Protection may link to some current problems in your life and the need to feel helped and reassured. Did you feel the need for help yesterday during a moment of need? Are you in the middle of a crisis right now? Do you fear some plan is not going right? Do you have a history of bad relationships? Are you suffering from extreme anxiety? Are you looking for some inner strength to boost your own confidence?

Protection in dreams may link to someone whom you do not like or trust. Did someone make some bad comments yesterday? Did someone behave particularly viciously not caring for others?

Feeling protected may link to someone whom you feel reassured by. Where are you most nervous? Does someone help you feel reassured there?

The need to protect someone may link to their vulnerability and ability to find trouble. Young children will often cause their mothers to have protection dreams. Do you feel as if you need to sort out someone's problems?

protection may link to the young and innocent. Has someone abused you in front of a young son or daughter? Do you think your child is growing up too quickly?

Protection may link to your need to keep some important part of your hopes and dreams alive. Is some project in danger of failing?

QUESTIONS to help you make associations(pick the one that makes most sense to you)
- Do you feel more reassured recently?
- Do you feel that some situation is now quite dangerous?
- Do you simply dislike someone who is vindictive?
- Do you know someone who is increasingly vulnerable?

KEY WORDS : Dangerous, help, support, vulnerable, survive, reassuring, nasty, safer, not disputed

KEY PHRASES(Pick a quote which captures your feelings right now. Think especially of the day before the dream) :
- "The situation is so dangerous. I am doing as much as possible to prevent harm coming to us"
- "I do not why she was not helping and supporting me"
- "I do not want to be seen as vulnerable and unable to survive on my own "
- "Things have been so bad for me in my life recently"
- "I feel a lot stronger and safer because ..."
- "She is truly a nasty woman and I do not like being near her"
- "I really do not like being around such people"
- "I was thankful for her reassuring presence"
- "My baby son is so vulnerable and needs watching every moment "
- "Its so important to me and I have to keep those thoughts alive"
- "I think secretly he has some doubts"
- "I am trying to protect people from my own worst habits and tendencies"


Example dream : A dream in which a mother feels she failed to protect her daughter followed on from a day when her young daughter was asking questions about things that she should not know about. She was exposed to things which she should not know about and her mother felt guilt because of this. The dream touched on the following thought process "I should be protecting my daughter but I have failed".
Example dream : Using a friend to hide behind and protect you symbolised the dreamers wish for support from that friend. The dreamer had wanted her friend to support her the day before when she was talking about something but got a confusing reply. So the dreams meaning dealt with this theme of "protection" and caught this exact thought "I expect my friends to protect me and to support me. My friend just stood there and said nothing - she didn't even say that she agreed with me. This is not the behaviour I expect from a friend."
Example dream : Wanting to protect her family symbolised the dreamers wish to have a happy relationship. The previous night she had seen her boyfriend check out another woman - protecting her family linked to the dreamers feelings of insecurity in her own relationship.
Example dream : Special protection forces in a dream linked to a complaint the dreamer had made about someone. He feared this person would be very angry but was confident that he would be protected if he made a complaint. So the dream linked to this theme of "a need for protection" in the following way "I received this offensive email and I am really scared of him. I feel I will get the strongest possible protection from work but I am still a little unsettled."
Example dream : Protecting her four year old son in a dream was a symbol of the dreamers highly protective nature towards her son.
Example dream : A lioness protecting its young in a dream was linked to the dreamer being intimidated by her ex husband the day before when he lost his temper. The protection was symbolic of her own wish to protect her son from his fathers temper.
Example dream : A dream about protecting her daughter represented the dreamers need to escape a bad relationship so making her home safe and happy for both her and her daughter. ****fdicts@ ****fscore@4 ****fscore@****fgroup@relationship****fgroup@
Example dream : Protecting a wolf dream linked to the dreamers strong feelings about nature and her wish to help animals as much as possible.
Example dream : People protecting the dreamer was linked to the recent death of her son in real life. Protecting symbolised her awareness that people wanted to help and support her during this difficult time. In particular they were trying to be sensitive in what they said.
Example dream : One dream where the dreamer felt protected linked to a particular good day the day before whilst on holiday. Her belief in the strength of her marriage was bolstered by this 'blissful' day.
Example dream : Being protected by friends in a dream linked to the dreamers thoughts about the extremely conservative culture that the dreamer had moved back too (after spending time in the west). Being protected linked to the dreamer feeling respected and accepted amongst modern free thinking people whereas she felt pressured by her own ethnic group and its conservative beliefs.
Example dream : A dream of protecting a little girl represented the dreamers wish to keep alive her dream to move into her first flat. She was now going to have to look after herself.
Example dream : A dream where the dreamer protects her mother during an earthquake took place whilst she was homeless. Making sure everyone was safe was symbolic of her wish to protect her family during this major crisis.
Example dream : A dream where the dreamers friend was protecting her linked to her thoughts about that friend. The previous day the dreamer had been annoyed and angry and was looking for support yet her friend was not very reassuring or helpful.
Example dream : A dream where the dreamer was protecting his child linked to the dreamers country actually being at war at the time. So protection was simply about the overwhelming need to protect his child during a time of conflict.
Example dream : A dream where the dreamer tries to protect a little girl from flying off into the air was linked to the dreamer moving into her first flat. Protecting her was symbolic of the great stresses on the dreamer at the time and her need to feel safe and reassured during this difficult time.
Example dream : A dream about protecting kittens linked to the dreamer thinking about men. She was especially wary of them after her boyfriend cheated on her and it absolutely destroyed her.
Example dream : A dream where the dreamer protects herself linked to the dreamer having trouble with health and anxiety at the time. The protection was symbolic of her need to overcome her high levels of anxiety and feel safe and secure in the world.
Example dream : A dream where the dreamer was wrapped in spiders webs for protection linked to the dreamer having lots of problems. However, he was pleased with his own response - protection in the dream was symbolic of his own resilience and ability to fight through.
Example dream : A dream about protecting her daughter linked to the dreamers thoughts the day before about her sister in law. She had had to spend time with her and disliked her callous and ruthless nature. Protecting her daughter was merely a symbol of her extreme mistrust and dislike of her sister in law. It was expressing the feeling that everyone should be protected from people like that.
Example dream : A dream about a being protected was very much triggered by a woman who had been posting on internet forums the day before. She had been horrible and vicious and this had shocked the dreamer. The protection simply represented the belief that everyone needed to be protected from people like that.
Example dream : A dream where 'she said she would protect me' was linked to the dreamer thinking about her crush. She was starting to think how she felt much more reassured around her crush when his mother was there. The protection was symbolic of her thinking about her own nervousness and situations when she felt more reassured.
Example dream : A dream were the dreamer cannot protect her ten month old son linked to her strong need to protect him. She tried to do as much as she could but could not do everything. She was starting to realise that he was moving about more and she needed to watch him all the time because he was constantly finding trouble in the way that young babies do.
Example dream : A dream about protecting her son from a gunman linked to the dreamers ex husband being extremely abusive to her in front of him. Protecting him symbolised her wish to shield him from the problems between her and her ex husband.
Example dream : A dream where everyone tries to find things to protect themselves linked to him thinking about faith and religion. He thought that sometimes people went overboard in expressing their faith and this was perhaps covering over some serious doubts. Protection here was symbolic of his thoughts about how people get through life and deal with their doubts and insecurities.

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