Do you know a man who you could have described as a rat yesterday? Have you been thinking about someone's extreme poverty?

QUESTIONS to help you make associations(pick the one that makes most sense to you)
- Were you thinking how poor someone has become?
- Were you thinking of a sinister male yesterday?
- Has your reputation become tarnished?
- Have you been in a spiritual rut recently
- Do you feel as if you or someone else has been lacking in motivation recently

KEY WORDS :unmotivated, untidy,lowlife,uncaring, in a rut,not coping,dirty, poor,low quality of life,sinister,tarnished reputation

KEY PHRASES(Pick a quote which captures your feelings right now. Think especially of the day before the dream) :
- "I have been lacking motivation recently"
- "I am in a rut"
- "Embarrassed because I feel poor "


Example dream : A dream of a rat dying was linked to the day before when the dreamer came into contact with a man who was very ill. The rat symbolised his very poor circumstances - he was in constant pain which the doctors could not do anything for. He was condemned to continual suffering. He had no quality of life whatsoever. This man's life was little better than that of a rat swimming about in sewage. The mind links together things which have things in common. Here rats are associated with "poverty" and "suffering".
Example dream : A rat infested home linked to the dreamer feeling embarrassed the day before when his friend turned up and was shocked by how untidy he was. Rats are linked by association with poverty and squalid conditions. The dream uses the rat to portray this feeling "It was so untidy she might imagine that I have a rat infestation."
Example dream : A rat in a dream symbolised the dreamers worries that people know thought he was harassing a woman. He was confused because the woman seemed happy to talk to him but felt he was pestering her. The "rat" was a symbol of how they thought he was a "rat like male" who was never to be trusted. So the "rat" in the dream could be translated into phrases like "a man not to be trusted" and the dream featured this theme of "not to be trusted" in this sense "She seems so friendly and happy to talk to me yet her friends seem to think I am harassing her. It is very confusing."
Example dream : A rat in a dream followed on from a day when the dreamer had been thinking about his tarnished reputation (a female friend thought he was a 'rat'). The symbolic meaning of rat can be translated into words like "dirty", and "unwanted" and "untrusted male" and the dream tapped into this type of feeling "I have completely tarnished my reputation. She will never trust me again. I am completely unwanted."
Example dream : A rat biting dream symbolised a guy who was disrespecting the dreamer. She wanted to teach him to be more respectful. He had some good qualities but at his worst he was the lowest form of life (a rat).
Example dream : Rats in a dream linked to the unhappy circumstances that the dreamer was living in. She was continually being dragged into her boyfriends depressive moods (these moods were like an 'infestation' of rats).
Example dream : Rats, maggots and other insects were symbolic of the criticisms made against the dreamer by her father in law - he had told her that she did not keep her house clean and tidy (an ideal place in which rats would thrive). The rats and insects were symbols of uncleanliness. These criticisms had obviously got to the dreamer. The rats in the dream could be translated symbolically into the word "untidy" and this linked to other phrases such as "bad housekeeper." The meaning of the dream linked to an obvious way in which the dreamer might use that word "untidy" to describe their intuitions e.g. "My father in law thinks I am untidy and constantly criticises me. I feel a little guilty as he always blames my untidiness whenever one of my children get sick. Yesterday one of my children was sick and I thought about what he said. I know he is wrong but still it sticks in my mind." So the dreams meaning linked to a very complex feeling. The dream mind uses this symbol in a rather complex context. The dream mind just like the waking mind uses its language in a complex way. Ordinary dream dictionaries fail to see the complex ways in which symbols are used.
Example dream : A rat was a symbol for the dreamers nasty and uncaring boyfriend (he was a rat). They had been having major problems at the time of the dream. Dreams are about your emotions and a girl will have varying emotions about her boyfriend. One moment he is a sweetheart, then he is a saviour and then he is a rat.
Example dream : A rat in the dreamers home was symbolic of the dreamers poor circumstances as she was living in a caravan. The dreams meaning was linked to thoughts like "I hate my nosy and selfish mother because she has two houses whilst I am living in a caravan."
Example dream : A rat symbolised the dreamers visit to a homeless shelter for the poor the day before. She saw some really poor people who made her feel blessed. She had never seen such poverty.
Example dream : A dream about a rat infested home linked to the day before when the dreamer felt embarrassed at the state of her home. Her friend was very uncomfortable at how dirty the house was.
Example dream : A dream about a poor little boy with a pet mouse linked to the dreamer trying to make his life better by cutting out all her bad habits. However, the day before he just laid there in front of the TV. He started to think that he had a weird attachment to the rubbish life he was leading. The rat was symbolic of his low of quality of life and lack of spiritual nourishment.

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