Safety and feeling safe in dreams can have an obvious link to the need to stay safe and not take any dangerous risks. So look at issues where you were more cautious than others and wanted to get everything right. Also think about people whom you are realising have a reassuring impact on you. In the same sense think of people whom you wish to avoid at all costs.

In another sense safety in dreams can show that overall you are happy with some relationship or situation in your life yet you are aware of certain problems that you wish to rectify.

KEY WORDS : Health and safety, risks, tricky, reassured, helping, nervous, petrified, protective, loving, deep connection, unsettled, no pressure, sensible, volatile situation, caution, worries, cope, unnaffected, dangerous person

KEY PHRASES(Pick a quote which captures your feelings right now. Think especially of the day before the dream) :
- "I know I cannot take any risks and follow every health and safety rule "
- "I really was not prepared to take any risks yesterday"
- "I am in quite a tricky situation at work"
- "I am really felt reassured by his presence"
- "I felt less nervous when she was there"
- "I cannot seem to get rid of the tenseness"
- "I felt reassured until she said that... "
- "I feel a lot happier about it now"
- "I am sure that things will be OK in the end but right now there are distinct problems"
- "I was never quite certain it would be OK until it was over"
- "I know its important to her and she wants to prepare as much as possible"
- "I want to do that but realise it would be very risky"
- "I feel a little more reassured about it"
- "I really do not feel safe with him around"
- "I was petrified when I saw him"
- "Its a risk I am not prepared to take"

QUESTIONS to help you make associations(pick the one that makes most sense to you)
- Did you feel very scared at some point yesterday?
- Is there a major source of tension in your life?
- Are you simply not prepared to take risks with something?
- Did you feel very reassured by someone's presence yesterday?
- Did you feel that something was just too risky yesterday?


Example dream : A dream where the dreamer realised that he might have to venture into a no go zone took place the night after the dreamer had been worrying about his father dying. Specifically, he had been thinking how he depended on his father and how he spent most of his time there. If his father died then he would have to venture out of his safe little world and meet new people.
Example dream : Reaching safety in a tidal wave symbolised the dreamers feeling that there were no immediate problems caused by her bad behaviour she had survived (she was safe) The dreams meaning linked to the following thought involving this theme "I should not have behaved like that as it might have had terrible consequences. But I was lucky in that I survived without any problems"
Example dream : A dream where the dreamer can fly very low safely was linked to her thinking about her work. She was now able to work quickly and effectively on quite difficult tasks. So safely featured in the following way "I can work quite effectively nowadays. I can handle large workloads safely." We can associate the following feelings with safety in this sense such as "I can handle that easily", "I am not being pushed to my limits" and "I will have no trouble doing that quickly." So safety can link to staying within your limits or knowing your limits.
Example dream : Wanting to stay safe represented the dreamers wish to have a relationship free from cheating (she wanted to feel safe and secure in her relationship) - the previous night the dreamer had seen her boyfriend check out another woman. The dreams meaning involved this theme of staying safe and revolved around the thought process "I saw him checking out another woman. That type of behaviour does not make me feel safe and secure in my relationship."
Example dream : A dream about reaching safety represented the dreamers wish to escape relationship problems (she wanted to feel emotionally secure in her relationship). She had had a serious talk the night before. The dream meaning revolved around this theme of feeling safe and linked to this specific thought process "I have had so many problems with him. I never feel secure in my relationship so we had a long talk last night and ended up splitting up"
Example dream : A dream where the dreamer asks a boats skipper to go at a slower speed for her children took place the day after she was encouraging them to tidy their rooms up. She made this into a game and tried to encourage them as much as posisble. Asking to go at a safe speed associates with feelings like "I do not want to push my children", "I asked them to do something but did not want them to have too much pressure" and "I like my children to learn but I don't like to push them too hard." In this casde it probably captures this type of feeling "I wanted them to enjoy themselves. If I pressured them too much they would not enjoy it."
Example dream : Feeling safe in a dream linked to the dreamers thoughts that her aunt after she rang her up and said how she was stressed out by something. The dreamer had not heard back from her and was frantic with worry. The dreamer alternated between thinking "she is probably O.K." to "I think she is in need of my help and support."
Example dream : Feeling safe as a huge black tornado approaches linked to the dreamer just getting a job as a producer in a theatre after having being unemployed. The tornado here probables represents the stress and difficulties to come. Feeling safe was a symbol of his confidence and ability to handle this workload. The dream then captures this exact feeling "It will be hard work but I am sure I will be able to handle this without any problems. I am well capable of it."
Example dream : In one dream the dreamer is thinking that the only way to stay safe is to keep an alligator's mouth shut. In real life he had been thinking how much he wanted to tell a woman his true feelings. However, he knew this would cause a lot of problems and end up upsetting him. "Safe" has obvious relevance here as the dreamer realised that "In order to stay safe I need to keep my mouth closed." Safe then was a symbol linked to the dreamers need to avoid dangerous and risky behaviour.
Example dream : Looking after a babies safety symbolised the dreamers wish to please his girlfriend and think about what she wanted. He had realised how important she was to him and his wish to consider her feelings. The dream could link to a simple feeling of "My girlfriend is important to me so I have to please her." Sometimes we feel the need to remind ourselves of how important someone is and dreams help us do that.
Example dream : Seeking safety represented the dreamers wish to avoid all the volatility in a relationship. He was taking a very cautious approach with a woman he knew. Previously his relationship with her had been very volatile and so he was trying to keep his distance from her. The dream then caught this feeling "I much prefer the quiet life. I know how volatile she can be so I try not to take a very cautious approach nowadays."
Example dream : A plane landing shakily linked to the dreamer and his lady friend agreeing to help each other out with their thesis's. The plane landing safely symbolised their wish to help and support each other through difficulties. Safety in dreams can therefore link to you getting help. Help can be associated with the following related feelings such as "avoiding risk" and "doing things as easily as possible".
Example dream : A young teenager had a dream where she felt safe with her crushes mom. That seemed to be the case in real life as well as she felt more confident and reassured with her crush whilst his mother was there. So feeling safe was linked to her feeling very nervous around her crush. Feeling safe in this context is associated with feelings like "I feel more reassured", "I am less nervous" and "I have noticed that I get very nervous when..." So the dream was about controlling her nerves and knowing what helps make her feel more reassured.
Example dream : The previous night the dreamer had felt vulnerable after her talk with her boyfriend. Her swim to safety represented her need to feel more secure within her relationship
Example dream : A dream where the dreamer asks her sister to bring her little daughter over to her so she would be safe took place as the dreamers sister was going through hard times. The dreamer liked to look after her little girl in real life as she often worried about them both. What is the symbolism of "staying safe" in this context? In real life the dreamer wished that her niece would be not be "affected by her all her sisters problems", she also wanted to "help and protect as much as possible". So we could translate the "safety" in the dream into words like "help", "support" and "unaffected."
Example dream : A snake at safe distance symbolised the dreamers chat with his wife about his infidelities. He was uncomfortable about this. The distance away from this snake symbolised his thoughts about how threatening and difficult this talk was.
Example dream : Feeling safe symbolised the dreamers improved confidence due to her boyfriend. His reassuring presence and support had helped her in very noticeable ways. So we can actually translate the "feeling safe" dream symbol into the word "reassuring" and we see it fits into this context within the dreamers thoughts "He reassures me. I feel safe when I am around my new boyfriend."
Example dream : A dream of heading for safe ground represented the dreamers worries about a relationship ending. She wished to avoid this break up
Example dream : In the dream her son was safe from a pack of wolves which symbolised a woman who had tried to manipulate the situation and had had it in for the dreamer. Now anything she did would be ignored because she had been found out. The need for safety dream symbolised her awareness of danger from this woman.
Example dream : Worries about safety symbolised the dreamers feelings of guilt about leaving her daughter with someone else. They would not be as interested in their safety as she was. The dream was about her protective instincts towards her daughter.
Example dream : A wolf that was safe linked to the dreamers wish to do more to campaign on nature issues. She wanted to do as much as she could. The wolf being safe was linked to her concern for their well being.
Example dream : keeping a winning lottery ticket safe symbolised the dreamers thoughts about a project. He felt everything was going really well. He just had to get through one last glitch.
Example dream : A dream where children are in a tortuous position yet still safe was linked to the dreamers thoughts about a meeting the next day with social workers. He knew this would be difficult (tortuous) yet he also knew it was in his own best interests (he was safe with these people).
Example dream : Observing a volcano from a safe distance linked to the dreamers husband nearly losing his temper the night before. Needing to keep a safe distance symbolised the dreamers need to back off and allow the situation to defuse.
Example dream : A need to escape sharks symbolised the dreamers worries about men. She had previously had a hard time and felt nervous about dating again. In reality she wasn't really ready for a new relationship and still distrusted men in general.
Example dream : The need to stay safe during a tsunami represented the dreamers need to keep his relationship going with his mother despite needing to move away to LA. Staying safe represented his wish to cope with the major changes in his life.
Example dream : A dream about the dreamers deceased Aunt where a voice is heard telling the dreamer that their loved one has safely crossed was linked to the dreamers feelings about her death. The dream represented the dreamers acceptance of her death.
Example dream : A dream where the dreamer stays safe whilst huge waves crash nearby took place as the dreamer found out that she was pregnant in real life. Staying safe was a symbol of her need to look after herself whilst pregnant.
Example dream : A dream where the dreamer saves her mother during an earthquake took place whilst she was homeless. Making sure everyone was safe was symbolic of her wish to protect her family during this major crisis.
Example dream : Feeling that her purse was safe with others symbolised the dreamers fears of moving in with her boyfriend and depending on him financially. Now she was feeling a lot more relaxed about the move.
Example dream : Feeling safe was linked to the previous day when the dreamer had visited a house for sale and was touched by the thoughts about a woman who had died there. Feeling safe in the dream was probably linked to this real feeling of connection he felt to this woman.
Example dream : A natural disaster in which the dreamer ends up being quite safe was thought to be a premonition of an economic crash. The fact that the dreamer was safe seemed to represent fact that the economic crash had left the dreamer unaffected.
Example dream : A dream where the dreamer tells his wife to get out of the car where she will be safe was linked to the dreamer having served in Iraq during the gulf war. In the dream his wife is safe whilst he is overcome by a flood. In real life he was affected emotionally by the war. He would obviously try to keep his wife out of this. The dream probably captures this type of thought "I am constantly reminded of the war and I think I am traumatised by it. But I do not want to involve my wife in this side of my life and draw her into this deep trauma." So he did not want his wife to be affected by this deep trauma.
Example dream : A woman acting without regard for her own safety symbolised the dreamers realisation that he was highly obsessed and acting irrationally.
Example dream : A dream where a police officer is telling the dreamer that 'you cannot use magic to get someone to safety' was linked to the dreamer starting a new job as a lifeguard the next day. Getting someone to safety did not have any major symbolic meaning other than helping people in distress was the dreamers job.
Example dream : A dream in which people are not concerned about their own safety linked to the previous day. The dreamer was wanting to be very cautious with some dangerous chemicals in his house.
Example dream : A dream where the dreamer does not feel safe up a spire was linked to him just gaining a promotion. He feared that people thought he got the job because his boss favoured him. Now it was going to be difficult to prove himself. The unsafe dream symbolised his precarious situation - he would find it difficult to convince others and prove himself. He did not feel safe and secure in this new position - he felt as if others would judge him harshly.
Example dream : A dream about being 'safe' was linked to the dreamer trying to sort out problems and bring people together. 'Safe' was a symbolic of a wish to promote a happy environment and a willingness to help sort any problems out.
Example dream : A dream where the dreamer was cleaning up the mess and making sure that all of the gifts were in a safe place linked to him trying to sort problems out and bring people together. The safe place symbolised his attempts to defuse tension.
Example dream : A dream where the dreamer was not safe anywhere linked to the dreamer having to go through lots of difficult circumstances recently.
Example dream : A dream where the dreamer knew the guy was beside her which made her feel safe linked to the dreamer thinking about her boyfriend. He had been a positive and reassuring presence and had improved her confidence .
Example dream : A dream where the dreamer felt safe linked to the dreamer feeling less nervous in front of her crush if his mother was there. Feeling safe was symbolic of the dreamer trying to understand herself and hinking how when she coped best with her nervousness - therefore help her feel more secure and settled.
Example dream : A dream where a friend tries to direct me to a safety spot linked to the dreamer being stressed at work. He could not get rid of all the tension and work problems were going round his head all night. A safe place symbolised the dreamers attempts to deal with extreme stress.
Example dream : A dream about getting to safe ground linked to the dreamer having a discussion with her husband about how closed minded people are, and how hard it is to get someone to see your point of view. Walking calmly to safer ground symbolised her thoughts about helping people understand each other even if they disagreed.
Example dream : A dream where the dreamer 'felt safe' linked to her becoming pregnant. Everyone was praising her because of this but she felt a lack of confidence since this was her first child - she was not sure she would be a good mother. Feeling safe was symbolic of her need to be reassured and confident about looking after a baby.
Example dream : A dream where the water was very choppy but the dreamer felt safe in a big boat linked to the dreamer being pregnant. She felt good about this until one friend told her she was going to wait before she got excited because she might have a miscarriage. Feeling safe symbolic of her confidence that the birth would go without any problems.
Example dream : A dream where the dreamer was trying to make sure that 'the ticket was safe' was linked to the dreamer hoping his ideas would make things a lot simpler at work. But the improvements seemed stuck in delays. Keeping things safe was symbolic of the wish to keep these improvements going.
Example dream : A dream where the dreamer feels a lot safer was linked to her thinking about the future. She focused her attention on some areas and now knew what she wanted to study. Feeling safe symbolised her feeling reassured and confident about what she was doing.
Example dream : A dream where the dreamer had 'difficulty in finding a safe place to put them' linked to her feeling very unsettled recently. She had just had a miscarriage, her granny had just died and her niece just undergone major surgery.
Example dream : A dream where 'the only way to stay safe was...' linked to him having played his first gig the night before. It was really nerve racking. Feeling safe was symbolic of him trying to get through this gig without any problems - anything could have done wrong.
Example dream : A dream where the 'Queen meets him and hands him a baby and tells him to keep it safe' was linked to the dreamers thoughts about his girlfriend. Keeping the baby safe was symbolic of him caring and looking after his girlfriend. He hated her tendency to be late but he had to bite his lip just to please her. He realised that life is about compromise.
Example dream : A dream in which the dreamer 'thought that this was a safe place' linked to the dreamer being annoyed by her neighbours loud Sunday lunch parties. Even when she sits outside she appeared to be butting into her parties. Thinking this was a safe place symbolised her instinct that her garden was a safe and comfortable place - which was now being proved wrong with the trouble with her neighbour.
Example dream : A dream where the dreamer was concerned about health and safety linked to the dreamers thoughts about her friend. She thought he was working too hard and then realised that this was something that she did all the time. Health and safety was symbolic of the need to think sensibly about the life she was living.
Example dream : A dream where the dreamer found a safe way down from the roof linked to the dreamer being a very competitive person but trying not to push himself too much.
Example dream : A dream where the dreamer was trying to get her to 'sleep somewhere else, because she did not think it was safe' linked to her thoughts about her ex husbands ex wife. She was very powerful and still seemed to hold all the cards. The dreamer wanted her out. Needing to get her to a place of symbolised her needing to feel generally more secure in real life.
Example dream : A dream where the dreamer wonders how safe it is linked to the dreamer bumping into someone he absolutely hated. Wondering how safe he was symbolised her being freaked out by this guy.
Example dream : A dream about trying to 'keep the carrier safe' linked to the dreamer reading about Buddhism and the need to undergo a transformation. Keeping things safe symbolised the dreamers wish to be cautious and keep away from stress - all parts of his Buddhist beliefs.

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