Space is a dark distant place which is very difficult to imagine. It could represent something new and so unfamiliar that we virtually have nothing that we can compare it to. For instance, a childs first day at school is something that they just cannot imagine because this is a whole new world completely beyond their comprehension.

Think of something that really made you think yesterday. Something that has completely changed your perspective.

QUESTIONS to help you make associations(pick the one that makes most sense to you)
- Is life about to change for you in a way that is beyond your comprehension?
- Have you been exploring some new situation which is completely unlike anything you have ever seen before?
- Have you been day dreaming a lot?
- What feelings at the moment could be described as limitless?

KEY WORDS : Unknown, limitless, fantasy, unimaginable , unable to comprehend, travelling, exploring(write down some quotes that capture your key feelings on issues that have been dominating your mind)

KEY PHRASES(Pick a quote which captures your feelings right now. Think especially of the new thoughts and feelings you have been clarifying in your mind) :
- "I just do not have anything to compare it to - I cannot imagine what it will be like"
- "Its just the fear of the unknown"
- "there are no limits to this feeling inside me"
- "day dreaming"
- "I want to travel and face fresh experiences"
- "what planet does he live on!"


Example dream : Space symbolised some doubts that the dreamer had about her religious beliefs. She was viewing her beliefs from a place she had never been, so space was an excellent metaphor as most people never go into space. It hints at this new perspective that the dreamer was looking from.
Example dream : Space represented something that the dreamer had overheard the day before. It was utterly shocking and something that the dreamer could not even have imagined
Example dream : A space dream linked to the dreamer just starting college. Space was symbolic of this journey into the unknown - she had no idea what life at college was like.
Example dream : A dream about space linked to the dreamer being unable to imagine what it was like to be homeless. He had been thinking about this in depth the day before.
Example dream : A dream about meteors hitting the earth was linked to the dreamer becoming increasingly ill. He was afraid that catastrophic changes would take place in his health.
Example dream : A spaceship dream took place as the dreamer was very old and likely to die very soon. The spaceship was symbolic of her thinking about death and the afterlife. This was a journey into the unknown.
Example dream : A dream about travelling deeper into space was linked to the dreamer wanting to travel and experience the world. Space was symbolic of this wish to explore places far away.
Example dream : A spaceship dream linked to the dreamer being unable to comprehend his mothers behavior. The previous night she had told him to finish his homework for his evening class - which he found difficult to accept as he was over 40.
Example dream : A dream about an alien planet linked to the dreamer getting into an argument the day before. The guy she argued with clearly lived on another planet - so it was pointless trying to argue with him.
Example dream : A dream about deep space took place as the dreamer was thinking about her deep depression. Space was symbolic of the endless depths of those bad feelings.
Example dream : A Star Wars dream took place as the dreamer was trying to take control of her day dreaming. She could just not stop thinking about her crush. She was 'on another planet' and outside of reality.

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