Prison is probably not a literal symbol - think of wider uses of the word "imprisoned" (a prison dream could have been triggered by a feeling like "I hate this new job. I feel imprisoned here") If you can make an association with a dream then the dream maybe about that subject. Here are some associations that you can link to "PRISONS" dreams.

1. FEELING TRAPPED Do you feel trapped? Did you see someone yesterday who feels trapped.
2. RESTRICTIONS Do you feel restricted in any way? Have you been forced to do something in a way which you do not like?
4. WORK If you do not enjoy your work then it feels like prison. Has this been on your mind recently?
6. PUNISHING YOURSELF People sometimes punish themselves because they feel so guilty. Do you feel guilt? Might the prison be a symbol of your own restritcions that you place on yourself. Do you ever feel as if you are not worthy? Do you expect to fail?
7. BREAKING RULES Have you just broken a rule and feel you might be found out? Are you involved in a real life law suit? Prison may link to you lsoing your case.
8. ILL HEALTH Are you unable to do the things you once could? ARe you imprisoned in an ageing body
9. LOWLIFE Has someone accused you of something? Do you feel like a criminal lowlife?

The associations listed above are all based upon studies of real prison dreams. They are based upon the example dreams listed at the bottom of this page.

Prison may show that you feel trapped in some way. Maybe you feel stuck doing something when you wish you had more freedom? Maybe you feel trapped in an image people have of you?

QUESTIONS to help you make associations(pick the one that makes most sense to you)
- Did you really hate your job at the moment?
- Do you feel trapped and unable to break out of some image that people have of you?
- Are you having to follow rules that you do not like?
- Do you feel excluded by others?

KEY PHRASES(Pick a quote which captures your feelings right now. Think especially of the day before the dream) :
- "I feel trapped"
- "there are a lot of restrictions being placed on me"
- "I hate my job"
- "having to follow the rules"
- "I am trapped in the image that they have of me"
- "she will not discuss her feelings. She will simply not let me in"


Example dream : Jail in a dream was symbolic of the dreamer punishing herself - she was disappointed with her attempts at writing. The previous day she had wished to achieve a great deal with her writing yet achieved nothing. Jail might link to thoughts like "I need to lock myself away and get on with it", which would help her work. Self punishment is usually much harsher and involves self hatred and so the dream may have caught feelings like "I hate myself. I am useless. I achieved nothing." Notice how she is only to be jailed for one day. Surely that links to the feeling "I just need to lock myself in a room for one day and simpky get on with my writing without any distractions." So jail was a symbol for her need for greater self discipline.
Example dream : A dream about the dreamer visiting her ex in prison was literal as he was in prison serving a forty year sentence.
Example dream : Prison was a symbol for work stress (if you do not enjoy your work then its really like a prison - you are trapped there)
Example dream : Jail in a dream linked to the dreamer watching a TV program which made her think of her father who she hated. Jail symbolised her complete hatred for him and feeling that he had been a very bad father (and her wish that he should be 'punished' for his failings).
Example dream : A dream where the dreamer is about to be taken prisoner took place whilst the dreamer was trying to tame some feral kittens. The dream put himself into the position of the wild animals as he fights to the death rather than giving in. Refusing to be imprisoned was a symbol of the feral cats wild instincts and refusal to be trapped and tamed by the dreamer.
Example dream : A prisoner in a dream linked to the dreamers very bleak view of the world - he believed that evil and suffering were part of human existence (we were trapped in a life where suffering was inevitable ).
Example dream : Prison in dream symbolised the dreamer feeling unhappy at work (having to do a job he didn't enjoy).
Example dream : In one dream the dreamer escapes a corrupt prison yet returns knowing that the alternative was worse. In real life the dreamer was thinking through her options. She knew that either of her options would make her unhappy. Prison was a symbol of her knowing that she was trapped (imprisoned) in a set of options which made her unhappy.
Example dream : Jail in a dream symbolised the dreamers fear that he would lose a very nasty law suit.
Example dream : A prison in a dream linked to the dreamer quitting his job. Prison symbolised his inability to change this decision once made.
Example dream : A prison guard symbolised the dreamers feelings that he was stuck with his stockbroker. The night before he was thinking he needed a change.
Example dream : A creepy prison was a metaphor for the dreamers boss and how she was behaving. The dreamer had just found out that she was suffering from cancer and had noticed that she was behaving crankily. The dreamer realised that it was probably her illness which had caused this (she was trapped in an illness which was causing her bad moods).
Example dream : A prison dream linked to the dreamers thoughts about religion the day before. She enjoyed 'Mass' but hated organised religion. If she participated then she would feel trapped ('imprisoned') in a belief system that she disagreed with.
Example dream : Dreaming about someone who recently went to prison linked to the dreamers thoughts about his own ill health. He felt he was generally going downhill and would end up the type of person who was hooked on drugs and who could end up in jail.
Example dream : A prison dream linked to the dreamer thinking about how little her parents thought of her. She felt trapped in an image built up of her - they expected her to fail and so she did.
Example dream : A dream where the dreamer escapes from prison linked to her realising how she was putting herself down all the time. She was starting to realise that she was restricting herself - she needed to start believing that she could achieve so much.
Example dream : A dream about being unjustly imprisoned linked to the dreamer being hard on himself recently. He tended to judge himself by his own high standards - no one had made any comments on his performance. He had to think more positively about his own abilities.
Example dream : A prison dream linked to the dreamer wanting to leave his job and wondering how to do it.
Example dream : Driving by a prison dream linked to the dreamer wanting to go to a Halloween party but having to work (prison symbolised the restrictions of work).
Example dream : A dream about escaping prison linked to her work as an artist. Recently she had had to speed up or lose work. This was something that the dreamer did not like doing - it was against her creative spirit. The prison symbolised these restrictions being placed on her - having to work in a certain way.
Example dream : A prison dream linked to the dreamer feeling as if he could not act naturally during a law suit. He felt very restricted.
Example dream : A prison dream linked to the dreamer wanting to help someone who was sick but feeling locked out. The prison symbolised her not being allowed to do what she wanted because someone would simply not let them.

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