With dream symbols try to think of the emotions and situations that you would link to that symbol. What would you associate with people who slaughter and the act of slaughtering? Then try to think of words which you would associate with those emotions and situations. For instance, if someone was slaughtering people you might think of the senseless and pointless waste of it all. You may think also of the innocents who are being killed for no reason. You may then think about the heartless and cold person who committed the acts. Your dream will pinpoint just one of these feelings. So if you were thinking how cold and heartless someone has become then the slaughter in the dream is a metaphor for that cold hearted and ruthless behaviour. The dream maybe your way of saying "he is cold and heartless - I hated the way he just cast aside my emotions yesterday".

KEY WORDS : ruthless, cold hearted, nasty, senseless, innocent, pointless, huge cost, bitter, strong emotions, vulnerable, exhausted(write down some quotes that capture your key feelings on issues that have been dominating your mind and try to think how you could use one or more of these words and phrases. If you can think of something then your dream could capture your exact thoughts regarding that situation. For instance if you were thinking how innocent people have been hurt by your arguments then the slaughter in the dream may link to that exact feeling)

SYMBOLIC WORD ASSOCIATIONS: witches, useless, murderer, glanced, kings, tyrant, civilians, hunt, women and children, first, plans, Rome, rumoured, savages, remembered, psychopath, righteous


Example dream : A dream where the dreamer slaughters dogs in an abattoir linked to the dreamer realising that he needs to be more ruthless in life. The dreams meaning linked to this theme of "a need to be more ruthless" and captured this wider thought "I need to be more ruthless but I know that this does not come naturally to me."
Example dream : A retreating army being slaughtered linked to the terrible conditions that the dreamer faced the day before. It had been bitterly cold and he could not work properly. The dream caught this feeling "I was totally defeated by those conditions as it was too cold to work." The emotions that we can associate with the dream of this retreating army also seem relevant such as "this is too much", "we are defenceless" and "we are capable of nothing". In real life the dreamer felt that the cold was too much, he was defencless against the extreme cold, and was incapable of any work or activity (all of which make you vulnerable to being slaughtered).
Example dream : Trying to slaughter vampires linked to the dreamers very introverted nature. Dreams often express extreme emotions and here symbols like killing are not uncommon. So killing and slaughtering was a symbol of strong emotions. The dreams meaning featured this theme of "strong emotions" in the following type of way "I am very introverted and many of my dreams express my paranoias and fantasies. In my world of fantasy and paranoia anything can happen." All kinds of extreme happen all the time if our imaginations get carried away.
Example dream : A dream about people being slaughtered took place the day after the dreamer was shocked by a man speaking so harshly. The slaughtering was a symbol of his lack of humility and the dream captured this feeling "I was shocked by how mean and ruthless this man was." This dream took the dreamer to a place where people behaved in a way which brought to life this old mans harsh attitude.

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