Police in dreams will probably not link to some real crime. Think of words and phrases we associate with the police such as "found out", "breaking the rules" and "a need for justice". How do phrases like these feature in your thought processes right now. Police dreams maybe triggered by any of these feelings.

1. COMMOTION and CHAOS. A dream about police may link to any situation where there is a sense of lawlessness. In this way a police dream can link to any theme linked to lawlessness and chaos such as "its a total mess", "no one knows what is happening", "we needed to calm her down", "it was such a commotion", or "all hell will break loose." If any of these feelings feel relevant then surely the dream links to your wish to impose order on a chaotic situation.
2. RULE BREAKING. Police dreams can be caused by any kind of rule breaking and therefore will be associated with feelings like "they need to apply the rule to everyone", "this is the way we do things".
3. DODGY PEOPLE. We associate dodgy people with crime and therefore with the police. A police dream may suggest you were feeling something along the lines of "he is dodgy looking", "can I trust them", "I do not want to get involved with people like that" and "I look very dodgy and people will probably think I am a loser."
4. INJUSTICE. We associate the police with injustice and unfairness and so a police dream maybe triggered by anything like that such as "she has treated me badly", "I was the one wronged against" or "people should not be treated like that." Such a dream might be triggered by your sense of wrong doing or unfairness. The police reflect your wish for justice and fairness.
5. GETTING FOUND OUT. Dreams can depict specific emotions and if you are being chased by police then this could depict a feeling like "I do not want to get found out". If such a feeling is in your mind right now then its possible that this has triggered your dream.

5. INTRUSIVE QUESTIONS. Were you questioned quite insensitively yesterday by someone. Your dream maybe using the police as a metaphor for tough questioning.
6. TREATED UNFAIRLY. Some people associate the police with racism and corruption. In such cases a police dream may capture a feeling like "I have been treated so unfairly" or "I never get a fair deal."

7. SENSITIVE ISSUES. If you are very sensitive about something then the police can have a rather abstract meaning. Did you feel any of the following types of feelings - "he should not mention that", "that’s a forbidden subject", "he made clear that was off limits?" If yes then surely the dream links to this sensitivity. Underlying this is the feeling similar to when someone is breaking the law. People are clearly indicating that something is not allowed - and breaking these unofficial rules will be just as bad as breaking any law of the land.

Read through the list of associations and see if any of the themes mentioned are important in your life right now. If yes then the dream may link to that very issue.

The associations listed above are all based upon studies of real "POLICE" dreams. They are based upon the example dreams listed at the bottom of this page.

Police in dreams can have several meanings. They may represent a sense of injustice. Do you feel as if you have been unfairly treated? Have others taken advantage of you? Do you feel as if you are in the right? Everybody thinks its your fault but really you feel others have been to blame. Or maybe the dream is about you realising that you might be to blame? So the dream maybe connected with feelings of guilt?

The police can simply represent rules. Maybe you worry that you will be found out breaking a rule? Has someone been breaking the rules at work? Has there been an investigation into why some failure took place?

When the police are investigating crimes then they can be very intrusive and so they can represent ways in which you feel intruded upon. So the police could represent people who are not respecting your personal boundaries. Perhaps someone is not respecting your wish for privacy? Perhaps someone is not behaving in the right and proper way? Perhaps you worry that have not behaved in an proper way? Do you worry that you have crossed a line?

The police in dreams may simply be a symbol for a need for peace and tranquillity in your life.

KEY WORDS : Forbidden, sensitive issues , breaking rules, commotion, expecting the worst from you, disorder, under investigation, wronged against, get away with , ask for help in a crisis, intrusive questions, unfairly treated, commotion, made to "feel like a criminal", "off limits" , reckless, irresponsible, dodgy looking (write down some quotes that capture your key feelings on issues that have been dominating your mind. Then see if any of these words could appear in those quotes)

KEY PHRASES(Pick a quote which captures your feelings right now. Think especially of the day before the dream) :
- "That's a forbidden subject - we are not allowed to mention it because he is sensitive about it"
- "That's off limits"
- "my peace of mind"
- "breaking the rules"
- "that's not right"
- "getting found out", "caught in the act"
- "we do things this way!"
- "what is the commotion?"
- "calming her down"
- "its totally against what he thinks is acceptable"

QUESTIONS to help you make associations(pick the one that makes most sense to you)
- Did someone touch on a forbidden subject on the day before the dream?
- Was your life in disorder on the day before the dream and order needed restoring?
- Have you been breaking some rules?


Example dream : A dream were a policeman is getting annoyed took place the day after the dreamer had ignored someone in authority who was telling him off. He realised his mistake and knew that he should show more respect for people in positions of authority. So the dreams meaning involved "showing more respect" in the following context "I realise I should should show more respect for people in authority. I really insulted her yesterday and she was very annoyed." The person who told him in real life off was just enforcing rules, which is the main function of the police. Overall the dream caught this exact feeling "I should have shown more respect for her rather than ignoring her. She was only enforcing rules. Any authority figure would be annoyed if they were ignored whilst doing their job."
Example dream : A dream about being arrested was linked to the dreamers work and her boss. The previous day someone had been fired and this scared the dreamer who had been testing her boss out to see how much she could get away. Being arrested was symbolic of her realising that she could not get away with breaking rules (she would be caught). (the police were a symbol of rules being broken and enforcement. The dreams meaning involved this "getting caught" theme and captured this exact feeling "I am really cheeky to my boss and try to get away with as much as I can. I was shocked when he sacked someone yesterday. I will have to behave better or I will get sacked and lose my job and then I won't be able to go on holiday to New Zealand."
Example dream : A police dream followed the dreamer worrying that he would be 'found out' breaking a rule at work. The dreams meaning dealt with this theme of "being found out" and overall the dream captured this thought "I thought I had a good story but I fear my boss will find out. Is it worth taking the risk?" The police link by association with feelings such as "I might be found out" and this symbol hints at "serious consequences" and "fearing the consequences."
Example dream : A dream with lots of police and secret services linked to the dreamer feeling very guarded the day before. He was careful of every word he said whilst meeting someone he had not seen for years. He was embarrassed by the extent of his own failure. Police and security in the dream symbolised his very guarded and defensive reaction. (people often behave in a similar way if questioned by the police feeling that they have done something wrong). The dream is therefore using type of metaphor "I was very guarded and defensive. I behaved a little like a criminal being questioned. I must have seemed very suspicious."
Example dream : Screaming for the police linked to the dreamer wanting something to stop! She hated a woman talking about her and felt she was very intrusive. (we think of calling the police when we think someone has gone too far). So the dreams meaning featured this theme of "wanting it to stop" and actually linked to this exact thought process "She phoned me last night but I do not trust her. I hate any involvement with her. She is just so intrusive. I just wanted the phone call to end!" So the dream linked to behaviour that the dreamer felt was completely unacceptable and someone she really mistrusted.
Example dream : Police in a dream where linked to some events from the day before. The dreamers sister turned up unexpectedly. She brought along her husband as protection because they were almost bound to clash. The dreamer did not enjoy the way her subjected her to some "kind of benevolent inquisition". So the police in the dream were a symbol of the level of questioning which made the dreamer feel she was being interrogated. The dreams meaning linked to this "interrogation" and captured this exact feeling "My sister turned up yesterday and she started interrogating me. She made sure my husband was not there."
Example dream : One night the dreamer could not get to sleep for several hours but eventually got to sleep and had a dream which seemed to feature every symbol such as police, rescues, escapes, torture and revenge. If dreams do link to important feelings then surely this dream in some way links to the dreamers inability to get to sleep. The dreamer did not mention what was causing her stress so we may guess that there was not any major issues. Having read the dream I made the simple association "this dream seems to have everything going on". Actually that association does seem to have relevance to the dreamers inability to sleep. If someone cannot get to sleep then thoughts are racing through their heads and they are unable to relax enough to sleep. So the police and other dramatic symbols in the dream were linked to high levels of adrenalin and excitement which was making it difficult for the dreamer to get to sleep. The dream caught this feeling "I simply could not get to sleep. Anyone would think I had just witnessed loads of dramatic events with murders and police everywhere."
Example dream : In one dream the police are called to retrieve a pistol. In real life the dreamer was having arguments with her husband and he was losing his temper. The police being called was a symbol of her fear that he was capable of crossing a certain line and that she might have to fear for her own safety. She was not scared of him but she was not far off being scared.
Example dream : Police in a dream linked to the dreamers tendency to be guarded and cautious. The previous night she had a conversation with her boyfriend who wanted her to open up. Yet she does not like talking about her emotions and found this difficult. The police in this sense hinted at feelings like "I was very guarded and defensive. I could not open up and tell the truth. I must have seemed like a criminal under suspicion."
Example dream : The police in a dream linked to the dreamer saying something that had upset her husband - she had worried that she had done something wrong (she had handled something really badly). The way her husband reacted to her husband "believing something was clearly wrong" was similar to the way the police come after you if you have done something wrong.
Example dream : The police in a dream were a symbol for people doing something 'wrong' (but in a much wider sense). The dreamer worried that he was 'at fault' because he was attracted to a woman who was in a relationship.
Example dream : Police in a dream linked to the dreamer behaving recklessly and drinking too much and his tendency to get into trouble.
Example dream : The police in one dream linked to the dreamers sexual attraction to a woman friend. He was trying to keep the sexual attraction secret and did not want to be 'found out'. He had to keep his sexual feelings secret or else his improper feelings would be stopped (arrested). Overall the dream caught this type of feeling "If she found out I was having sexual fantasies about her she would soon stop talking to me."
Example dream : A police raid was linked to the dreamer feeling guilty because she was going to a Terry Gilliam talk (her boyfriend really hated him - he was in Monty Python films). He made her feel as if she was doing something wrong! (she felt like a criminal because she liked him)
Example dream : Wanting the police to arrest some crazy killers linked to the dreamers dislike of her boyfriends family. This was made worse by her boyfriend dismissing her concerns. He felt that she was exaggerating the problem - characterising them as criminals.
Example dream : Police in a dream represented the need for justice. A cowboy builder had taken advantage of her and she felt powerless and unfairly treated.
Example dream : A dream with chaos and police seems to have been triggered by the dreamer thinking through how to write a history article and what he should emphasise. The article was about the German bombardment of his home town, Scarborough, during World War One. The dream featured police because we associate police with chaotic situations. This sudden attack caused chaos and of course the police and all emergency services were fully engaged. The dream seems to have caught this feeling "I want to emphasise how chaotic things were during this attack."
Example dream : A police dream took place after the dreamer realised that he was a little self opinionated and forced his opinions on others. The police represented the dreamers need to put a stop to his own bad behaviour (that type of behaviour needed to be 'arrested').
Example dream : Getting stopped by the police whilst incapable symbolised the dreamers own judgements about himself. He saw himself as incompetent and felt he was always being judged badly - that people expected the worst of him (in the same way that a policeman stops someone who just looks dodgy because they look like the type of person who commits crime.
Example dream : The dreamer was getting very ill but lived virtually on her own and never saw anyone. Police for her represented the need to restore order and also the invasive nature of any treatment for this illness (in the way that the police can be very invasive during their inquiries). She feared she would collapse and her health would and would end up in hospital. The police link by association with this need for "order" in life. The feeling "My life is in chaos" is similar to "People are creating chaos" as both deal with chaos. So that emotional need to restore order is common to both.
Example dream : One African American kept having nightmares about being detained by the police without good cause. In real life he was found the police racist and had been stopped and searched without good reason. The dream was linked to his lack of trust in the police and his belief that society was prejudiced against African Americans. His nightmare was a very real one in which many African Americans do face the wrath of the law having done nothing and that rules are unfairly and inconsistently applied.
Example dream : Police in a dream linked to the dreamer being involved in a nasty lawsuit - and his paranoia that his opponents were investigating every aspect of his life.
Example dream : The dreamer had been reported for drug use by his ex girlfriend in their child access court case. The police in his dream were symbolic of the "you need to watch your step" as your ex is out to get you and will report you for anything illegal".
Example dream : Police in a dream represented a situation at work. The dreamer felt that someone had seriously broken the rules (eg broken the law) and that he would be protected by the company (protected by the police) if he made a complaint. Later in the dream the police were not around which represented the dreamers fear that the person who had broken the rules would try to get back at him for reporting this serious breach of the rules.
Example dream : A dream with lots of police symbolised the dreamers stubborn resistance. He wanted to ignore his own health problems. The police symbolised his need to recognise that he was 'doing something wrong'.(he needed to stop ignoring his illness) He had to make major lifestyle changes
Example dream : The police seemed to represent the dreamers feeling that he had been wronged against by his friend who had been neglecting him. He felt unfairly treated. So the police symbolised this sense of injustice
Example dream : Police were a symbol of the dreamers need to get help. He was suffering terrible mental health problems and was prone to bottling things up. Calling the police was symbolic of his need to call his support workers when he got into a crisis (and so restore order to his life and stopping him doing something wrong). So we can translate the meaning of police into the words "restore order" and we see how this theme came up in a recent feeling "I am getting help from mental health support workers. I need to tell them when I am suffering and the easiest way is to phone them up. I am needing to overcome my phobia of phones."
Example dream : Police cages in a dream were linked to the dreamers anger problems. He knew he needed restraining and his anger was getting out of control. So the cages were his minds way of saying "I need to control my anger."
Example dream : A dream of the police was linked to the dreamer who used to work as a cop. She was now very depressed and even suicidal.
Example dream : In one dream the dreamer was sat waiting in a police station and seemed to have a strong connection with people there. In real life the dreamers mental health was going down hill quickly and he was becoming very psychotic. What possible associations could we make here? The dreamer thought about the times that he had been in police stations and remembered that in the waiting room where all sorts of criminal looking types. In dreams your current mood and behaviour will often be mirrored with relevant steroetypes. For instance if you are in a very philosophical mood then you might get Plato or Socrates in your dream. If you are wanting to develope your computer skills you may dream of a computer nerd that you know personally. So sitting next to loads of criminal types could hint at a thought like "My mental health is drifting badly and I am in danger of becoming a criminal looking type."
Example dream : A dream with armed police linked to the disliking personal questions. The police symbolised his personal boundaries which meant that certain topics were off limits. If people crossed these boundaries then they would soon be stopped - just like the armed police tell people to stop right there.
Example dream : A dream about cops linked to the dreamer being exhausted. He did not want his children to see him like this - he looked like a 'bum'. The cops symbolised his feeling that he had been caught out and looked like a low life.
Example dream : A cop dream linked to the dreamer feeling more reassured after a major health scare. The police symbolised him being reassured and having more peace of mind about his health after this health scare.
Example dream : A dream being chased by cops symbolised the commotion and disorder during that night as her daughter fell out bed and started crying.
Example dream : A dream about being on the phone to the police linked to the dreamer trying to calm down his girlfriend the night before. She was upset and blamed him. Calling the police symbolised her symbolised this major commotion the night before.
Example dream : A dream about the police linked to the dreamer wanting to leave someone in charge of his shop but worrying if she was capable of it. The police symbolised him wanting his shop to be run quietly and efficiently not descend into disordered chaos.
Example dream : A dream about police chief Whigham linked to the dreamer waking up and needing to rush to the toilet. This restored order to the dreamers world.
Example dream : A police raid linked to the dreamer taking the previous day off. The police symbolised her fear that she would be found out by her boss.
Example dream : A dream about being chased by the police linked to the dreamers teacher making it clear that she would not accept behaviour like the previous day. The police symbolised her restoring order
Example dream : A police dream linked to the dreamer being disturbed by a lack of respect for health and safety rules. This was just dangerous.
Example dream : A police dream linked to the dreamer realising that he had crossed some boundaries and broken some unwritten rules amongst a group of friends.

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