Stabbing suggests a very involved emotional struggle. It could represent someone whom you are trying to resist in some way. Perhaps you are trying to resist someone who has been really annoying? Maybe you got into a bitter argument yesterday? This is very much an emotional symbol and reveals your frustration with something. It probably suggests that you are finding it difficult to resist this person or its near impossible to stop what is happening.


Example dream : A stabbing dream linked to an incident the day before. The dreamer knew someone who had just acted in a threatening way and could easily be described as crazy. The dreamer did not like to be associated with this person and felt embarrassed that he knew him. The dream symbolised this feeling of real embarrassment at knowing someone - he really did not like being associated with that type of person(someone who was clearly violent).
Example dream : A dream where a friend is describe as a "back stabber" was linked to the dreamers feelings of betrayal. The dream featured this theme of "betrayal" and the dream caught this wider feeling "I feel totally betrayed but the worst thing is that she is trying to make out that she is the innocent one." Obviously the word "betrayal" is linked by association with "stabbing" as we use the phrase "he is a backstabber" meaning that he is not to be trusted.
Example dream : Being stabbed with a knife in a dream linked to an argument the night before that the dreamer had with her child's father. This was a very bitter personal fight - knives are excellent symbols for very personal confrontations and arguments. Obviously if someone is weilding a knife then they are likely to be confrontational. So a dream uses a knife fight to hint at feelings which are common to knife fights and the dreamers real life such as "intense", "confrontation" and "huge argument." We can even translate the symbolic meaning of "knife" into the words "intense confrontation." In practice knife fights will be the minds way of saying "That was a very intense fight."
Example dream : A dream which involved a great deal of shooting and knife fights took place as the dreamer was trying to tame a feral kitten. The knife attacks and stabbing were a symbol for the intense fight that the wild cat put up and its wild instincts. The stabbing was a simple symbol representing the kittens scratching.
Example dream : Wanting to stab a witch linked to the dreamers Grandmother who was coming to stay. She had a tendency to annoy everyone and the violent action towards this witch was symbolic of her determination to resist her Grandmothers attempts to take over and cause problems.
Example dream : Stabbing a snake represented the dreamer worries the previous night that his mother might die. Stabbing was symbolic of his frantic determination to do whatever he could do to stop this happening (even though he could do nothing).
Example dream : A dream where a woman stabs the dreamer with a syringe was linked to her own self destructive behaviour. She was trying to overcome her own addictive tendencies but was realising that she was likely to resist her own recovery.
Example dream : Stabbing Jesus in a dream linked to the dreamers opposition to organised religion. The day before she was thinking how she enjoyed mass. However she could not accept organised religion.

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