DREAM DICTIONARY - Running-away :

Running away in a dream may simply be triggered by a situation you are wanting to avoid in the day to come If you can make an association with a dream then the dream maybe about that subject. Here are some associations that you can link to "RUNNING AWAY" dreams.

1. STRESSFUL SITUATION Did you suffer work stress yesterday? Did you wish you could have run away from an aggravating situation yesterday?
2. MENTAL HEALTH PROBLEMS Do you continually run away from problems? Are you phobic? If so then your dream maybe about this side of you which continually evades problems. You maybe thinking about this tendency of yours to put things off.
3. PROBLEMS. Have you got financial problems which you cannot shake off? Is there some problem which you are continually failing to address? What have you been trying to put off?

The associations listed above are all based upon studies of real "running away" dreams. They are based upon the example dreams listed at the bottom of this page.

Running away could easily be a symbol for something that you wanted to 'run away' from yesterday? Did you get into some argument? Did you not like the atmosphere somewhere? This will especially apply to situations where its difficult to leave. You might be in a relationship which you are stuck in and where you continually fight. Maybe you are near breaking point? Sometimes the tension is beneath the surface and so its difficult to just storm off. Sometimes someone might make a comment which is really nasty but its quite subtle - you want to get away but cannot. Perhaps you have been finding something very difficult but know that you need to apply yourself and get the job done? Think also of financial problems which you wish would just go away?

Running away may link to your personality. Are you suffering from depression? Do you not like tension or problems and simply like to forget about problems rather than dealing with them? Running away in a dream may suggest that this is typical of how you act as you constantly wish to escape challenging situations rather than comfronting your fears.

If you run away it may suggest that you are wanting to escape responsibility. Do you have a real sense of adventure and wish to travel and meet new people?


Example dream : Running away in a dream was symbolic of the dreamer wanting to escape the feelings of stress from the previous day. The dreams meaning revolved around this theme of stress and captured this exact thought "I had an especially aggravating and stressful day yesterday. My driving instructor treats me like a child."
Example dream : Running away symbolised the dreamers upset after catching her boyfriend check out another girl
Example dream : A dream where the dreamer wishes to run away from a rape was linked to a phone call the night before from someone who made the dreamer feel very uneasy. The dreamer worried that the person making the phone call would be saying things about her (symbolised by the rape). However, she was being perfectly polite over the phone so the dreamer had could not hang up (symbolised by running away).
Example dream : Running away was symbolic of all the upset and wish to escape the grief after her Grandmother had died
Example dream : The dreamer was suffering from depression so his running away dream represented his need to escape the bad feelings. He was simply unable to cope with his problems. If you are depressed then you are running away from your problems. Dreams often capture key emotions and from these we can guess what has been bothering the dreamer. In this case running away linked to a wider depression and tapped into this type of thought "I keep trying to overcome my problems but I cannot seem to overcome them."
Example dream : Running away was a symbol of the dreamers inability to escape from his financial problems.
Example dream : A dreams where the dreamer runs away after his parents die was symbolic of the dreamers wish for more freedom. He was just a typical teenager who wanted to free himself from his parents control. Running away was a symbol for his spirit of adventure.
Example dream : A dream where the dreamer is running away from men who are slaughtering people took place the day after the dreamer heard a property dealer speak in a very harsh way showing absolutely no humility. Running away was a symbol of her shock at how this man was thinking and feeling. She did not to be around a person like this (she wanted to run away from his hateful attitudes)
Example dream : Running away from her boyfriend symbolised their huge fights which were getting to breaking point . She was wanting a moment of peace and quiet yet constant relationship problems meant that she was unable to find peace.
Example dream : In one dream the dreamer is running away from a man. Just prior to this dream she had scary nightmare which she feared maybe a premonition. Running away was a symbol for how uneasy and freaked out the dreamer felt following this nightmare.
Example dream : Trying to run away from rapists linked to the dreamers thoughts about an incident the day before. She was humiliated by her boss. She could not stand the humiliation and really just wanted to get away.
Example dream : Running away in a dream was symbolic of the dreamers wish to run away from his final exams. Often running away links to issues where we have to do something which we really do not want to do but we know we have to get it over and done with.
Example dream : A "man falling off a tall building" dream ended up with the dreamer feeling a fight or flight response. In real life she was worried about her son who was going off the rails and mixing with the wrong type of people. The fight or flight response did have relevance to this situation. Should she confront ("fight") her son or should she just allow him to get on with it. Should she simply run away from the problem or tackle it.

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