A dream in which you dreamt of a president will probably have nothing to do with that real life person. Its meaning will probably link to "power politics", "decisions that you have to make" or "a sense of power". How do these phrases feature in your thoughts right now? Presidents tend to be linked to important decisions. They can show us trying to establish a principle. But in a wider sense they show us taking control of a situation and treating a decision very seriously.

Presidents can be symbolic of structures of power within your life and changes within them. For instance, if there has been a change in the power structure at work (maybe you have a new boss).

Presidents could link to power structures in other ways. Has someone just forgotten the hierachy and not shown due respect to his superiors? Has someone got to remember who the boss is?

Presidents can also symbolise moments when you realise the need to take decisive action. Perhaps noone is interested so you have to take charge? Do you realise that you need to take decisive action now? Do you realise that you have to concentrate on whats important - maybe you should consider spending time on what needs to be done rather than spending time on hobbies?

Presidents can also link to moments when we are trying to establish a principle. We maybe trying to find exactly the right way to do something. Then once established that will be copied in all other cases. Perhaps you have been thinking over the best way to do something.

QUESTIONS to help you make associations(pick the one that makes most sense to you)
- Are you thinking over some important decision?
- Are you taking some matter very seriously?
- Did you try to stamp your authority on some situation the day before the dream?
- Are you trying to work through some task using a highly principled method?
- What feelings do you associate with the president and how are those exact feelings present in your own personal life right now?
- Is there some issue involving politics at work or in some social situation?
- What issues involve office politics right now?

KEY WORDS : Authority, command structure, leadership, principles, approach, important decision, serious matter(write down some quotes that capture your key feelings on issues that have been dominating your mind. Then see if any of these words could appear in those quotes)

- "I need to take charge and take serious action"
- "A battle over who is in charge"
- "It is an important decision and has to be taken seriously"
- "establishing a principle"
- "Your approach to something"


Example dream : A dream where the President dies and is replaced linked to changes at the dreamers workplace as a new manager was brought in. The dream probably caught these feelings "I am not sure what my feelings are for these changes at work." If you translate the symbolic meaning of President into "the people in power" then there is clear symbolic meaning as the dreamer was simply trying to decide his feelings towards the changes of the "people in power at work".
Example dream : Dreams use associations and so if you can think of anything that links the dream to real life then the dream may in some way connect to that issue. In real life a charity that the dreamer was involved in was "campaigning to raise funds". This is too much of a coincidence as the real life issue is using the language of a President and politics. In reality the dreamer was annoyed because he had been pressurized by the charities chairman to complete some work. The dream was using similar themes as the President in the dream is "campaigning". In the dream the dreamer is helping the President but is explaining that he has to work within his own limitations. In the dream the dreamer is showing that he wants to help but only within certain limits. So the dream could simply mirror a thought like "I want to help the charity. But I can only work within my limits. I see he is pressurizing me for good reasons."
Example dream : The dreamer had recently made a complaint against a neighbour for anti social behaviour and had been scared that this would provoke her. However, the dreamer had noticed that her behaviour had improved and now felt that she was in fact fearful of being evicted for anti social behaviour. So the president in the dream was symbolic of his belief that she would do as she was told and submit to the power of the authorities as she was scared of the consequences of an anti social behaviour order. This gave the dreamer a sense of power and belief that she feared the authorities who were responding to his complaint.
Example dream : A dream about Presidents took place as the dreamer was becoming disillusioned with some people and places which he had previously put great faith in and whom he believed they were the solutions to his problems.
Example dream : In one dream the dreamer was mixing with some very important people,including the President. In real life the dreamer had suffered some terrible illnesses but was now a little better. He was surprising himself and others by recovering some of his former abilities (ability which would impress the most important people).
Example dream : A president of a company linked to the dreamer job hunting and feeling powerless and resentful - feeling dependant on people with power (to give jobs).
Example dream : A dream of the president dying linked to the changes at the dreamers work - a new management structure.
Example dream : A dream of President Reagan linked to the dreamer being annoyed at their four year old trying to take charge. The dreamer had to remind the him who was the child and who was the parent.
Example dream : Getting an annoying call from the president linked to the dreamer wanting to take charge and suggesting that others take on the family responsibilities. But no one seemed interested so she just had to get on with the job herself.
Example dream : A president dream linked to the dreamer knowing that something was not right and action was needed immediately.
Example dream : A dream about a President who liked to work quickly linked to the dreamer having to work quickly on an art project.
Example dream : A dream about the Whitehouse linked to the dreamer thinking over his approach to something. He was trying to find a method that was right in principle. It was a very important decision and once made this new method would be copied in the future.

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