Rape is usually a symbol of one of the specific feelings that we experience if raped such as "powerless", "humiliated" or "taken advantage". So a rape dream could mean that "yesterday he HUMILIATED me so much" Rape dreams can be triggered by the following types of feelings (your feelings from yesterday or the day to come).

1. HUMILIATION. Were you humiliated yesterday? Dreams are like metaphors. A rape dream may be saying that you feel as humiliated, as bad as someone being raped.
2. INTIMIDATING. Was someone behaving in an extremely irritating way yesterday?
3. DISGUSTING BEHAVIOUR. If you were totally disgusted by someone's behaviour yesterday then this can cause a "rape dream". The storyline in the dream may seem totally unrelated.
4. POWERLESS. When a woman is raped then she feels utterly powerless. A rape dream may occur when you feel powerless in any setting.
5. CALLOUS. Did someone behave in a callous way yesterday?
6. SEXUALLY AWKWARD. If you are sexually awkward then a rape dream maybe caused by your awkwardness with sex. A female virgin may see all sexual activity as verging on rape.
7. SEXUAL HARASSMENT. Has someone said something that was verging on sexual harassment?
9. SUBJEGATION OF WOMEN. Were you thinking how women are subjegated yesterday.
10. ENJOY CAUSING MISERY. Have you been saying like "he did it on purpose" or "it was deliberate!" If so your dream may link to your horror at someone who deliberately causes pain and misery and seems to enjoy it.
11. BLATANT LYING. Were you blatantly lied to yesterday?
12. JUST LIKE ALL MEN! If you are female then things a rape dream may occur when your view of a particular male has become very negative. You might be saying things like "all men are the same" and "what do you expect, he is a man!" Your dream has been triggered by this sudden negativity.
13. BLEAK VIEW OF THE WORLD. If you have a bleak view of the world then a rape dream may simply be part of your continuing negativity.
14. USED. Dreams try to compare one thing to another. If you were "used" yesterday then your dream may link to that.
15. RAW SEX. Occasionally women with strange and strong sexual drives may get rape dreams.
16. INNOCENCE DESTROYED. Did you feel totally betrayed yesterday? Did you feel sickened by how someone acted.
The associations listed above are all based upon studies of real "RAPE" dreams. They are based upon the example dreams listed at the bottom of this page.

Read through the list of associations and see if any of the themes mentioned are important in your life right now. If yes then the dream may link to that very issue.

Rape is often symbolic of emotions that we associate with rape such as powerlessness, humiliation and taking advantage of the weak. Has someone just tried to humiliate you? Have you been taken advantage of? If so then the dream probably links to that issue.

Rape can also have sexual meanings. Obviously if you fear rape then that could be its meaning. Rape can also link to ways in which men behave inappropriately towards women - they may make sexual comments which are disrespectful. If you have been badly treated by men in the past then it could link to your feelings that all men are evil. A girl who has never had sex may experience a rape dream as sex to her will seem very awkward.

QUESTIONS to help you make associations(pick the one that makes most sense to you)
- Have you felt sexually used recently?
- Do you feel powerless or humiliated in some way right now?
- Has someone been acting in a sexually inappropriate or intimidating way?
- Are you sexually inexperienced and feel nervous at the thought of sex (even with someone you care about)?
- In what ways did you feel totally sick yesterday?
- Who has been lying to you and taking advantage?

KEY PHRASES(Pick a quote which captures your feelings right now. Think especially of the day before the dream.) :
- "I am a virgin and feel awkward sexually"
- "it was sexually inappropriate"
- "yesterday he acted in a way that was really quite sexually intimidating"
- "he just uses women"
- "I feel really insecure around older men"
- "I feel a lot of anger towards men in general"
- "at the time I loved my ex but now all those special moments seem so degrading"
- "I felt totally humiliated"
- "I feel so powerless and abused"
- "I felt sick"
- "They lied and cheated and took advantage of me"
- "It was the worst thing that could have happened to me"

humiliate, apprehended, psychopathic, fear-filled, accusingly, headlines, continued, suddenly, genuine, insisted, stalking, belonged, cold blooded, selfish, victim, glared, decision-making, incest, attempted, distracted, sadistic, agonising, threatening, allowing, intercourse, unspeakable, inevitable, unlimited, impossible, prostitute, sanctioned, repeatedly, violently, suspected, brutally, surprise, several, hot line, knocked, victims, consent, vicious, accuses, assault, argued, afraid, crying, frenzy, stance

Dreams make associations. Think of anything that comes to mind when you read through the list of word associations above. Dreams will especially link to recent thoughts and moods. If you can think of a way in which you might use one of these words then the dream may just capture that exact thought.

For instance, a "rape" dream could link to the words "selfish" and "relentless" and the dream capture a thought like "Its inevitable. They are relentless and selfish in getting the money. Those cowboy builders will go to any lengths to get the money I owe".


Example dream : A rape dream linked to the dreamers 3 year old daughter asking questions the previous night about things she should not know anything about. The dreamer felt she had let her daughter down. The symbolism was clear - her young daughter was innocent and needed protecting. When she talked about things that she should not know anything about it left the dreamer with a dirty and degraded feeling. With this theme the dream tapped into the following thought process "I have let my young daughter down. She should not be exposed to such matters at such a young age." Rape dreams will often touch on feelings where the innocent have been degraded and exposed to something dirty.
Example dream : A dream of rape took place when the dreamer was developing strong feelings for her boyfriend. That night was the first time that she was not sleeping with him for some time and she wished for his reassuring presence. Without him she felt as if anything could happen (such as rape). The dreams meaning therefore dealt with this theme of "I felt like anything could happen" within the following context "Tonight was the first time in ages I have not slept with my boyfriend. It was weird and I needed his reassuring presence. Sleeping all on my own I felt as if anything could happen." Dreams will be metaphors for extreme emotions like this. The dream was therefore one of contrast.
Example dream : Rape was a symbol for the dreamers sister in law who had (the day before) tried to humiliate her at every opportunity with a series of sly and hurtful comments. (rapists intentionally hurt and humiliate in the same way as her sister in law intentionally made hurtful comments). The dream tapped into the following thought process "The thing that annoyed me about what my sister in law said was that it was deliberately hurtful "
Example dream : Rape in a dream linked to an incident the day before when the dreamer felt very humiliated by her boyfriend. So the symbolism of "rape" translates into the word "humiliated" (an associated emotion linked to rape). The dream probably caught this wider feeling "I felt totally humiliated by him. I simply cannot forget the way he treated me and think that everyone will be talking about it."
Example dream : A dream about the dreamers daughter being gang raped was linked to the dreamer finding out the man she loved was having sex with men. The rape symbolised the feelings she felt about this - she was disgusted and utterly humiliated. So we can even translate the symbolic mening of the rape into words like "disgusted" and "utterly humiliated" and these words feature in an important thought for the dreamer at the time - "I cannot believe he has lied to me for so long. He was having sex with men whilst I was his partner. It disgusts me and I feel utterly humiliated.".
Example dream : In a rape dream the dreamer is being raped by her ex boyfriend. In a bizarre situation he is raping his mother in order to defy his mother. Raping was more a symbol of how dysfunctional and emotionally unhealthy her ex was (rapists have warped thinking and are emotionally unhealthy). The rape also showed how inconsiderate he was to the dreamer (rape being the ultimate act of the inconsiderate man).
Example dream : A man whose name was John Raper in a dream linked to the dreamers very callous treatment of a woman. (rapists are cold and unemotional). So we see that the appearance of "rape" in a dream (in this case someone called Raper) translated symbolically into words like "cold" and "callous" and the dream caught this feeling "If I could go back in time I would. I am seen as cold an callous by her now and she will never like me again."
Example dream : Rape in a dream linked to someone who was talking to the dreamer in a sexually innappropriate way. The dream said that "I feel pressured sexually by a Mexican guy at work. I think he can behave in a sexually inappropriate way. He looked at me and I thought he was going to kiss me". Rape seems an extreme symbol as the dreamer did not fear he would actually rape her. Yet there are certain things that the dreamer felt about him that must remind her of a rapist. He was disrepectful towards women, he looked at them as sex objects and his attentions were unwanted. She may have felt powerless to stop him, she could feel humiliated as his eyes looked at every inch of her body. So this dream involved several emotions and feelings which are common to both "rape" and her real life experience with this man.
Example dream : A gang rape symbolised a group of cowboy builders who had taken advantage of her. So the dream uses this rather strong symbol of rape to express her disgust at how cowboy builders had taken her money and not completed their work. The symbolic meaning revolves around the feelings that we associate both with rapists and with cowboy builders such as "taken advantage", "showing no respect" and "abusive." We can guess that the dreams meaning hints at the dreamer feeling this type of feeling "Those cowboy builders are just abusive. They showed no respect and they seem they seem to enjoy taking advantage of people. They are disgusting." The fact that the dreamer has chosen a rather extreme metaphor like rape shows her srength of feeling on the subject.
Example dream : A rape in a dream linked to the dreamer breaking up with her boyfriend during a very difficult time for the dreamer. Rape symbolised the feelings of betrayal as she split up with the man she thought she was going to marry (her hopes and dreams were crushed). Rape can be symbolic of our hopes and dreams being crushed - it captures that feeling of utter devastation.
Example dream : A woman who is being raped and assaulted symbolised the dreamers frustration. She worked in a family violence unit and recently two murders had taken place. She felt that no one cared about violence towards women. So the "rape" in the dream was very literal in its meaning as it refereed to women who were actually being raped and the dreamers attitude towards this.
Example dream : A dream with a gang rape linked to the extremely conservative culture that the dreamer had moved back too (she had spent some time in the west). The gang rape symbolised the power of men over women in their culture and the subjugation of women.
Example dream : A dream full of torture and rape linked to the dreamers pessimism about the world. She was having doubts about there being a God. This dream played out her feelings that bad things can happen in a world where evil rules.
Example dream : Getting raped in a dream linked to the dreamer feeling humiliated the previous day (humiliation is a key feature of rape). Her boss said that he had made a bad choice in promoting her.
Example dream : One dream about rape was highly symbolic. The dream seems to link to the feeling "I used to be able to get away with anything" because in the dream people were saying how they used to have diplomatic immunity and could do anything including date rape. This dream seems to revolve on the feeling "I could do anything" (demonstrated by him getting away with rape) and now it's just not happening. The dreamer realised that he was making excuses and actually what was happening was he was getting old and younger and stronger people were coming along to push him out of the way. The date rape was an extreme symbol.
Example dream : A rape dream symbolised the dreamers participation on an internet forum. She had been subjected to some terrible abuse from other members of the forum but had realised that it was just an initiation.
Example dream : A dream about children being raped was linked to the dreamers extremely bleak view of the world - she felt that there was only pain and suffering in the world. The dreams meaning involved this theme of "pain and suffering" as the dream was triggered by this thought "I have a very bleak view of human nature and believe life is full of nothing but pain and suffering. I will never be loved and never meet a soul mate. I want to die!"
Example dream : A dream where the dreamer is horrified her fiancé is in the shower with her daughter linked to the dreamer being raped continuously by her father when she was young. She was haunted by the issue.
Example dream : A dream of a puppy being raped linked to the dreamer having a really hard day the day before when her boss made her feel like it was a mistake promoting her. The rape symbolised her feelings of total humiliation.
Example dream : A puppy being raped dream linked to the dreamer having a really bad day the day before. This was made worse by her boss who made her feel as if it was a mistake promoting her. She felt completely humiliated.
Example dream : A rape dream linked to the dreamer having to serve a guy who was a convicted paedophile. It just sicked her to think of him and having to serve him just disgusted her.
Example dream : A rape and torture dream was linked to the dreamer being really annoyed by her sister in law the day before. She had made some sly comments and was trying to humiliate the dreamer. The rape was symbolic of the dreamer having to sit there and take this abuse.
Example dream : A rape dream linked to the dreamer knowing her boyfriend wanted to dump her. He was just waiting for someone better to come along. The rape was symbolic of the dreamer feeling used.
Example dream : A dream about being raped by a supervisor linked to the dreamer regretting getting promoted. It was the worst thing that could have happened to her - she had just had a dreadful time since then.
Example dream : An enjoyable rape dream linked to the dreamer being a virgin. She was especially awkward and nervous about sex. However she was also curious and was sure that she would enjoy it even though it would be very nerve racking
Example dream : A dream about drug rape and murder was linked to the dreamer liking it when guys get turned on - she was into raw sex.
Example dream : A rape dream linked to a guy at the dreamers work making sexual comments to her. This was intimidating and he kept asking her out. Later he touched her from behind and no matter what she said he still did not take notice. The rape was symbolic of this sexual harassment.
Example dream : A dream where the dreamer is angry at being raped linked to the dreamer feeling anger towards men in general. She had had some bad relationships and felt she had been used. The rape symbolised her low opinion of men in general - she expected the worst from them and expected them to lie and cheat.
Example dream : A dream where the dreamer was enjoying rape linked to the dreamer being gay and feeling that people hated him because of it. The rape was symbolic of people thinking the worst of gay people - thinking that they were capable of anything.

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