Being scared in a dream may not be such a fearful dream - it may just mean that you found something scary yesterday. Did you find something overwhelming yesterday? Did something scary happen to someone else that really made you think? Did you go somewhere you found intimidating yesterday? Did you really mistrust someone? Did someone freak you out yesterday?

Being scared could link to relationship problems. Are you fearful that you might lose someone? Do you fear that things are not working out? Do you have some real doubts long term about a partner?

How are you dealing with fear in general recently? Has something happened that makes you especially more fearful? Have you felt someone's reassuring presence recently? Have you been trying to overcome some fear or phobia?

Feeling scared maybe a warning not to do something. Perhaps you have realised the consequences of what you are doing. Were you thinking of doing something that on reflection could cause loads of problems?

Could the dream be about someone else's fears. Was someone very scared or upset yesterday?

Are you scared about change and the future in general? Have you been contemplating some big change? Are you worried about a big deterioration in your health?


Example dream : Being scared in a dream linked to the dreamer having sex with a man the night before. Feeling scared linked to the initial feelings of apprehension whilst having sex with someone for the first time.
Example dream : A scary tsunami dream symbolised how the dreamer had been overwhelmed two days before
Example dream : Scared by wild animals symbolised a very prestigious drama school that the dreamer visited the day before. The animals symbolised the strong competition and high standards of this college - it was intimidating and unpleasant('scary').
Example dream : Scared that his ex would die symbolised the dreamers fear that he would lose touch with his ex as a friend. Being scared was therefore a symbol for his fears that he would lose this friendship.
Example dream : Feeling scared linked to a phone call before the dreamer went to bed. The woman she spoke to was very friendly but the dreamer knew she was an endless gossip. So she completely distrusted her (symbolism - we are scared when we do not trust someone)
Example dream : A dream being scared was symbolic of the dreamers fears after her grandmother had died. If someone is scared in a dream try to see how they are scared right now. In this case the meaning of the dream was simple catching this feeling "I am SCARED as my grandmother has just died." But look for other related feeelings such as "I don't know how I will cope. I have never been without my grandmother" or "I have never had to cope with a death of a loved one before." It is likely that feelings like these pinpoint why the dreamer is scared.
Example dream : In one dream a shark seems very small and not scary. In real life the shark was symbolic of someone the dreamer was really trying to avoid (like a shark). The shark was small and not scary because the dreamer had decided that it was easy to avoid this person (not as scary as first thought).
Example dream : A scared dream followed on from a day when the dreamer had been a little freaked out about a neighbour who had sent a voice mail which was very sexual in its nature. And this theme of "feeling freaked out" featured in a wider thought process along he lines of this "I was ent these two suggestive voicemails and it has freaked me out. I am scared to be with him as I fear that he might jump on me".
Example dream : A dream being scared represented the dreamers worst fears after talking with her friend who was very upset on the phone
Example dream : Being scared in a dream linked to some of the dreamers immediate fears about changes that were about to take place in the dreamers workplace. The dreams meaning involved "fears" in the following context "I fear these changes and have been worrying that they will directly affect me."
Example dream : Being scared in a dream symbolised the dreamers illness and tiredness. Even small problems seemed like huge mountains.
Example dream : Scared of a coyote symbolised the dreamers fear about going back to work. She had forgotten how bad her boss was.
Example dream : Being scared in a dream linked to the dreamers fears that old problems would return to their relationship if she got back together with her ex.
Example dream : Being scared of heights linked to the dreamers lack of confidence but a realisation of how her boyfriend had helped reassure her and build her confidence
Example dream : Not being scared during a tornado linked to the dreamer saying things to people in authority without worrying about the consequences of this type of behaviour.
Example dream : Feeling scared whilst walking with a guy she was attracted to was symbolic of her worries that he did not feel the same way.
Example dream : A scary shark symbolised the dreamers doubts about her boyfriend. She thought he was unresponsive and emotionally unresponsive. He would be no good in a crisis so she was thinking of ditching him
Example dream : A scary dream happened as the dreamer feared losing his close relationship with his mother if he moved to LA to pursue his career in the entertainments industry
Example dream : A scary dream symbolised the dreamers realisation that she should not cheat on her boyfriend. She was playing with fire.
Example dream : A dream of a scared little girl was thought to be a premonition of an abduction of a little girl which was all over the news the next day.
Example dream : A 'scary' dream linked to the huge impact news reports of Hurricane Katrina had on the dreamer
Example dream : The dreamer had been thinking about someone who he thought was fearless but on second thoughts he thought he was not quite as cool as first thought
Example dream : A dream which featured scary thrill seeking adventures was linked to a new attitude with the dreamer who woke up wanting to conquer his severe phobias

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