Symbols like sharks translate into phrases like "that's something I need to avoid" so think how you would use that phrase to describe your feelings Sharks are similar to lions and alligators in that they represent many kinds of situations that we would rather avoid. Is there someone ruthless and difficult who you would do not want to meet?

However, sharks are a hidden danger - we do not know exactly where the attack will come, so sharks tend to represent doubts and uncertainties. You maybe trying to resolve relationship problems linked to poor communication and emotional unresponsiveness. You could be fearing the consequences of splitting up. You maybe looking for the danger signs of someone cheating or behaving badly. Either way your mind is focusing on unseen dangers and consequences.

- "very nervous" (you are very nervous of something - as nervous as you would be of a shark)
- "avoiding at all costs" (you avoided someone yesterday in the same way that you would avoid a shark)
- "dangerous emotional waters"
- "hesitant... expecting the worst"
- "sensing danger" (maybe you sense danger in some difficult situation tomorrow)
- "the harsh reality of life"(sometimes life is harsh and bad things happen - the shark could symbolise some brutal reality in your life e.g. "my business has failed")
- "I have failed"
- "humiliated"
- "ruthless behaviour"
- "warning signs"
- "unfairness"
- "temper"
- "cold hearted"
- "brutal honesty"

Try to see how these key words and phrases are relevant in your thoughts right now. How would you use the phrase "cold hearted?" If you can think of something from yesterday then its likely that the symbolism of sharks links to that exact situation.

KEY PHRASES(Pick a quote which captures your feelings right now. Think especially of the day before the dream) :
- "she was really resentful yesterday"
- "I just sensed danger"
- "I just had some very real doubts about doing that"
- "I knew trouble was brewing"
- "she just would not talk about it"
- "we may get into trouble"
- "I am scared about it"
- "I am hesitant to take on such a challenge"

QUESTIONS to help you make associations(pick the one that makes most sense to you)
- Was there some situation the day before the dream where you really sensed danger?
- What incidents are you currently trying to avoid because they will upset people emotionally?
- Is there a relationship that is causing you trouble right now? Where you cannot seem to talk openly?
- How has trouble been brewing?

dangerous waters, no go zone, disappeared, dumbstruck, menacingly, relentless, efficiency, jaws, creatures, screaming, silence, distance between, coming my way, stubborn, repeated, obsessed, mistake, carcass, chasing, frantic, malice, deeper

Dreams make associations. Think of anything that comes to mind when you read through the list of word associations above. Dreams will especially link to recent thoughts and moods. If you can think of a way in which you might use one of these words then the dream may just capture that exact thought.

Take for instance a situation where the dreamer wants to end her relationship with her violent and bad tempered boyfriend. How could a shark dream link to something like that? How would the word associations above relate to reality. The words "menacingly", "relentless", "stubborn" "repeated", obsessed, "malice" could all capture the dreams fears of how her boyfriend might react. The words "dumbstruck", "frantic" and "screaming" might capture her reaction. The words "mistake" , "dangerous waters" , "distance between" and "coming my way" are also clearly relevant.


Example dream : The dreamer had been thinking about her husbands own worst habits. The shark symbolised how she was on the look out for all the danger signs as he may ruin a weekend away - in the same way you look out for danger signs with sharks.
Example dream : Nearly being eaten by a shark was symbolic of the humiliating time the dreamer had the night before. He expected to feel devastated (like after a shark attack) but was actually OK.
Example dream : A shark dream seemed to be triggered by persistent emails from someone who had fallen in love with the dreamer. The dreamer was still in love with her ex and was not impressed by this guys empty promises. A shark circling was a symbol of the warning signs - she should not start a new relationship with someone she did not know and did not have feelings for (as with the shark and real life she was looking out for signs of danger).
Example dream : A dream about a shark linked to the dreamer making a speech the next day but feeling very nervous about it. She was not convinced by the arguments that she was going to use so was not keen about having to convince others.
Example dream : A dream about a shark linked to the dreamer going freelance with his web business. The sharks symbolised the worries that this may go badly wrong.
Example dream : A dream where the dreamer is watching the sharks closely linked to the dreamer wanting to finish with her boyfriend. She was however a little unsure so she decided to keep this to herself for now. The sharks symbolised her need to hide this from her boyfriend. Ending the relationship before she was sure would lead to terrible consequences.
Example dream : A dream about shark infested waters linked to the dreamer needing to study for exams whilst she was under pressure to go to a party. The shark infested waters symbolised her belief that she was doing something wrong.
Example dream : A dream where sharks swim past the dreamer because they are not hungry linked to the dreamer thinking about a relationship which had just ended. She assumed her boyfriend did not think much of her and it was just a summer fling. But now she realised he liked her. The shark symbolised the previous fears about his commitment to the relationship - the feeling that it meant nothing and could end at any moment.
Example dream : A dream where the dreamer gets out of the water because of the sharks linked to her sensing danger - she continually feared having a miscarriage.
Example dream : A skinning a shark dream linked to the dreamer having a serious talk with her boyfriend the day before. He was lacking in commitment and she felt a little used. The shark symbolised her boyfriends cold emotions and lack of commitment - the relationship meant nothing and could be ended at any time.
Example dream : A shark dream linked to the dreamers two sisters arguing.
Example dream : A dream about a shark linked to the dreamer wanting to talk something through but fearing that he would get his head bitten off by his girlfriend.
Example dream : A shark dream linked to the dreamers son having a huge temper because he was ill.
Example dream : A shark dream linked to the dreamer feeling unfairly treated at work. She was very resentful.
Example dream : A shark dream linked to the dreamers fears that she would get into trouble for something.
Example dream : A shark in a dream linked to the dreamer feeling uncomfortable having to argue for something that he did not really like - the shark symbolised his feeling that he sensed problems (in the way we get worried swimming in shark infested waters).
Example dream : A shark was symbolic of the dreamer ruthlessly turning on someone who was causing her trouble at work (showing the ruthlessness of a shark).
Example dream : Threatening sharks symbolised the dreamers problems with men and worries that she would get badly treated again. She had been thinking about dating again but was clearly not ready as she expected the worst from men - the same as you expect the worst when a shark comes near.
Example dream : A shark infested waters dream was linked to a friends journal which the dreamer had just read. He read things about himself which really upset him. He had felt savaged (like a shark savages you) by reading these honest comments - brutally honest because they were not meant to be read (they were just written in a private journal).
Example dream : A shark in a dream was linked to the dreamer feeling nervous about an invitation to stay at a friends. This friend enjoyed going to wild parties. He was probably sensing danger in the same way you sense danger if sharks are around.
Example dream : A dream about a shark attack was linked to an incident from the day before. The dreamer had been flashed by his flat mate and had then pretended to ravage her. The shark in the dream was linked to the dreamers difficulty in knowing what actions were appropriate. Pretending to ravage his flatmate was acceptable but actually kissing her was perhaps too much. If he touched her too much then he could perhaps offend her - he was in dangerous waters (he could easily get himself in trouble like you would if you swam near a shark. Pretending to ravage a girl is something that could easily backfire if not taken in good humour).
Example dream : A shark dream was linked to the dreamers ex girlfriend and her new boyfriend who was highly violent. He did not like to be reminded of her and particularly him. Bumping into them was something he would rather avoid at all costs (in the same way we obviously avoid a shark).
Example dream : A shark dream occurred when the dreamer wanted to end a relationship but feared the consequences. The shark bite symbolised her fears about how he would react (very badly - just like a shark).
Example dream : A shark dream linked to the dreamers doubts about her boyfriend. She felt their communication wasn't good. He didn't listen to her. The dreamer had words with her boyfriend and the shark in the dream symbolised this confrontation as she tried to get across how she felt.
Example dream : The previous night the dreamer had asked her boyfriend for a serious commitment. She felt very vulnerable after he did not answer. Sometimes when someone does not speak up we fear the worst - the shark was a symbol for how the dreamer was reading the worst into this (she feared the truth like you would fear a shark).
Example dream : A shark attack was linked to the dreamers relationship with a woman. He feared that his actions had destroyed the relationship. He was trying to resolve these problems but feared that these attempts at compromise would be ruthlessly dealt with. So the shark was a symbol for the fears that he would be dealt with ruthlessly (in the way a shark deals ruthlessly with its prey).
Example dream : A shark eating the dreamers sister represented the hard times her sister was going through. The shark was therefore a symbol for the harsh reality of life (a shark obviously will show utter ruthlessness).
Example dream : A shark in a dream was a symbol for a crisis - and the dream was about her doubts about her boyfriend (how would he react in a crisis situation like a shark attack? Would he save her? Would he be more interested in his own safety?).