Stages are perhaps symbols of the drama in our lives. Was there some dramatic scene yesterday in your life? Did someone sweep you off your feet romantically? If so then the dream could tap into those highly dramatic scenes. We are often very dramatic in ordinary everyday life. We maybe send out clear body language which is really meant to show how we feel. Did you use some exaggerated body language yesterday? Often we over do things. If you meet an ex boyfriend then you try to show him that you did not see him.

QUESTIONS to help you make associations(pick the one that makes most sense to you)
- Was there some very special moment yesterday
- Have you had to present or promote some ideas at work?
- Have you decided to openly state your support for someone or views about something?
- Have you been fantasising about something?

KEY WORDS : Presenting, dramatic, escapism, special, openly, promote

KEY PHRASES(Pick a quote which captures your feelings right now. Think especially of the day before the dream) :
- "it was a very special moment"
- "I have been presenting and promoting my case"
- "I said it openly for everyone to hear"
- "I have been fantasizing"
- "escapism"


Example dream : A dream with a stage followed a day when the dreamer had a dramatic conversation with a male friend. They established a really strong bond
Example dream : A dream about a stage was linked to the dreamer falling asleep whilst he had his radio on very loud. He realised that he had not been considerate to his neighbour.
Example dream : Deliberate and staged behaviour was symbolic of the dreamers own deliberate and highly staged attempts at ignoring a former friend and her other friends. He had become very sulky and childish in his actions.
Example dream : Feeling part of an event was symbolic of the dreamers recent thoughts. He previously felt as if lots of things were happening to him but now felt as if he was outside looking in. Being on stage was symbolic of the time when he had things happening in his life.
Example dream : A stage represented the dreamers thoughts about the day to come. He knew he was going to have to get up and make a speech the next day.
Example dream : A dream about getting up on stage reflected the mood the dreamer woke up in. He woke up very fearless and outgoing where normally he would be shy and laid back. This day he did not mind becoming the centre of attention.
Example dream : A dream about a stage was linked to the dreamer wanting to promote some ideas at work. The stage symbolised his wish to publicise and express these in a clear and understandable way.
Example dream : A dream backstage and on stage linked to the dreamers thoughts about a job application. She had real reservations about the job but she made a point of openly saying that she wanted it. The stage symbolised this open and public declaration that she wanted the job.
Example dream : A dream about a stage linked to the dreamer being asked to openly support someone. However, the dreamer had reservations and did not trust him or agree with what he was doing.
Example dream : An empty stage in a dream linked to the dreamer taking her Fiancé to meet her granny. Her grandmother was not the welcoming kind of person.
Example dream : A dream with the dreamers father with his back to the stage linked to the dreamer trying to give him open and strong support. Yet his father was not very receiving of this support.
Example dream : A stage dream linked to dreamer having a very special romantic moment with her husband when he left for a trip.
Example dream : A stage dream linked to the dreamer fantasizing too much about her crush. The stage symbolised her dramatic feelings for him.
Example dream : A stage dream linked to the dreamer getting highly involved in a film the previous night. She was looking after her baby most of the time and TV was taking her mind way from her day to day life and she was indulging herself in dramatic fantasy.

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