Right and wrong in a dream may show that you are feeling guilty about something. Do you know that you have done something wrong? Have you been thinking about the right and proper way of doing things?

SYMBOLIC WORD ASSOCIATIONS : "I know I am right!","it wasn't the right time to tell her", "find the right words", "acting innapropriately", "i am afraid you were right", right and wrong, "I was justified", "I realise he was right", "I have no right", "I know my rights will change", "They have the power to do that", "make the right decision"

Read through the phrases above as they show you ways in the word "right" may appear in your thoughts.


Example dream : Not having a right to sit on a plane was linked to the dreamers wish to resume a relationship with his ex. He needed to accept that the relationship was over.
Example dream : The dreamer thinking about how to do something the right way was linked to his stress about the night before. He ad worried that he might offend someone on a web forum so decided to post the next day and think about what he should say. So doing something the right way in a dream showed that acting in an appropriate way was something he was focusing on at that time.
Example dream : A dream in which the dreamer is trying to prove himself in the right took place when he was involved in an argument over money with a friend. This friend had lent money and did not seem very interested in paying it back. The dreamer felt that if someone lends money off a friend and does not want to pay it back it is the same as stealing so he felt as if he was justified in what he had done.
Example dream : A plane that doesn't look right symbolised the dreamers problems with her brother. She feared that things could get worse just like the plane crashing in the dream.
Example dream : A dream where a train driver had the right to keep her on the train was linked to her employment of a diet coach in real life. She knew a diet coach was needed to keep her on her diet despite her reluctance to really diet.
Example dream : Having a perfect right to be somewhere symbolised the dreamers belief that he had a right to visit a local library despite feeling out of place. The dream was reminding him that he was not doing anything wrong and should stand up for his rights.
Example dream : A dream about the right and proper way of doing something linked to the dreamers thoughts about a TV program - where the right and proper way of doing things had really become a strong theme. The TV show had been very dramatic and had had a big impact on him. The program had set the dreamer off thinking morally about this TV program and wondering how someone should act in a similar position.
Example dream : Right and wrong symbolised the dreamers feelings of guilt about her parents car as it had broken own several days before whilst she was driving it.
Example dream : Intruders having every right to be there symbolised the dreamers fears that he was getting really ill and would have to be taken into care. He realised this would be much more intrusive - he was used to his own independence. Someone having the right to do something in the dream linked to big changes in the dreamers life and his growing awareness of how his own rights would change.

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