Dreams use symbols to portray certain feelings or situations. A puppy is not important itself - its importance is in the words and behavour we associate with it. A puppy is an example of "playfulness" and so a puppy dream could link to any situation or feeling that involves "playfulness" e.g. "my boyfriend has been very playful recently". Puppies can symbolise new relationships which are filling you with happiness. Puppies are very often symbols for flirting - did someone flirt strongly with you yesterday? A puppy may also symbolise any way in which you are enjoying yourself and having fun. Puppies are adoring and adorable creatures? Could they be symbols for someone who adores you?

KEY WORDS : Playful, devoted, unquestioning loyalty, adorable, child, flirting, impressionistic

KEY PHRASES(Pick a quote which captures your feelings right now. Think especially of the day before the dream) :
- "a very playful moment or fun relationship"
- "he is very devoted to me"
- "doing everything in the way he asks me too"
- "a new sense of happiness and contentment within some close relationship"
- "total loyalty and commitment"

QUESTIONS to help you make associations(pick the one that makes most sense to you)
- Is someone very devoted to you?
- Was there a particularly playful moment last night?
- Are you trying to follow someone's instructions completely?
- Do you sense a new feeling of loyalty and commitment?

adorable, young, little, told, tearstained, disoriented, following, insistently, immaturity, hangers-on, impressionistic, exuberance, excitement, getting everywhere, excitable, entourage, flirting, heels, cheerful, genuine, loved


Example dream : A dream where a herd of dirty goats turn into adorable puppies was linked to the dreamers feelings towards a mice infestation in her fathers home. She was vegetarian and hated the thought of the mice being killed. The dirt of the goats was symbolic of her fathers wish to kill off the dirty mice and the puppies tapped into the feeling "I hate the thought of those poor creatures being killed." Her mind was reminding her how mice could just as easily be adorable pets (just like the cute puppies) and need not be killed.
Example dream : A dream about choking puppies took place as the dreamer had a mouse problem in her house. She could hear mice screaming as they were caught in traps. The choking puppies symbolised her guilt at killing "innocent" little creatures. It was also probably linked to her hearing the screaming mice as they were caught.
Example dream : A puppy dream followed a fling the dreamer had just had on holiday. It linked to her playful and happy mood. So the dream used a metaphor of the puppy to represent the happy experience that the dreamer had just had whilst on holiday. The metaphor being "I had a really good time on holiday" (she was as happy as someone with a new puppy).
Example dream : Puppies in a dream linked to the dreamer wanting to see her love again. Puppies were symbolic of the playful and loving relationship (puppies are very affectionate and devoted just like lovers).
Example dream : A puppy in a dream was symbolic of the dreamers relationship with a guy. They had been having some fun times - she just wished that he could say how he felt about her.
Example dream : A cute puppy symbolised the dreamers thoughts about a guy she was attracted to. But the fact this was actually a wolf symbolised her realisation that she should not cheat on her boyfriend. She woke up and cut off contact with this other guy that she had been flirting with.
Example dream : A puppy in a dream was linked to the day before. The dreamer had been humiliated by her boss. This really upset her since she had been trying so hard. The puppy was a symbol of her loyalty and devotion to her boss (which was so upsetting after he then turned on her and humiliated her.
Example dream : A black puppy dream took place as the dreamer was starting to get along much better with her ex.
Example dream : A puppy dog dream took place as the dreamer was being pressured by his father to meet some influential people and build up a network of contacts. The puppy could have been a symbol of him faithfully following his fathers lead.
Example dream : A dream about a black puppy linked to the dreamer splitting from her boyfriend. Since the split she was starting to get along better with him.
Example dream : A puppy dream linked to the dreamer being annoyed by his father who wanted him to meet with influential people and build up a group of loyal contacts. The puppy symbolised his fathers wish for his son to be a loyal and obedient son - a little version of himself.
Example dream : A dream closing the door to two puppies linked to the dreamer flirting with a guy. She realised that she was going too far and needed to back away.
Example dream : A dog which is bitten but later has puppies linked to the dreamer moving to Texas with her daughter. The present mood was very tense but the dreamer knew that this would be a good move for the family and would make everyone happy.
Example dream : A dream about catching a fish that turns into a puppy linked to the dreamer wanting to get pregnant. The puppy symbolised the dreamers hope for an adorable little child which would complete her family.
Example dream : A dream with puppies not chasing the dreamer but someone else linked to the dreamer wanting a relationship. She missed the affection and was jealous of her friend having fun with her boyfriend the night before.

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