Think of ways in which use the word rescue in real life. We all need to be rescued from a difficult situation. In some cases we do not want to be rescued because it shows weakness. In some cases we help others out and save them from an awkward situation.

QUESTIONS to help you make associations(pick the one that makes most sense to you)
- Is there some situation where you are having to "make do" right now?
- Have you just started to realise that you need to escape some situation?
- Do you feel like you need rescuing in some way but do not want to appear weak to those around you?

KEY WORDS : Helping someone , burden, admitting weakness, "making do", accepting help,seeing "the good in people", heartbroken(write down some quotes that capture your key feelings on issues that have been dominating your mind. Then see if any of these words could appear in those quotes)

KEY PHRASES(Pick a quote which captures your feelings right now. Think especially of the day before the dream) :
- "The situation is not ideal but I will try my best"
- "They keep expecting help"
- "I need to escape this"
- "I need help but do not want to appear weak"


Example dream : One night the dreamer could not get to sleep for several hours but eventually got to sleep and had a dream which seemed to feature every symbol such as police, rescues, escapes, torture and revenge. If dreams do link to important feelings then surely this dream in some way links to the dreamers inability to get to sleep. The dreamer did not mention what was causing her stress so we may guess that there was not any major issues. Having read the dream I made the simple association "this dream seems to have everything going on". Actually that association does seem to have relevance to the dreamers inability to sleep. If someone cannot get to sleep then thoughts are racing through their heads and they are unable to relax enough to sleep. So the rescues and other dramatic symbols in the dream were linked to high levels of adrenalin and excitement which was making it difficult for the dreamer to get to sleep. The dream caught this feeling "I simply could not get to sleep. Anyone would think I had just witnessed loads of dramatic events with murders, killings, and rescues everywhere." The connection is simple, if you had just rescued someone then you would be unable to get to sleep.
Example dream : A dream where the dreamer rescues her best friend linked to her thinking about him getting a new girlfriend. The dream linked to her worries that he would get his heart broken again and would need to be rescued again.
Example dream : Rescuing some people in a dream linked to the dreamers tendency to help people out too much. It made him feel good but it also placed a burden upon him. So we can translate the symbolic meaning of "rescue" into a word highly associated with it "help". To understand the dream you need to see an obvious way in which you might use that word to describe key feelings which in this case was "I try to help people too much. I need to concentrate on things that I want to do. But I fear looking selfish if I turn people down."
Example dream : A rescue in a dream linked to the dreamer thinking about a traumatic weekend (she suspected she had been drug raped). Then she was asked out by a male friend. She loved whales and the dream disturbed her. Trying to rescue whales was a symbol of her own purity and kindness. This was in contrast to reality where she felt abused and disgusted by vile people could be. In fact we could translate the word "rescue" in the dream into "pure and kind" and see how this appears in the dreamers thoughts "I feel so violated and disgusted. I always try to be so pure and kind and did not deserve to be drug raped." People who have been badly abused may have symbols of contrast such as whales, kittens and puppies. These are symbols of innocence which express the feeling "I am totally innocent and could never deserve to be treatd like that."
Example dream : Having to rescue a baby linked to the dreamer trying to set up her own business in a very difficult economic environment. Rescuing the baby symbolised the need to save her business in a very desperate economic climate.
Example dream : A dream about a seal being rescued was linked to the dreamer realising her marriage was over and that she needed to move on. The rescue was symbolic of her need to take action and save herself by ending her failed marriage.
Example dream : A dream about rescuing a man from jail linked to the dreamer having to change her approach to a project or it would have failed. She had to sacrifice some of her principles but life is about compromises. The rescue symbolised her making the most out of a bad situation.
Example dream : A dream about rescuing a baby could have been a premonition of the next day. Her sister in law turned up asking for money. The dreamer felt this was getting out of hand as it had happened before. The rescue symbolised her having to help her sister out in a way which was not wanted - she was a burden.
Example dream : A dream where the dreamer is eventually rescued by a woman who is evasive and unaware of her ordeal linked to the dreamer being unhappy in real life and self abusive. The rescue symbolised something which distracted the dreamer and took her mind off her troubles.
Example dream : A dream where there was danger if someone stopped to help the dreamer linked to the dreamers thoughts about work. He had a huge workload and feared he would not be able to get through it. But he did not want to ask for help because it may show that he was not coping. The rescue in the dream symbolised the dreamers reluctance to accept help.
Example dream : Whilst the dreamer was pregnant she had a dream that she was rescuing people from epidemic illnesses. Eventually the dreamer became a doctor and the rescue dream symbolised her wish to help people by training to be a doctor.

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