Dreams will link to any situation or any emotion that we can connect in any way with a symbol. Use the key words below to help you remember key feelings from yesterday. Think also of your general moods and your thoughts about relationships.

KEY WORDS : fast and exciting, cool, feeling confident, pushing to the limits, hating competitive situations, an urgent matter, slow down and relax, racing around, intimidated by competition, taking risks, inferiority complex(write down some quotes that capture your key feelings on issues that have been dominating your mind. Then see if any of these words could appear in those quotes. Think of phrase like "I have always had an inferiority complex. I hate competing against others")


Example dream : In one dream the dreamer races back to save her father from a crazy killer. The previous nights he had been trying to warn her father about her brothers new boyfriend. Racing symbolises her urgent attitude towards her brothers new girfriend. It captured this feeling "My father needs to know about my brothers new girfriend as she is not to be trusted. This is a matter of great urgency. But I am not sure my father sees it the same way." The symbolism is clear as someone races to complete something if they think it is very important and urgent.
Example dream : The cars speeding around the day before were a symbol for the dreamers intense pace of life the day before. He was a manic depressive and the dream captured this particularly manic mood the day before. The dream was probably linked to this precise thought "I was really worked up and manic yesterday. I started singing a lot and was probably very annoying."
Example dream : A dream about a racecourse was linked to the dreamers phobias and real life inferiority complexes which were holding him back in life. Competitive situations scared him and this was stopping him from achieving - "winning the race".
Example dream : A dream in which a race horse is being put down linked to the dreamers wish to slow down and live a happier and more balanced life (rather than racing around). In this sense a "racehorse" tapped into emotions like "unable to relax", "hyperactive", "wild" and "built for speed". The horse made the dreamer think of a story of a racehorse which was sold onto a child. The horse was built for speed and just exploded. The only speed it could do was very fast. So we can translate the symbolic meaning of racing horse into the word "hyperactive" and we see the dreams meaning in a way in which the dreamer used this word at the time to describe his feelings "I am so hyperactive. I wish to calm down and become more balanced in life. I am too wild and hedonistic." So we can see that the dream was using the physiology of the horse as a metaphor for the dreamers own body. The race horse was incapable of anything other than speed as the dreamer was incapable of relaxing.
Example dream : In one dream three girls are racing on skates whilst a huge tsunami is taking place. The dream took place at a time when the dreamer was worried for her grandmother during some terrible wheather. Racing was a symbol of "fitness and health" as only the fit and healthy would race and have fun during a tsunami. The dream tapped into thoughts like "I was worried for my Grandmother during that huge storm. Most people who are fit and healthy will cope during this terrible wheather but she would not."
Example dream : A racing car dream was linked to the dreamer getting his first mobile phone. The formula One car was a symbol for cool things such as phones. The mobile phone made the dreamer feel confident and cool (fast things are cool and indicate confidence and success).
Example dream : In this dream the dreamer is racing in a car at top speed but telling people to be more cautious. In real life he was feeling sorry for himself. He as becoming socially withdrawn. The day before he was invited on a day out with his family. But he turned this down because he did not feel up to it. A race links to words like "confidence", "pushing the limits" and "doing your best". But in this dream the dreamer was not wanting to race so the meaning was reversed. It was a symbol of his "lack of confidence", his "unwillingness to push the limits" and his lack of interest in "doing his best".
Example dream : A dream of a race linked to the dreamers inferiority complex. Normally he was very shy and cautious. Eager to take part in a race linked to this type of thought "I am much more confident than usual. Normally I have an inferiority complex which holds me back. I seem to be overcoming that recently."

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