Tall buildings are usually a metaphor of some kind - confidence, abilities, or perhaps your interest in something. Think of the overall mood of the dream - if you are scared whilst at the top of a building (suffering from heights) then this may indicate that you are are doing something or meeting people who intimidate you. So you have been thinking you are out of your depth.

QUESTIONS to help you make associations(pick the one that makes most sense to you)
- Did you have to face a major test of your abilities yesterday?
- Are you going to have to face some major test on the actual day of your dream?
- Could the dream be a premonition of some testing situation on the actual day of the dream?
- Are you lacking in confidence right now?
- Have people made you feel especially confident and good about yourself right now?
- Are you wanting to prove your skills and abilities?

KEY WORDS :Proving or failing, confidence, testing, feeling good or bad, demanding respect(write down some quotes that capture your key feelings on issues that have been dominating your mind. Then see if any of these words could appear in those quotes)

KEY PHRASES(Pick a quote which captures your feelings right now. Think especially of the day before the dream) :
- "I have been feeling so good about it"
- "I need to show how able I am "
- "It is about confidence"
- "A chance to prove my abilities"
- "I demand respect"
- "I need to show how strong I am"
- "I feel lacking in confidence"
- "they made me feel so good about it"


Example dream : A skyscraper symbolised the dreamers relationship with a woman he was attracted to. Things were going well (symbolised by a tall building)
Example dream : Skyscrapers symbolised a moment when the dreamer wanted to stand tall and be recognised for his achievements and abilities.
Example dream : A skyscraper dream linked to the dreamers wish to put his opinions across in as confident and commanding a way as possible. He was aiming to be as good as possible. (he wanted to 'stand tall')
Example dream : Climbing a skyscraper represented the dreamers wish to rapidly improve his health.
Example dream : The top of a skyscraper symbolised the dreamers wish to put every effort into making something as good as possible .
Example dream : A dream where the dreamer was suffering from heights whilst up a skyscraper was linked to his thoughts about his own confidence problems. He particularly struggled meeting people who and lots of confidence and ability so therefore his fear of being high up a skyscraper was a symbol for his real life fear of mixing with people at the top level.
Example dream : A skyscraper dream linked to the dreamer wanting to do as well as he could in life and to motivate himself to think as positively and confidently as possible.
Example dream : A dream of a skyscraper linked to the dreamers wish for greater confidence. The height of the building symbolised her wish to "aim higher".
Example dream : A ruined skyscraper represented a new interest which had now lost its appeal. The tall building represented his huge interest in this - the ruins symbolised the loss of interest.
Example dream : A dream about a skyscarper linked to the dreamers confidence problems and depression.
Example dream : A skyscraper dream was linked to the dreamers difficulty mixing with people who were confident and out going. She felt out of her depth. Skyscrapers can represent situations which are challenging. They are a symbol for the need to reach the heights of our abilities.
Example dream : A dream about a top floor linked to the dreamer thinking about his studies. He sometimes thought the things he was learning seemed pointless but he knew it was for the best. The skyscraper symbolised how this would improve his confidence and expertise.
Example dream : A dream about a college in a skyscraper linked to the dreamer expecting such a good day. He ended up feeling deflated and lacking in confidence. The skyscape symbolised how this day could have provided him an opportunity to prove his abilities (to 'stand tall').
Example dream : A dream about fighting aliens at the top of a skyscraper linked to the dreamer feeling alone and cutting himself off from people. The top floor symbolised his inability to mix with people who were more confident and able than him - he had chronic confidence problems.
Example dream : A tall building symbolised the stand the dreamer made the night before - she was demanding respect from her husband.
Example dream : A dream where the dreamer is locked on the top floor linked to her trying to stand up to some cowboy builders. The top floor symbolised her confidence in standing up and insist on them completing the work.
Example dream : A dream coming down an elevator shaft in a tall building linked to the dreamer trying to maintain the quality of his general work whilst having to concentrate on other things. The skyscraper symbolised his attempts to maintain the highest standards whilst falling down symbolised him knowing that standards would suffer.
Example dream : A skyscraper linked to the dreamer becoming pregnant. The skyscraper symbolised the dreamers feeling of elation - having a baby made her feel so much more complete and special especially amongst other women.
Example dream : Trying to jump off a top floor linked to the dreamer being told that she should be proud of being psychic yet this just scared her.
Example dream : Wandering around a skyscraper in a dream linked to the dreamer feeling a little lost and wishing for some encouragement from those around her.

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