Symbols like sharks translate into phrases like "that's something I need to avoid" so think how you would use that phrase to describe your feelings e.g. "I really wanted to avoid my ex boyfriend yesterday" If you can make an association with a dream then the dream maybe about that subject. Here are some associations that you can link to "SHARK" dreams.

1. ANXIOUS ABOUT SOMETHING (you are very nervous of something - as nervous as you would be of a shark. Are you wanting to avoid someone at all costs? Do you fear someone who fills you with as much fear as a shark)
2. DANGEROUS EMOTIONAL WATERS. (Did someone talk about a sensitive subject yesterday? Your dream could be saying "that is a forbidden subject. I should keep away from mentioning that.")
3. FEARING THE WORST Are you fearing the worst? Is some failure imminent? Can you think of nothing but failure.
4. SENSING DANGER (maybe you sense danger in some difficult situation tomorrow)
5. THE HARSH REALITY OF LIFE" (sometimes life is harsh and bad things happen - the shark could symbolise some brutal reality in your life e.g. "my business has failed". )
6. HUMILIATION (were you totally humiliated yesterday? Did you humiliate someone yesterday? Was someone brutally honest with you yesterday)
7. RUTHLESS BEHAVIOUR (are you expected to be ruthless in some way? Have you been thinking about an extremely competitive situation?)
8. WARNING SIGNS (Do you need to heed the warning signs? What situation is worrying you? The dangerous shark infested waters maybe symbolic of your need to realise the dangers)
10. BAD TEMPER (did someone unleash a terrible temper yesterday? Did you lose your temper yesterday? The shark could represent that loss of temper)
11. COLD HEARTED (a shark is a cold hearted ruthless killer. If you are needing to show how cold hearted you can be then the shark could represent you attempts to be ruthless. )

The associations listed above are all based upon studies of real shark dreams. They are based upon the example dreams listed at the bottom of this page.

Try to see how these associations are relevant in your thoughts right now. How would you use the phrase "cold hearted?" If you can think of something from yesterday then its likely that the symbolism of sharks links to that exact situation.

Sharks are similar to lions and alligators in that they represent many kinds of situations that we would rather avoid. Is there someone ruthless and difficult who you would do not want to meet?

However, sharks are a hidden danger - we do not know exactly where the attack will come, so sharks tend to represent doubts and uncertainties. You maybe trying to resolve relationship problems linked to poor communication and emotional unresponsiveness. You could be fearing the consequences of splitting up. You maybe looking for the danger signs of someone cheating or behaving badly. Either way your mind is focusing on unseen dangers and consequences.

KEY PHRASES(Pick a quote which captures your feelings right now. Think especially of the day before the dream) :
- "she was really resentful yesterday"
- "I just sensed danger"
- "I just had some very real doubts about doing that"
- "I knew trouble was brewing"
- "she just would not talk about it"
- "we may get into trouble"
- "I am scared about it"
- "I am hesitant to take on such a challenge"

QUESTIONS to help you make associations(pick the one that makes most sense to you)
- Was there some situation the day before the dream where you really sensed danger?
- What incidents are you currently trying to avoid because they will upset people emotionally?
- Is there a relationship that is causing you trouble right now? Where you cannot seem to talk openly?
- How has trouble been brewing?

dangerous waters, no go zone, disappeared, dumbstruck, menacingly, relentless, efficiency, jaws, creatures, screaming, silence, distance between, coming my way, stubborn, repeated, obsessed, mistake, carcass, chasing, frantic, malice, deeper

Dreams make associations. Think of anything that comes to mind when you read through the list of word associations above. Dreams will especially link to recent thoughts and moods. If you can think of a way in which you might use one of these words then the dream may just capture that exact thought.

Take for instance a situation where the dreamer wants to end her relationship with her violent and bad tempered boyfriend. How could a shark dream link to something like that? How would the word associations above relate to reality. The words "menacingly", "relentless", "stubborn" "repeated", obsessed, "malice" could all capture the dreams fears of how her boyfriend might react. The words "dumbstruck", "frantic" and "screaming" might capture her reaction. The words "mistake" , "dangerous waters" , "distance between" and "coming my way" are also clearly relevant.


Example dream : A shark in a dream was symbolic of the harsh reality of having to survive in a new job. The dreamer was very nostalgic about her old job. The dreams meaning linked to this tough new environment and overall the dream captured this thought "I was very nostalgic about my old job last night as I was on the phone to my boyfriend and he told me how all my old co-workers are missing me. This is in contrast to all my new co-workers who couldn't care less and wouldn't help me even if I was in trouble." So the dream uses the shark attack as the ultimate metaphor - where her coworkers all just ignore her problems with this ruthless creature.
Example dream : A dream with two white sharks fighting linked to an incident the day before. The dreamer had been playfully trying to pit each other against each other. The dreamer linked sharks to "treacherous friends" which had relevance to this situation the day before. Often when we play fight there is a line that we do not cross. Often its our friends who will insult us the most. We will take insults from friends because we trust them. Also a friend will tell you the truth such as that you have bad breath because they are your friends and this is something that you should know. But insulting and causing trouble with your friends is fraught with danger. Also if someone attempts to behave like this saying insulting things in a playful way then it can often show that you are becoming friends. You feel that you are close enough to engage in this edgey type of humour. Its difficult to say what this dream means exactly but it seems that sharks were a symbol for fighting but in this type of sense "I tried to set one friend off against another. It was all done playfully though.".
Example dream : The dreamer had been thinking about her husbands own worst habits. The shark symbolised how she was on the look out for all the danger signs as he may ruin a weekend away - in the same way you look out for danger signs with sharks. The dream dealt with this theme of "danger signs" and the dreams meaning was probably linked to this type of feeling "I know what my husband is like and I will be looking out danger signs. I know exactly how it will end up." So the dream represented the dreamer playing out how badly things could go.
Example dream : Nearly being eaten by a shark was symbolic of the humiliating time the dreamer had the night before. He expected to feel devastated (like after a shark attack) but was actually OK. So overall the dream included this theme of "feeling devastated" and captured this exact thought "Things went as badly as they could have. Yesterday I felt ok though. I would have expected to have felt devastated." So the dream was an assessment of the dreamers emotional state after a disappointment.
Example dream : A dream about a shark symbolised someone that the dreamer really wanted to avoid. He really hated being near this former friend who he felt had betrayed him.
Example dream : A shark dream seemed to be triggered by persistent emails from someone who had fallen in love with the dreamer. The dreamer was still in love with her ex and was not impressed by this guys empty promises. A shark circling was a symbol of the warning signs - she should not start a new relationship with someone she did not know and did not have feelings for (as with the shark and real life she was looking out for signs of danger).
Example dream : A shark in a dream was linked to the dreamer feeling nervous about an invitation to stay at a friends. This friend enjoyed going to wild parties. He was probably sensing danger in the same way you sense danger if sharks are around. The dreams meaning involved this theme of "sensing danger" and "feeling nervous" and the dream captured this exact feeling "I have some bad feelings about my roommates invite to Missouri for July 4th. I am sensing some danger because He goes to some pretty wild parties and I would find it difficult not to get involved."
Example dream : A dream about a shark attack was linked to an incident from the day before. The dreamer had been flashed by his flat mate and had then pretended to ravage her. The shark in the dream was linked to the dreamers difficulty in knowing what actions were appropriate. Pretending to ravage his flatmate was acceptable but actually kissing her was perhaps too much. If he touched her too much then he could perhaps offend her - he was in dangerous waters (he could easily get himself in trouble like you would if you swam near a shark. Pretending to ravage a girl is something that could easily backfire if not taken in good humour). The dreams meaning involved this theme of "sensing danger" and "dangerous waters" linked to the shark and overall the dream captured this exact feeling "I had a joke with my flatmate pretending to ravage her after she flashed me. It could easily have gone wrong if she had taken it the wrong way."
Example dream : A dream about sharks attacking people seems linked to the continuous confrontations between the dreamer and her fianc├ęs mother. The shark represented the "vicious arguments" and "confrontations" caused by her future mother in law. The one thing that we associate with sharks is that we should avoid them at all costs. So the dream must be linked to this type of thought "I have to think of some way to avoid these arguments and avoid her. That might even involve calling off the wedding."
Example dream : A shark dream was linked to the dreamers ex girlfriend and her new boyfriend who was highly violent. He did not like to be reminded of her and particularly him. Bumping into them was something he would rather avoid at all costs (in the same way we obviously avoid a shark). The dreams meaning involved this theme of "avoid at all costs" in the following real life context "I broke up with my ex and now she has gone back with her old boyfriend. I bumped into them yesterday and it was a very uncomfortable moment which I would rather have avoided at all costs"
Example dream : A shark dream occurred when the dreamer wanted to end a relationship but feared the consequences. The shark bite symbolised her fears about how he would react (very badly - just like a shark). The dreams meaning revoled around the theme of "his cold and ruthless behaviour" and overall the dream caught this exact feeling "I want to end my marriage but find it difficult to do it. I feel he is cold and heartless and hate him touching me."
Example dream : A shark dream linked to the dreamers doubts about her boyfriend. She felt his communication wasn't good. He didn't listen to her. The dreamer had words with her boyfriend and the shark in the dream symbolised the danger and difficulty as she tried to put across her feelings. Confronting her boyfriend involved some shark attack like feelings such as "I know it involes risk telling him as he may react badly" or "I was in dangerous waters talking about that".
Example dream : The previous night the dreamer had asked her boyfriend for a serious commitment. She felt very vulnerable after he did not answer. Sometimes when someone does not speak up we fear the worst - the shark was a symbol for how the dreamer was reading the worst into this (she feared the truth like you would fear a shark). The dreanms menaing featured the theme of "fearing the worst" within the context of this wider thought "I tried asking my boyfriend for a commitment yesterday but just received a huge silence. It makes me fear the worst - it felt like savage put down."
Example dream : A shark attack was linked to the dreamers relationship with a woman. He feared that his actions had destroyed the relationship. He was trying to resolve these problems but feared that these attempts at compromise would be ruthlessly dealt with. So the shark was a symbol for the fears that he would be dealt with ruthlessly (in the way a shark deals ruthlessly with its prey). The dreams meaning involved this theme of "dealt with ruthlessly" and overall the dream caught this feeling "I want to leave it for a few weeks. I am hoping things may settle down. But on the other hand it maybe better to go straight in. But I fear her response."
Example dream : A shark eating the dreamers sister represented the hard times her sister was going through. The shark was therefore a symbol for the harsh reality of life. The dreams meaning featured this theme of "hard times" and the dream captured this exact feeling "My sister was explaining how difficult life has been for her recently. I felt a real sympathy and wish I could help." People often say "the wolf is at the door" to express hard economic times or just hardship and this dream uses a similar metaphor but with a shark.
Example dream : In real life the dreamer had just broken up with her boyfriend. He was a bit emotional unresponsive. She felt he had been ok generally but if it had come to a crisis he would not have been there for her. So how does this shark dream relate to that situation? In the dream she is in a crisis as she had just been bitten by a shark. Yet during this big dream crisis her ex boyfriend is around but totally unavailable. So her dream has intentionally put her in a situation where any girl would need her boyfriend and he could show how much he cared and loved her. Yet in her dream he totally fails the test. So simply the dream portrays this emotion "My ex boyfriend was never there for me. If it had come to a real crisis (e.g. if she was attacked by a shark) he would have been useless."
Example dream : A shark in a dream took place as the dreamer was worrying about the day to come. He was going to have to make a speech arguing for something he did not really believe in. The symbolism of a shark dream does seem to have relevance here. This speech involved great risk and would probably end up very badly. Overall the dream probably caught these feelings "I have real doubts about arguing for something I do not really believe in. It will probably end up really badly and I will face savage criticism."
Example dream : In this dream the dreamer was the shark. In real life the dreamer had been having real problems at work and had just turned on someone and ruthlessly said she what felt. In this dream she is a shark! That obviously suggests a different interpretation. The shark could represent her own shark like ruthlessness the day before as she told people what she thought. The dream probably has a simple interpretation capturing this thought "I was seen as the shark yesterday ruthlessly turning on someone at work. But it's his fault as he is so catty and difficult. I had no choice but to defend myself in this ruthless way!" So the dream was about the dreamer examining how she acted the previous day and justifying her extreme and out of character behaviour.
Example dream : In one dream the dreamer is thinking about diving into shark infested waters. In real the dreamer had had problems with men. She had been single for a long time and had worries that she would get badly treated again. She had been thinking about dating again. So how could this shark dream be a symbol for her feelings? There are obvious ways in which the symbolism of sharks works here. In real life she wanted to start dating (But this was dangerous waterrs involving great risk, just like diving in with sharks). She did not trust men, no one would ever trust a shark. Men are ruthless and heartless, just like a shark. Overall the dream caught this feeling "I am ready to jump in and start dating. I know dating involves danger and risk but I will give it a try."
Example dream : A shark infested waters dream was linked to a friends journal which the dreamer had just read. He read things about himself which really upset him. He had felt savaged (like a shark savages you) by reading these honest comments - brutally honest because they were not meant to be read (they were just written in a private journal).
Example dream : A dream about a shark linked to the dreamer making a speech the next day but feeling very nervous about it. She was not convinced by the arguments that she was going to use so was not keen about having to convince others. She was in danger of being humiliated and "savaged" with criticism. She was obviously in "dangerous waters" making a speech which involved so much "danger" and "risk".
Example dream : A dream about a shark linked to the dreamer going freelance with his web business. The sharks symbolised the worries that this may go badly wrong. Sharks have obvious associations with danger and risk of all kinds.
Example dream : A dream where the dreamer is watching the sharks closely linked to the dreamer wanting to finish with her boyfriend. She was however a little unsure so she decided to keep this to herself for now. The sharks symbolised her need to hide this from her boyfriend. Ending the relationship before she was sure would lead to terrible consequences.
Example dream : A dream about shark infested waters linked to the dreamer needing to study for exams whilst she was under pressure to go to a party. Shark infested waters have relevance to her real life situation. She could get into "real trouble" if she didn't study.
Example dream : A dream where sharks swim past the dreamer because they are not hungry linked to the dreamer thinking about a relationship which had just ended. She assumed her boyfriend did not think much of her and it was just a summer fling. But now she realised he liked her. The shark symbolised the previous fears about his commitment to the relationship - the feeling that it meant nothing and could end at any moment.
Example dream : A dream where the dreamer gets out of the water because of the sharks linked to her sensing danger - she continually feared having a miscarriage.
Example dream : A skinning a shark dream linked to the dreamer having a serious talk with her boyfriend the day before. He was lacking in commitment and she felt a little used. The shark symbolised her boyfriends cold emotions and lack of commitment - the relationship meant nothing and could be ended at any time. He was as ruthless and cold hearted as a shark.
Example dream : A shark dream linked to the dreamers two sisters arguing. Sharks obviously link by association with any situation involving fighting.
Example dream : A dream about a shark linked to the dreamer wanting to talk something through but fearing that he would get his head bitten off by his girlfriend.
Example dream : A shark dream linked to the dreamers son having a huge temper because he was ill. The sharks ferocity as a metaphor for his rage.
Example dream : A shark dream linked to the dreamer feeling unfairly treated at work. She was very resentful.
Example dream : A shark dream linked to the dreamers fears that she would get into trouble for something. The association is obvious as if you are attacked by a shark then you are in "real trouble".

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