Often its important to note the emotions you feel in a dream. If the snow seems to have a fresh and wonderful feel to it it may link to some new situation in your life. Perhaps you are thinking about as new job or something like that. But snow can associate with lots of things such as coldness and Christmas. One main meaning of snow is the link with delays and problems in general. Snow hinders momentum and may symbolise a lack of real momentum in a relationship or within you yourself after an illness.

QUESTIONS to help you make associations(pick the one that makes most sense to you)
- Have you had to suffer lots of delays and feel lack there is a total lack of progress in some way?
- Did the fresh new snowfall match some fresh new start in your life?
- Did you wake up cold in bed?
- Have you just been ill and still not recovered?

KEY WORDS : Cold, Christmas, delays, fresh, lack of momentum

KEY PHRASES(Pick a quote which captures your feelings right now. Think especially of the day before the dream) :
- "I am cold"
- "lack of momentum"
- "delays"
- "a new start"
- "Christmas"
- "not recovered from illness"


Example dream : A snow dream symbolised the dreamer sensing that something was wrong with a friend. She felt her friend was cold and distant. Snow symbolised these harsh and difficult times in their friendship. The dreams meaning dealt with this theme of "harsh and difficult times in their friendship" and the dream captured this wider thought "I sense that my friend is being cold and distant. It not easy for me at the moment since I seem to be depressed right now."
Example dream : Snow in a dream symbolised the terrible conditions at the time. It had been one of the harshest winters that the dreamer could remember. The previous day was particularly bad and the dreamer had had to work in unbearable conditions. The snow was a literal symbol for the harsh winter conditions the day before.
Example dream : Snow in a dream linked to the dreamers inability to get along with her sister
Example dream : Snow in a dream linked to the dreamer thinking about her husband who wanted a divorce. She thought they were destined to be together - the snow symbolised this romance being at its lowest point.
Example dream : A dream about an igloo took place whilst the dreamer was talking with his ex girlfriend. The igloo is a cold place and is a metaphor for him being "out in the cold". The dream probably captures this type of thought "I am out in the cold still. But I sense that we might get back together again."
Example dream : A snow storm was linked to the dreamer worrying about losing her boyfriend who was much younger than herself. The snow storm symbolised the fear of rejection.
Example dream : A dream in the deepest winter was linked to the dreamer watching a DVD the night before about paratroopers fighting in deep winter. Their hardship was something he could identify with as he had lots of hardship in his life.
Example dream : A dream about snow took place just after the sad death of the dreamers son in real life. The snow symbolised the sadness but also a fresh perspective after a long talk the night before.
Example dream : Snow in a dream was linked to the dreamer having a bad day. The snow symbolised the delays and hassle during that day.
Example dream : A dream with snow on the ground was symbolic of the dreamers cold emotions at the time and general unhappiness. The dreams meaning linked to this theme of a "cold mood" within the context of this real life feeling "I have been getting some good help from some friends to help with my depression. But recently I am in a very cold mood and want to be by myself."
Example dream : Snow in a dream was linked to the dreamers low mood as she was very depressed and upset at bumping into her ex. Sometimes snow can be fresh and exicting and can be associated with good feelings. But often snow is cold and depressing and links by association with "unhapy times" and in this case its a metaphor for "depression."
Example dream : Snow in a dream linked to the dreamer not having received a camera but not having any film to use it with. Snow symbolised the slow progress and frustrating delays.
Example dream : A snow on the ground dream linked to the dreamer having a really bad day the day before where nothing went right. Snow symbolised these frustrations.
Example dream : One snow dream linked to the dreamer thinking about her manager the previous day. The snow symbolised their poor relationship and lack of ability to get along with each other.
Example dream : Cold in a dream linked to the dreamer not liking having to be a temporary manager. She was not properly trained with computers and found it difficult doing the PDA. The cold symbolised her feeling unhappy at having to do these tasks.
Example dream : Bumping into a pile of snow in a dream linked to the dreamer suffering flu two weeks previously and still not over it. The snow symbolised the frustrating lack of ability to concentrate and work effectively with the illness still affecting her.
Example dream : Snow in a dream simply represented the cold - the dreamer woke up in a really cold bed.
Example dream : A snow dream linked to the dreamer thinking about Christmas and starting to get prepared for the festivities.
Example dream : Snow in a dream linked to a fresh and new opportunity in the dreamers mind. She was going to China with her fathers business.
Example dream : A beautiful snow scene linked to the dreamer desperately wanting the job she applied for. The snow symbolised her positive feelings for this and her visualising success.

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