Simply speaking we go into a shop and we choose the things we want from the range of goods that are available. Shops in dreams represent the things that we wish to achieve. They also take note of the effort that we wish to put into achieving something. If the goods are cheap then we maybe have little time or few resources available to us.

In a simple sense the shop represents your options at the moment and some thought connected to those options. Do you worry that you have spent far too much time on something and need to cut and run? Do you want to fix a relationship? Are you trying to show others that all their options are open? Have you realised that you have had a bad deal in some way?

Also the shop represents the things that you want and thoughts connected to those. Did you think of something that you really wanted yesterday? Are you thinking how you will spend your free time? Is a hobby losing your interest and you are thinking how to spend that time better?

Shops may also represent your thoughts in connection with a group or committee of people and the options available to them. Do you tend to talk too much? Can no one ever agree?

QUESTIONS to help you make associations(pick the one that makes most sense to you)
- Have you been reassessing what you want to do in life?
- Have you decided to make more time for some activity?
- Do you feel that ecerything is possible right now?
- Are you in a relationship with someone who wants to go in a completely different direction?

KEY WORDS : What I want, my options, finding time(think how these words appear in your feelings about yesterday and your thoughts about tomorrow)

KEY PHRASES(Pick a quote which captures your feelings right now. Think especially of the day before the dream) :
- "what I want from a friendship is..."
- "I want to ..."
- "everything is possible right now"
- "what I would really like is "
- "what I want and what he wants from a relationship are maybe very different"
- "I really want to find some time to do this"


Example dream : Shops symbolised the dreamer thinking through her various options(she was thinking about changing her course at University).
Example dream : A dream about a camera shop closing down was symbolic of the dreamer losing his interest in photography.
Example dream : A dream about shopping with friends linked to the dreamers thoughts about her financial problems. She was never asked to go shopping with friends (because she lacked money) and missed this.
Example dream : A shop full of impressive toys linked to the dreamers wish to be seen as more professional and for her wish to live a similar lifestyle to professional people.
Example dream : In one dream the dreamer was a heroin addict and later she went clothes shopping. In real life her boyfriend had just accused her of talking obsessively about her new job in Germany. We can make one strong association with this dream in that it seems to deal with obsessive, compulsive and addictive behaviours. In the dream she is a heroin addict which is an obvious and terrible form of obsessive behaviour. Shopping for clothes could also have a link with obsessive behaviours. The dreamer was a young woman who liked shopping for clothes. Many young girls might say jokingly "I am addicted to shopping."
Example dream : A make up store dream took place as the dreamer was wanting to 'make up' with her own sister. The shop in question was a metaphor for something directly relevant to the dreamers life at the time.
Example dream : A dream about a shop was linked to the dreamer having doubts about his girlfriend The shop was symbolic of him wanting to keep his options open - he wanted to shop around for a new girlfriend.
Example dream : A sweet shop linked to the dreamer thinking about his image the night before. He wanted to get a suit because it made him feel important.
Example dream : A shop in a dream took place while the dreamer was on holiday. It probably represented her wish to seek out interests to keep her occupied whilst on holiday.
Example dream : A dream where the dreamer is reluctant to enter a shop linked to the dreamer thinking about his interest in art. However, at that time he never seemed to get the chance. The shop was symbolic of his wish to make time for this hobby.
Example dream : A dream of a camera shop closing linked to the dreamers interest in photography. Just recently he had lost his interest but was wondering how to replace it. The camera shop symbolised his interest in photography and its closure symbolised him noticing that this interest was now on the wane.
Example dream : Seeing a guy in a dream outside a shop linked to her thoughts about that guy. She really did not want to see him. The shop was a symbol for the kind of place that she might meet him by chance - it was the type of thing that could happen whilst shopping.
Example dream : A shop dream linked to the dreamer thinking about a man from work. He often dominated committee meetings and could talk endlessly. The shop was symbolic of the long time we can spend making up our minds about things - we can spend hours shopping but eventually we have to make a decision about what we want. In real life the dreamers co-worker could spend hours talking but he hindered decision making.

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