taps into these emotions "I told him what I thought. I just had to say these things and it made me feel a whole lot better. Sometimes you have to spell out to men what they are doing wrong. But I know he is really angry with me and not talking."
Example dream : A dream about stealing photos linked to something that happened the day before. The dreamer had been approached by someone who was being exceptionally nice to him. But the dreamer felt this person was just being false - he just wanted him to give him copies of the photos he had just taken. He just wanted this photos for nothing - wanting something for nothing is little better than stealing (hence the stealing in the dream). The dreams meaning was specifically linked to a thought process which involved this theme of "something for nothing" - "He seemed quite friendly but I could tell he just wanted to the photos I took and had no intention of giving me anything for them"
Example dream : People stealing from her bedroom symbolised a conversation that the dreamer had before going to bed. The woman was a gossip who the dreamer completely distrusted. (no one trusts a thief) Stealing represented the comments she would make which would belittle her life. The dreams meaning was linked to a wider thought process involving this theme of distrust - "I disliked talking to her on the phone last night - I really do not trust her"
Example dream : Stealing something represented the dreamers resentments about his college tutors who never fully recognised his ability. He had been looking over his old college projects the night before. He felt his abilities should have been recognised - so stealing symbolised his wish to have something (recognition) that he could not have - (which is a classic motivation for stealing). The dreams meaning involved a thought process which involved this theme of "wanting something you cannot have" as the dreamer felt "They never gave me the respect I deserved."
Example dream : Stealing in a dream linked to the dreamers ability to get into trouble by drinking heavily. People often use phrases like "he is an alcoholic" and "he is just a drunkard" as a way of saying "he is a troublemaker" meaning that "he is little better than a thief". Words like "drunk", "thief" and "troublemaker" all link together by association. Drunks tend to be troublemakers! Thieves will often steal! Troublemakers will often go drinking and steal whenever they can. Dreams use one negative stereotype to portray another. This is the basic symbolism connected to stealing in this dream but what does the dream mean? The dreams meaning could link to this thought "My girlfriend thinks I am going off the rails with all my heavy drinking." You might even guess at a feeling like this "Listening to my girlfriend you might think I was robbing and stealing and killing. I just have a few drinks and she makes out I am a crazy lunatic." The dream could also portray this thought "My girlfriend fears my heavy drinking is getting out of hand and it may lead to other crazy behaviour. She worries I may become a bum and a troublemaker."
Example dream : Stealing a cupcake in a dream was symbolic of the dreamers wish to have a relationship with an attractive younger woman. Stealing then represented his wish to have something that was not his - his wish to have an attractive younger woman as a girlfriend.
Example dream : Stealing in a dream was symbolic of the dreamers recent wild activity (criminals behave in wild and reckless ways). It wasn't something that she had done yet it was typical of the trouble she had been getting up to. Stealing in the dream could be translated into this exact phrase "she is getting in all sorts of trouble" which was central in the following feeling "I have been getting into all sorts of trouble and I am in danger of going off the rails." Actually we can guess at a deeper meaning to this dream linking to this type of thought "I have been going off the rails and I am arguing with my mother all the time. My father has just died and I just feel that if he was here he would be treating me differently from my mother. I used to respond better to him."
Example dream : Stealing in a dream linked to the dreamers thoughts about her being unemployed. The previous evening she was bitter about the people who faked their CV's and who got jobs through connections. Stealing represented them getting something they did not deserve without putting the effort that she was putting in.
Example dream : Stealing from a thrift shop in a dream linked to the dreamer being accused of stealing money off her Grandfather when in fact he had lent her the money. Stealing represented this feeling that she had taken advantage of him.
Example dream : A dream where the dreamer is robbed linked to the dreamers sister ruining her computer. The theft symbolised the feeling that she did not care and did not properly respect the dreamers property.
Example dream : Being robbed in a dream so someone could buy booze linked to the dreamer being unhappy at work. He felt taken advantage of as his employers made her manager again so the usual manager could have Sunday mornings off.
Example dream : A stolen coin linked to the dreamer thinking about her old bosses new wife who was half his age. The dreamer felt she must be a real tramp who was just blatantly taking advantage of him. She could not think of any other reason why they would be together.
Example dream : Being caught stealing something linked to the dreamer feeling guilty at having lent something that she damaged. Stealing symbolised the feeling that she had not taken proper care of something which was not hers.
Example dream : A dream about stolen money linked to the dreamer being unemployed and very bitter about it. Some people got jobs by lying or through connections. The dreamer had plenty of talent but it was not being valued. She was being robbed of opportunities by others who were given an unfair advantage.
Example dream : The dreamers car being stolen by teenagers linked to the dreamer feeling upset about her break up. A stolen car symbolised how her was in a chaotic mess (a theft can put your life into chaos).
Example dream : A dream where the dreamer is angry that her car has been stolen linked to the dreamers life being at a standstill. She was unable to move in the direction she wanted. Life was robbing her of her ability to do as she wanted - she was resentful.
Example dream : A dream about having her shoes stolen linked to the dreamer splitting with her boyfriend and then not wanting to go back. Stealing shoes represented him robbing her self respect and independence.
Example dream : A dream where people are stealing wads of money linked to the dreamer having marriage counselling. She said to him that they had not been making progress and this upset him. They had not been making progress and any gains were just artificial Stealing money symbolised her belief that progress in her marriage had to be made through hard work and effort and that her husband thinking that progress had made when it had not (he was claiming something that was not his).
Example dream : A dream about stealing firecrackers and letting them off linked to the dreamer arguing with his girlfriend. He took the easy way out and caused the break up. Stealing represented him not treating her fairly by just taking the easy way out.

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