Rings are just like real life in that you wear a ring to show that someone or something is important to you. It represents the close bond and friendship between you and a long term commitment to stay true to each other. Try to think of this theme and how it relates to your life at present. Have you been particularly impressed by your loves commitment and willingness to work together as a couple? Do you feel your partner lacks respect for you and does not consider your opinions. Do you need your marriage / relationship more than ever right now.

KEY WORDS : serious relationship, inner strength, truely important, commitment, genuine respect for your partner


Example dream : A dream where the dreamers engagement ring was missing linked to the dreamer feeling upset with her husband because he was not considering her feelings about some of his family members. The missing ring was symbolic of her thoughts that this was not a true marriage if he did not consider her feelings. The missing ring translated into the words "My marriage is lacking something" and this tapped into the wider feeling that the dreamer felt at the time "I was not given the support I deserve yesterday by my husband. Its clear he does not respect me and that there is something lacking in our marriage."
Example dream : A dream about a God ring linked to recent events. The previous day the dreamer had been falsely accused of abusing a patient (she was a nurse). The God ring symbolised her strong belief and commitment to her religion - putting on her God ring represented the importance of her faith at that difficult moment. So the symbolism of "Ring" translated into the words "important to me" within the context of the wider thought process "My faith has been very important to me during this difficult time. I was accused of abusing a patient and it was total lies."
Example dream : A dream where the dreamer loses her wedding ring took place the night after the dreamer was worrying about her marriage. She sensed something as wrong with her husband but he just said nothing. Losing her wedding ring was a symbol of her worries that the marriage was not as strong as she had believed it was. The dreams meaning tapped into this feeling "I sensed that something was wrong but he refused to talk. It makes me feel that our marriage is worth nothing."
Example dream : A missing ring in a dream was symbolic of the dreamer feeling unhappy about her marriage. She was determined to show that she was willing to leave if he did not sort himself out. The ring represented her commitment to her marriage - and her belief that they should work together as a genuine couple.
Example dream : A ring dream took place at the time that the dreamer was attracted to a man yet knew he had commitments. The way he shows her a ring in the dream suggests links to feelings like "he still likes his ex" and "he has a baby with her and so he has commitments." The ring was not given to him by the dreamer and so hints at it being given by someone else.
Example dream : A dream of a witches ring linked to the dreamers dislike of her mother. In real life the her mother had bought someone a present in the hope that they would buy her a ring in return. This ring was symbolic of the dreamers mothers materialistic and selfish concerns.

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