Sex will often link to sexual feelings. It may just be an expression of fantasies so if you wake up feeling aroused its symbolic of those immediate urges. that's especially the case if you are not able to satisfy your sexual urges.

Sex may also be linked to sexual relationships and your thoughts about these. Maybe you partner wants to try something that you feel uncomfortable with. Perhaps you have been thinking about how far to go with a new sex partner?

Sex is also a symbol of intimacy. Maybe you have been talking about feelings openly and honestly with someone? They showed no signs of restraining their feelings and revealed every little secret in their lives.

Sex in dreams can also simply represent something that you find very attractive - but not in a sexual way. Think of ways in which you used the phrase - 'I would really want to do that?' For instance your boss going on holiday is a very attractive sounding thought - because you can spend the week doing as little as possible.

In a similar way sex with someone may simply represent your admiration for someone. It may show that you would like your next sexual partner to be like that person. It just shows that you know what you like. So if you have sex with your best friends girlfriend then it could just mean that you wish for someone similar in your life. Its not a dream showing that you have inappropriate feelings.

QUESTIONS to help you make associations(pick the one that makes most sense to you)
- Did the dream include someone that you are sexually attracted to?
- Did something seem very appealing and tempting yesterday?
- Did you wake up feeling aroused?
- Did someone praise you yesterday or come to some close agreement with you?
- Do you admire the person in the dream?

KEY WORDS : Aroused, admire, intimate conversation, close agreement, very appealing, praise

KEY PHRASES(Pick a quote which captures your feelings right now. Think especially of the day before the dream) :
- "I woke up aroused"
- "I really fancy this woman at work"
- "I know he is acting like that because he fancies me"
- "I admire him as a person. He has many attractive qualities"
- "that is a very appealing and tempting offer"
- "we came to a close agreement"
- "He made a very personal appeal to me"
- "she couldn't praise me enough"
- "He has been telling me all the intimate details of his relationship"
- "he has to make it more appealing for me before I become interested"


Example dream : A dream of a very sexy woman flirting with the dreamer took place the day after the dreamer had become a "hot property" for his amazing computer skills. Several people had been "swarming around him," praising him endlessly. The sexy woman was a symbol of how he felt like a "hot sex bomb" with people interested in him.
Example dream : A dream where the woman is attracted to the dreamer was linked to the dreamers thoughts about a woman. At first he felt a bit defensive because she was asking him some very direct questions - but he had started to realise that she was very interested (attracted) in some ideas that he had. So the dreams meaning dealt with this theme of "attracted" and linked to this specific thought process "I thought she believed that my ideas were nonsense and unscientific but I actually think she is attracted to these ideas now and is a big fan".
Example dream : Sex in one dream linked to a young student relationship with an older staff member. The older staff member burst into tears because of stress and the younger girl comforted her. The sex was a symbol of their close intimate talk(but definitely not sexual). Dreams use associations and we associate intimate talking with sexual relationships. The dreamer and her friend had been talking "like lovers" talk in a very intimate and supportive way.
Example dream : The dreamer dreamt that her husband kissed and later had sex with a woman. This was a symbol for the night before when her husband eat too much on a night out. Having sex was a symbol of her husband getting what he wanted. The dream featured this theme of "gettng what you want" in the following thought I usually tell him not to eat too much but last night I let him eat whatever he wanted. But the idiot went too far and eat too much." So the dream was about how the dreamer should behave with her husband and her feelings about letting him as he wished the previous night.
Example dream : Sex in one dream represented the dreamers thoughts - he was getting mixed signals from a woman - he wasn't sure if she wanted a sexual relationship or just to be friends.
Example dream : A pretty woman naked having sex on a bed was linked to some very vivid sexual fantasies.
Example dream : A dream with lots of sex in it was caused by the dreamers sexual arousal at the time that he woke
Example dream : A dream of having sex with a wolf was caused by the dreamer thinking over her boyfriends new found darker sexual side. If a dream features sex at a time when you have been thinking about it then its likely that it's meaning links to your feelings concerning this issue.
Example dream : Sex symbolised how the dreamer was relating to men. She was still thinking about her ex who had treated her badly and needed to get over
Example dream : A dream about having sex with the doctor took place when the dreamers mental health was deteriorating and he realised that he would need help from his doctor. Having sex with the doctor was possibly symbolic of you telling your doctor all your intimate secrets (you tell a lover all your secrets). Having sex with the doctor could also link to the dreamer knowing he would have to start getting on well with his doctor if he was to get the help he needed. He needed to form a close relationship with him.
Example dream : A dream about not wanting sex was linked to the dreamers real life sexual problems with her boyfriend. He was wanting to have sex but she was not. This was causing problems and the dreamer feared that this might end their relationship.
Example dream : In one dream the dreamer is at her workplace making love with her partner when she is interrupted. In real life both the dreamer and her partner were busy with work and were not finding time for each other. The dreams meaning revolved around the dreamer asking the question "Are our work commitments affecting our relationship?" The dream ends in a nice warm hug so it seems that the dreamer was thinking there was not a problem.
Example dream : A sexy woman stripping symbolised the dreamers feelings the night before. He wanted a woman he was attracted to to feel attractive. She was looking a little tired the day before and he wanted to make her feel attractive
Example dream : Sex in a dream linked to the dreamer feeling that he was destined to be with his ex girlfriend. The sex symbolised his deep passion and love for her.
Example dream : A dream where the dreamer has sex with a female friend was symbolic of his deep affection for her which was mixed in with sexual attraction. The sex in the dream could be translated symbolically into the words "sexually attracted" and the dream caught this feeling "I am sexually attracted to her but I am happy to be friends as she is fun to be with."
Example dream : Seeing your next door neighbour having sex in a dream took place after the dreamer had been thinking about all her husbands cheating.
Example dream : A vampire orgy symbolised the dreamers thoughts about a guy before going to bed. She was thinking she would talk about sex with him to get him interested
Example dream : A dream about being with a couple whilst they were having sex was linked to the evening before. The dreamer had overheard the couple next door having sex.
Example dream : Sexy girls in a dream actually linked to the dreamers thoughts about work. His boss had been away for a week on holiday and he wished that she would continue to be away so he could continue having an easy time. The sexy girls symbolised something very appealing to the dreamer - in this case having an easy time at work.
Example dream : A dream full of sex and hard living was linked to the dreamer thinking about his hedonistic lifestyle and his need to slow down.
Example dream : A dream where the dreamer felt he might get caught peeping through a window of a woman having sex took place when the dreamer was having some strong fantasies about a woman on Facebook. Watching a woman having sex was a symbol of his real life sexual fantasies about an equally attractive woman in real life.
Example dream : Sexual dreams linked to the dreamers recent attempts at being celibate.
Example dream : Feeling guilty about having sex in a dream was perhaps a symbol of the dreamers pregnancy. She had already had several miscarriages and this dream was symbolic of the various risk factors. Strenuous and athletic activity like sex was really something that she should avoid because of her pregnancy.
Example dream : Having sex with an alien represented the dreamers last sexual encounter as he had just engaged in homosexual activity for the first time.
Example dream : Having sex with her brother in law symbolised her admiration for him. He was everything her husband was not.
Example dream : Sexy women symbolised a decision which was 'very attractive' to the dreamer the day before. It represented a choice which was 'very appealing' but which had nothing to do with sex.
Example dream : A dream about sex simply captured the dreamers sexual arousal at the time of the dream.
Example dream : A dream 'In bed fully clothed with male friend' linked to the dreamers husband being friends with a guy that the dreamer had been attracted to in the past. The sex dream linked to the dreamers feelings of guilt and awkwardness with someone she had been attracted to. He had been acting strangely and her she was worried that husband would suspect something.
Example dream : A sex dream linked to the dreamer thinking about that my brothers friend who was giving her some definite signals.
Example dream : A sex dream with her brother in law simply captured her admiration for him as a person. He was so considerate and successful.
Example dream : A dream about her husband having sex with another woman linked to the night before. They had gone out and he had overdone it - he had eaten so much. She did not like to say anything because he was clearly enjoying himself. Cheating symbolised his inability to control himself.
Example dream : A dream about sex linked to the dreamer being complimented - she kept praising him.
Example dream : An unappealing sexual encounter in a dream linked to a phone call the previous day. The dreamers boss tried to get him to agree to some new responsibilities. Although he made this sound appealing he did not really want to. Sex symbolised something that was been made to sound very appealing.
Example dream : Sex in a dream linked to the dreamer knowing he had to come to a close agreement. Sex was therefore symbolic of an alliance or agreement - where people come together.
Example dream : A dream about oral sex with a perfect girl linked to the dreamer feeling elated at the time. The sex captured the feeling that everything was just perfect right now.

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