Speed is often a symbol of excitement. Did you feel exhilirated yesterday? Did you feel very happy and passionate yesterday?

Speed can also represent unpredictablity. Did some plans go wrong very quickly yesterday? Have things been moving very quickly recently? Have things been going too quick for your liking? Do you want things to slow down?


Example dream : A dream where space objects were moving at great speed towards earth linked to the dreamer forgetting his medication the day before. He had to go and get some emergency meds from his doctor in order to stop himself having a seizure. This hit the dreamer badly and made him think about his declining health. The speed of the space objects moving linked to this major change and decline in his health which was, like the pulsars, moving very quickly. So the dream caught this exact feeling "I was shocked by what happened yesterday. I think my health is declining very fast."
Example dream : A dream about a fast moving train took place as the dreamer was shocked by a letter from his landlord. The fast moving train was symbolic of a fast moving and worrying situation which was developing.
Example dream : A dream where the dreamer is being driven at a hundred miles an hour linked to the dreamer being annoyed by that same friend who talked too quickly. The day before this friend had wound him up and left him feeling confused and flustered. The dream simply meant "I was so wound up by my friend yesterday. He never stops talking." The dreamer often said that he needed to have been drinking if he was to talk to this friend.
Example dream : A dream where the dreamer is confident flying some kind of machine at great speed linked to the dreamers real life confidence at work. She had been able to deal with her workload quickly and so skilfully. Overall the dream caught this feeling "I am emotionally happy and confident at work. I am at home with myself."
Example dream : A fast moving dangerous situation symbolised the dreamers fear that he would lose touch with his ex after a break up. The dream possibly ties in with thoughts like "when you break up anything can happen and its difficult to keep in touch"
Example dream : A horse charging at full speed linked to his excitement at the success of his project the day before
Example dream : A dream about people running at top speed for their lives linked to the dreamer writing a history article on the German naval attack on his home town of Scarborough in World War One. The dreams meaning seemed to link to the types of things that he was trying to emphasise whilst writing this article. People running at top speed symbolised this thought "I want to emphasise how people were literally running for their lives. The roads were full of people leaving town." So the dreams meaning surrounded the dreamer writing about an urgent situation.
Example dream : A dream about a rollercoaster moving at great speed took place whilst the dreamer was excited at the great speed with which a work project was progressing.
Example dream : Going downhill at great speed symbolised the dreamers wish to get fitter and healthier yet those great hopes came crashing down quickly as he slept in and continued to waste away his life.
Example dream : The cars speeding around the day before were a symbol for the dreamers intense pace of life the day before. He was a manic depressive and the dream captured this particularly manic mood the day before. The dream was probably linked to this precise thought "I was really worked up and manic yesterday. I started singing a lot and was probably very annoying."
Example dream : In one dream the dreamer was unable to keep up with a friend running. In real life the dreamer was suffering exhaustion and was unable to keep up with his fast living. He used to be hyperactive, like the man in the dream but was now slowing down.

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