Try to think what staring in a dream may symbolise. Did something really shock you yesterday? Was it almost unbelievable? Were you unable to get something out of your mind? Have you been taking a long look at something? Were you thinking about some problem and looking at what you would have to face? Did something happen yesterday which focused attention on you? Do you feel as if you do not fit in? Did you feel under pressure yesterday? Did you feel strongly about something yesterday? Did someone else have really strong feelings yesterday? Were you making your feelings very obvious yesterday?

QUESTIONS to help you make associations(pick the one that makes most sense to you)
- was something completely shocking in some way yesterday
- Have you just started to realise the truth in some way?
- Have you felt out of place and totally unwelcome recently?
- Did you feel under a lot of pressure yesterday as if everyone was watching your every move?
- Did someone show some very strong feelings yesterday ?

KEY WORDS : Shocked, unbelievable, under pressure, attention focused, strong feelings, obvious

KEY PHRASES(Pick a quote which captures your feelings right now. Think especially of the day before the dream) :
- "I just could not believe it - it was shocking"
- "It was unbelievable how he acted"
- "I just cannot get it out of my mind"
- "I have just begun to realise that... "
- "I have been taking a long and hard look at the situation"
- "I know exactly what I am facing"
- "I realise how stupid I have been"
- "I am quite aware of the situation"
- "I am just imagining what people will think"
- "I know exactly how he feels"
- "I just wonder if things will continue"
- "They are really watching everything that I am doing"
- "The attention was all focused on us"
- "We just do not fit in"
- "I felt really under pressure"
- "I know she felt strongly about it"
- "I have been making my feelings very obvious"
- "I think we should really focus on ...."
- "I feel that the dream was a premonition"


Example dream : A man staring at the dreamer reminded her of the night before when her husband looked at her after her mother had caused an argument. The staring was a symbol of his "disbelief and exasperation." The dreams meaning was linked to this theme of "disbelief" and the dream caught this exact feeling "My husband looked at me in disbelief yesterday after my mother caused the arguments. He had tried so hard yet she was so nasty." Dreams use body language to build up a scene and staring is often associated with a look of disbelief.
Example dream : A dream about everyone staring at the dreamer was triggered by her boss criticising her in front of everyone (she felt as if everyone was staring at her). It made her feel powerless and humiliated. The dream was probably quite emotional in its meaning - it probably captured this exact feeling "I felt so powerless and humiliated when he criticised me." So we can even translate the "staring" in the dream into the word "humiliated" as someone who feels humiliated feels as if everyone has watched them be humiliated. So if the dream mind wishes to portray the feeling of humiliation it can create a story where everyone is staring at you.
Example dream : Staring at an attractive woman's breasts was linked to sexual arousal at the time. The association is simple as a man staring at a woman may mean he is strongly attracted to her.
Example dream : Staring blankly symbolised the dreamers current feelings as she was at breaking point unable to express all the bad feelings with her boyfriend. She was just completely exasperated .
Example dream : A girl staring blankly while covered in blood was symbolic of the dreamers severe illness. She had no energy left to do anything.
Example dream : Being stared at in a dream was linked to the dreamers sensitivity about her looks (she did not like men "staring" at her in a sexual way). She was very attractive but had been sexually assaulted in real life so had difficulty coping with her sexy looks.
Example dream : A dream about staring at a coyote linked to the dreamer being annoyed at what a woman had said on the internet. The woman was blaming an innocent child and using vicious and uncaring language. The staring symbolised her total lack of belief at what she was hearing - it was so disgusting.
Example dream : A dream staring at a woman in a mirror linked to the dreamer watching TV coverage of Hurricane Katrina. This was quite shocking and unbelievable - the dreamer could not quite believe what she was seeing. It was scary to think that the people affected were ordinary Americans like herself.
Example dream : A dream about a girl staring blankly at her linked to the dreamer arguing with her boyfriend continuously. Staring blankly symbolised her total exasperation at the state of the relationship.
Example dream : A dream where 'death is staring at me' linked to the dreamer finishing college and wanting to carry on a long distance relationship. Staring symbolised something which was quite obvious and was likely to happen - that the relationship was going to end.
Example dream : A dream where the dreamers husband was staring into space linked to the relationship ending. Staring blankly symbolised the deep thinking and exasperation involved in the split.
Example dream : A dream where the dreamer was staring at her ex husband (loving him so much) was linked to her finally realising that she had a deep love for him and they needed to get back together.
Example dream : A dream where the dreamer was staring around a room linked to the dreamer separating from her boyfriend. She was starting to look at her situation rationally and realised she needed needed to end the relationship.
Example dream : A dream where the dreamer stares into her crushes eyes linked to her starting to realise that she had a crush but was now getting over this. Staring symbolised her deep feelings for him.
Example dream : A dream about her boyfriend sitting and staring linked to him being a real 'hard ass'. He was in the army and did not like showing his feelings. He did love her but staring in this cold way symbolised his hard exterior and lack of ability to express open emotions.
Example dream : A dream where someone is staring at the dreamer linked to him being aware that others were more competent than him. Staring at him symbolised his own obvious failings.
Example dream : A dream about staring linked to the dreamer braking his friends laptop. He was worried that the friend might think that he did not take proper care of it. He was really trying to look after it. Staring symbolised something that was obviously going to be an issue.
Example dream : A dream where 'we are staring up at Mars' linked to the dreamer having a very good the day before and being on an emotional high. However, he feared that things would end up in failure. Staring symbolised the dreamer expecting the worst to happen.
Example dream : A dream about people staring at him linked to the dreamer feeling guilty for how he had acted. He was realising how much he had hurt his ex girlfriend. Staring symbolised his guilt about how he had behaved.
Example dream : A dream about people staring at me menacingly was thought to be a premonition of the dreamers future illness.
Example dream : A dream about her teacher staring at her linked to the dreamer not liking her teacher. He had a tendency to stare at the girls - she thought this was creepy. Staring symbolised his sexual attraction.
Example dream : A dream about a guy the dreamer fancied staring at her linked to her been in a relationship already. Staring symbolised his sexual attraction to her.
Example dream : A dream where everyone was staring at the dreamer linked to her being raped in the past. She was trying to come to terms with this and was seeing a therapist. The staring symbolised her psychological problems surrounding this rape - she felt nervous and inhibited.
Example dream : A dream where everyone was staring at the dreamer linked to her having just moved. She did not feel very welcome in her new home and people were not willing to accept her religion. The staring symbolised the prejudice that she faced - she simply did not fit in (people stare at those who are different or not wanted).
Example dream : A dream where 'we stared at the aircraft as it came closer' linked to the dreamer performing with his band for the first time without their drummer. Staring symbolised his own wish to see how people would react to this big change.
Example dream : A dream where the dreamer was staring at a guy she is attracted to in real life was linked to her thoughts about this guy. She had said that she liked him and he simply said 'I know'. She was not sure how he felt. Her staring at him symbolised her strong attraction to him.
Example dream : A dream where 'they all stop and stare because they assume I'm some type of queen' linked to the dreamer being on holiday at the time. She was feeling very lazy and wanted to just relax. People staring at her symbolised her being conscious how people might be thinking and knowing that she was behaving in a way which was uncharacteristic for her.
Example dream : A dream where the dreamers ex stares at her linked to her starting a new relationship. Previously the dreamer had been given a real hard time when he had started a new relationship. Staring symbolised how the dreamers ex had made a big fuss when the dreamer had started a new relationship. This hinted at her behaving in a hypocritical way.
Example dream : A dream where 'all she could do was stare down at her hair that had been cut off' linked to the dreamers Aunt having cancer. Staring symbolised how the dreamer was understanding how her Aunt was feeling - how her mind was completely focused on her terrible illness.
Example dream : A dream about a very uncomfortable stare linked to the dreamer breaking up with her boyfriend. The uncomfortable stare symbolised the deep thoughts which were openly questioning their relationship.

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