Dreams use images instead of words. Whilst the dreaming mind would use a snake its meaning would be words like "criticism", "trap", "complaint", "wary", "deceiving" or "blamed" Snake dreams can be triggered by these types of feelings.

1. PROBLEMS. A snake dream may just be translated into a problem which, like the snake, a solution to which is tricky and elusive.
2. CRITICISMS. A snake dream can be a metaphor for any kind of negativity. If someone made a complaint about you then the dream could link to that situation.
3. TRAPS. Has someone tried to lure you into a trap? If so then this could be a metaphor for that. Your dream may be linked to your anger at been trapped or your thoughts about how to escape.
4. COMPLAINTS. Are you scared to make a complaint about someone?
5. WARY. Are you weary of someone who is tricky and deceptive?
6. DECEPTIVE. Are you sick of your lying boyfriend?
7. BLAMED. Where you angry at being blamed for something yesterday?
8. POISONOUS RELATIONSHIP. Are you involved in a relationship which is going wrong? Would you call your boyfriend/girlfriend a sneaky snake?
9. BAD NEWS. Have you been "bitten" by bad news.
11. SEX. The snake slithers around its victim. It strikes for the kill. It penetrates with its venom. These all are good metaphors for sex. Did you have sex with someone for the first time last night.
13. FEARS. The dream could be a simple metaphor. What are you scared of in the day to come?

These snake dream meanings are based upon a study of real snake dreams, the examples of which are all printed at the bottom of this page. Notice how they translate into all kinds of ways in which we would use words like "deceptive", "nasty", "complaint", "tricky" and "blamed".

Snakes are symbols for all kinds of problems and negative feelings. Try to think what was lurking in your mind the day before. Maybe someone had made a complaint against you? Maybe you were singled out for unfair criticism? Maybe someone has been manipulating the situation? Do you fear something bad will happen - such as someone dying?

QUESTIONS to help you make associations(pick the one that makes most sense to you)
- Did you particularly dislike some bad atmosphere the day before the dream?
- What do you fear will strike at any moment?
- What bad relationships have been troubling you yesterday?
- Has someone been behaving in a nasty or deceptive way?
- Do you feel that someone is trying to draw you into a dispute?
- What creative projects have you been wrestling with?
- Do you feel that the snake could be a phallic symbol linking to sexual activity at the time of the dream?

KEY WORDS AND PHRASES : Problem,criticism,trap,dilemma,complained,wary of,deceiving, blamed, poisonous relationship, difficult task, sex, innocence destroyed, utterly devastated, manipulation, bad news, wary, complaint (write down some quotes that capture your key feelings on issues that have been dominating your mind which feature these words or phrases)

KEY PHRASES(Dreams have been shown to link to feelings and thoughts like those listed below - notice they feature the words listed above) :
- "I do not want to be drawn into that DISPUTE"
- "she tries to twist everything I say"
- "I feel she could die at any moment "
- "I am TERRIFIED - it could happen at any moment"
- "Its such a DIFFICULT relationship"
-"I was singled out for CRITICISM"
- "She snaps at me"
- "They started FIGHTING"
- "I just cannot deal with that"
- "You ought to be WARY OF him"
- "I do not like being in that atmosphere"
- "I know she thinks I am trying to avoid the BLAME"
- "I realise now that I was wrong to DECEIVE my ex girlfriend"
- "Its a task which I cannot seem to conquer - I am just lacking creativity and insight"
- "it could have been a PHALLIC SYMBOL"

incident, hiss, forbidden, attacker, hunting, creatures, witnessing, thanks, amazing, immediately, desperation


Example dream : A snake in a dream linked to the dreamer having a sexual experience the night before. The snake symbolised the man's hands slithering and sliding over her body during her first sexual experience with him. The dreams meaning probably linked to a thought like "I found it a bit difficult to have sex with him but I need to calm down and relax into it." But see how the snake is an excellent metaphor for sexual contact as the dream hints at the dreamers feelings of nervousness eg "I felt very uncomfortable at first as his cold hands slid over my body."
Example dream : A snake symbolised the dreamers dislike of his boss who he thought was a liar (snakes are devious and can never be trusted so they are an excellent symbol for liars). So we can convert the symbol "snake" into this case into the word "liar" and its easy to see how this theme appeared in the dreamers mind at the time "I hate my boss as he is a complete liar." In this case we can guess the dreams meaning as we link can the "my boss is a liar" to a wider thought "My boss is a liar and this makes me want to set up my own business."
Example dream : A snake represented some very nasty comments which the dreamer heard about himself the day before (he was badly bitten by comments which had struck in the same way a snake strikes). So the dreams meaning revolved around this theme of "very nasty comments" and the dream probably captured this exact feeling "I was sure that she was making some nasty comments about me. The worst thing about it was that she was so close and I could almost hear her whispers."
Example dream : A snake symbolised the fear of cheating as she had just seen her boyfriend check out another girl (the snake was an symbol of her lack of trust - a snake can never be trusted - just as a man can never be truly trusted). So for convenience we can actually translate the "snake" in the dream into the word "cannot be trusted" and we see how this theme appeared in a wider context "I felt a complete lack of trust as I saw my boyfriend checking out another woman."
Example dream : A snake in a dream linked to the dreamer feeling unwilling to help a woman and her child. The snake symbolised the dreamer feeling manipulated into helping out this woman - he clearly resented doing this. Snakes are linked by association with all sorts of negative behaviours and emotions such as "lying", "cheating", and in this case "manipulating." Thats because snakes sneak around and trap their prey.
Example dream : A snake dream took place after dreamers father died. It could have been a symbol for her fathers abusive behaviour which his death may have been a reminder of. But the dreamer was also having to see her sister because of the funeral and the dreamer disliked her because she was so manipulative. The snake could therefore be a symbol of her manipulative behaviour. The dream could capture this exact thought process "My father has died and it has brought me into contact with my sister. I prefer to stay away from her as she is so manipulative but it seems inappropriate to avoid her at a funeral."
Example dream : A snake was symbolic of the dreamers fears of the future. She had just been struck with bad news as her husband had been laid off (the snake strikes in a similar way by ruthlessly and by surprise). So for convenience we can even translate the meaning of the "snake" into the words "struck by bad news" as this theme appeared in the dreamers thoughts in this way "I heard the bad news that my husband was laid off yesterday."
Example dream : A snake symbolised the dreamers feelings of vulnerability as she could not find a good answer during a heated and bitter debate. (the snake being a symbol for poisoned and bitter feelings). See how feelings and behaviours which we associate with snakes have relevance in everyday situations. The theme of "bitter" and "poisoned feelings" feature in key feelings such as "It was such a bitter and heated debate. I could not find an answer." Being bitten by a snake was an excellent metaphor for this situation.
Example dream : A dream where the dreamer is trying to decapitate a snake took place when the dreamer was having real problems with his neighbor. The snake was a symbol of his neighbours complaints about him and his wish to cause him problems.
Example dream : A snake in a dream was linked to the dreamers wish to end a relationship but her boyfriends unwillingness to accept that the relationship was over. The snake was a symbol of his bitterness and she also feared that his temper may strike at any moment. (you expect trouble with a snake - so this is an excellent symbol for his temper). So if we translate the symbolic meaning of snake into the phrase "strike at any moment" we see how this features in a key feeling "I tried to tell my boyfriend that the relationship is over but he will not take no for an answer. I feel he may explode at any time".
Example dream : A bunch of snakes was a symbol for the dreamers marriage going wrong. The snake was a symbol for the bitter relationship.
Example dream : A dream with a snake whose head had been severed took place on the night when the dreamer found out his abusive mother had died. The snake was obviously a symbol for her evil and manipulative ways. The severed head was a symbol of her death. Why was the head severed in the dream rather than simply dead? This seems an extreme symbol. It was probably because his mother was so abusive and he hated her so much. If someone has dominated and abused us then we will constantly hope for their demise. Such evil people tend to come to a nasty end.
Example dream : Snakes in a dream linked to the dreamers worries about her son who was involved in a very volatile relationship.
Example dream : Snakes represented problems that the dreamers love had in getting home - he was stuck abroad. Snakes can represent anything bad and negative.
Example dream : A snake dream symbolised the false accusations that the dreamers sons girlfriend had been making. Snakes can never be trusted and so are excellent symbols for lying and cheating and any bitter confrontations.
Example dream : A snake symbolised the dreamers fear that her fiance was cheating on her. (snakes being linked to devious - snake like - behaviour). We even use obvious metaphors such as "he is a snake" to describe men who cheat on their girlfriends.
Example dream : A snake in a dream linked to the dreamers feelings about a woman. They had some serious issues and he was thinking about confronting her about these problems with the hope of clearing the air. The snake represented these serious issues and the danger in trying to sort them out by confronting her. The snake was dead - hinting that all the real problems were in the past.
Example dream : A snake symbolised all the previous problems which dogged the dreamer regarding her relationship with her ex. He wanted to get back together but she was still worried the old problems would return. (snakes being symbols of devious males - you can never trust a snake)
Example dream : A snake sinking its fangs into you dream took place after the dreamer had been thinking about all her husbands cheating. (snakes being symbols of someone you cannot trust). Actually many snake dreams seem to be triggered by relationship issues so there must be many "snake like boyfriends" out there.
Example dream : A python dream was linked to the dreamers talk the night before with his wife who asked him about an affair he had the previous year. The snake therefore represented his embarrassment talking about his own cheating. (snakes are excellent symbols for anyone who has lied or cheated).
Example dream : A snake bite dream was symbolic of the dreamers best friend betraying her.
Example dream : Snakes in a dream symbolised the dreamers worries about her husbands new business venture. (the snake representing an unseen danger)
Example dream : A dream about a lethal snake bite symbolised the dreamers fear that her grandmother would die. The snake therefore represented the fear that bad news could strike at any moment. (in the way a snake can strike unexpectedly)
Example dream : Eating a snake linked to the dreamer feeling happy and content after an energy session. Eating the snake symbolised her getting all the negative feelings out of her system.
Example dream : A snake bite dream represented the dreamers worries about his mothers health. He had been crying the previous night worrying about it. The snake bite was symbolic of his fears that illness could strike at any time (in the way a snake may strike unexpectedly).
Example dream : Snakes in a dream linked to the dreamers talk the night before about the economic situation and his own business venture. Buying snakes were symbols of the risks and problems in the business world at that moment.
Example dream : Snakes symbolised the dreamers thoughts about a beauty pageant she had entered and all the bitchy behaviour this involved
Example dream : Controlling a snake dream symbolised the dreamers attempts to subtly control people who had been devious towards him.
Example dream : The night before the dreamer was thinking how managers get away with anything at his work. He was thinking of making a complaint. Snakes therefore symbolised the lying and cheating behaviour of his managers.
Example dream : In one dream a small crab transforms into a scary sea snake. In real life the dreamer had been thinking how he always descended into depressive moods on a night time even after a stress free day. The snake was a symbol of him seeing threats where none exist.
Example dream : One dreamer was suffering from PTSD. She had a recurring dream about snakes which could be a symptom of her trauma.
Example dream : A snake symbolised the sneaky phone calls of her husband. The snake then represented his suspicious activity (You can never trust a snake).
Example dream : A snake on the dreamers mother symbolised her mothers huge health problems. She could barely walk and had anxiety attacks. The snake represented the impossibility of getting better and the fear that she might actually die. Here the snake is associated with feelings like "it might strike at any moment" which mirrors the real life feeling of "my mother may be struck by a fatal illness. She really is very weak."
Example dream : A handling snake dream represented the dreamers thoughts about severe phobias. It symbolised his ability to cope with situations which caused him to have panic attacks.
Example dream : A snake in a dream linked to the dreamer feeling trapped into looking after someone's child.
Example dream : A snake that bites linked to the dreamers thoughts about her aunt. She continually neglected her children and recently got pregnant again. The dreamer disliked her but was scared to say anything. The snake was symbolic of the dreamers fears that her aunt would 'bite back' if the dreamer said anything.
Example dream : A rattlesnake dream linked to the dreamers ex boyfriend wanting to meet. She did not trust him and was very wary of anything that he might say.
Example dream : A snake dream linked to the dreamer feeling drawn into a difficult dispute. He simply wanted to stay neutral rather than taking sides in a very bitter dispute.
Example dream : A snake dream was symbolic of a woman making a complaint against the dreamer.
Example dream : A snake biting dream linked to the dreamers grandmother being badly ill and could die at any moment. The snake symbolised bad news that could strike at any moment.
Example dream : A snake dream linked to the company that the dreamer worked for going bankrupt at any moment.
Example dream : A snake dream linked to the dreamers mother being bed bound and suffering from depression. The snake symbolised the fear that she could die at any moment.
Example dream : A dream of a small snake chased by a large python linked to the dreamers country being at war. He was glad that his country was defending itself but sometimes wondered if they were provoking a conflict. The snake symbolised the bitter conflict which had descended into actual warfare.
Example dream : A black snake linked to the dreamer thinking about a man she knew stopping talking to her. She wanted to know if everything was OK. The snake symbolised her worries that there was some bad feeling between him and herself.
Example dream : A dream where snakes were flying in circles above him linked to the dreamer feeling totally miserable and that everything was going wrong.
Example dream : A dream where there are snakes everywhere linked to the dreamer thinking that everyone hated him. They were just making fun of him and making him very unhappy. Snakes were symbolic of him making a fool of himself.
Example dream : A dream where a snake turns into the dreamers pregnant girlfriend linked to the dreamer arguing a lot with her. The snake symbolised the bad feeling between them.
Example dream : A snake dream linked to the dreamer not wanting to give his wife a divorce. The situation was getting and though and he was starting to really hate her.
Example dream : A dream where there were snakes everywhere linked to the dreamer getting into a fight with her boyfriend. The problems were not resolved.
Example dream : A dream where the dreamer pushes her step dad into a snake pit linked to the dreamer really hating her step dad - he continually abused her emotionally.
Example dream : A viper dream linked to the dreamer breaking up with his girlfriend yet still living together. The snake represented the poisoned atmosphere.
Example dream : A rattlesnake dream linked to the dreamer disliking her present job as her boss was not trustworthy at all and was a consistent liar.
Example dream : A snake dream linked to the dreamers dislike of her supervisor. She really hated the dreamer and tended to pick on her for no reason. The snake symbolised her feelings that she was unfairly picked on.
Example dream : A snake bite dream linked to the dreamer feeling quite vulnerable. Some criticism he had just received was very personal. He did not know how to combat it.
Example dream : A dream about a snake was symbolic of the dreamer feeling singled out for criticism.
Example dream : A dream where the dreamer is being shown pictures of him as a snake was linked to an argument. She felt that he was trying to avoid being blamed. He did not know if he wanted to make up with her just yet. Pictures of him as a snake symbolised her belief that it was the dreamer that was to blame.
Example dream : Being chased by an anaconda in a dream linked to the dreamer realising that he was a liar and cheat with his ex girlfriend. He had been thinking about it the day before.
Example dream : A dream where the dreamer is being bitten by a snake linked to her feeling as if she wanted to break up with him.
Example dream : A dream about killing a snake linked to the dreamer realising that her friend had started to have feelings for her. She did not want to be brutal to him. But she wanted to make it clear that she did not want a relationship. The snake symbolised the potential problems with him having feelings for her - it was quite a tricky situation.
Example dream : A snake dream linked to the dreamer feeling unable to cope with his schedule.
Example dream : A snake dream linked to the dreamers daughter leaving home. She was worried about her. The snake was symbolic of her fears that her daughter would not be able to cope.
Example dream : Running through a forest avoiding snakes linked to the dreamers need to sort out his problems and face the troubles of his life.
Example dream : A dream about a grass snake linked to the dreamer worrying about a class that he was just starting. He had met the people who ran the class so was feeling a lot better about it. The snake symbolised his worries that he could not handle the level of knowledge needed.
Example dream : Wrestling with an anaconda in a dream linked to a problem being particularly difficult. He had been struggling with it night and day.
Example dream : A snakes dream linked to the dreamer trying to understand a problem he was researching at the laboratory. He had been concentrating on this for a long time now but ,.the solution had evaded him.
Example dream : A snake was a sexual metaphor in a dream. The dreamer had met a very considerate man who had made her feel sexually at ease. The snake was a metaphor for how a man touches a woman - slowly loving his hands around the body like a snake moves over a person.

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